Monday, April 14, 2014

For a What It Is Worth The Clodfelter Duke Energy Connection

In the back draft of the Patrick Cannon arrest, isn't it convenient that Dan Clodfelter rushed to Charlotte's aid?

Maybe more so, maybe not. 
We all recognize the conflict of interest with Governor McCrory and Duke Energy's coal ash Pandora's box. 
Also of local concern is the massive amount of coal ash at the Mountain Island Steam Station and the extremely close proximity of the toxic waste to Charlotte's main source of drinking water. 
But what about Clodfelter's former law firm Moore Van Allen who represents Duke Energy's interest in transferring the coal ash from the Duke property to a landfill located at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CDIA)?
Then there is the Jerry Orr factor, his named keeps popping up even though he is no longer associated with the airport he tried to hijack last year.
Expect the coal ash transfer issue to get on the fast track, and get pushed to a vote in approval before the issue of a regional airport authority is settled. 
Cozy isn't it? 

18 Brief Thoughts On Why Golf Needs Bubba Watson Right Now

A fun read by former Charlotte Observer columnist Tommy Tomlinson

1. Bubba Watson came to the 15th tee of the Masters on Sunday with a three-shot lead. He hit his drive left, into the trees.
2. The 15th is a par-5 full of temptation and doom. Long hitters can reach the green in two. Gene Sarazen famously holed a double-eagle there on the way to winning the Masters in 1935. But there’s a pond in front of the green, and many a player’s Masters dream has died right there in the water. With a three-shot lead, and your ball in the rough, the only thing it makes sense to do is lay up.
3. Bubba Watson does not lay up.
4. Ask a friend who doesn’t follow golf to name three active golfers. Everybody will get Tiger Woods. Most everybody will get Phil Mickelson. Who’s next? I bet most people who don’t watch golf would say John Daly.
5. Tiger is 38 and basically done. Phil is 43 and fading. John Daly is hanging out at a Hooters somewhere.
6. Yes, Tiger is basically done — at least by his standards. Once he returns from back surgery, he might win some more tournaments, might even rise to No. 1 in the world again. But those things don’t matter much to Tiger. The majors matter. He hasn’t won one in six years. And now he’s facing not just the slow erosion of time but a body that is breaking down like an old Gremlin.  Tiger practiced harder than anybody else, for longer than anybody else, to make it to the top. But now maybe all those hours on the range are catching up to him. Maybe you’ve got only so many golf shots in you. And maybe Tiger’s almost on empty. He needs four majors to catch Jack Nicklaus’ record, five to pass him. I’d say it’s even money that he doesn’t win even one.
The rest of Tommy's list is here 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Paulina Gretzky Golf Digest Cover Takes Flack

Golf Digest is getting a solid helping of flack from the LPGA for the just out Golf Digest issue which features the maxim hottie and daughter of the hockey great Wayne Gretzky.
Paulina's claim to the golf world is that she plays some and is pretty often spotted inside the ropes with her PGA Tour beau.
Not enough reason so says the LPGA, perhaps since the last time a LPGA tour champion graced the cover of the mag was 2008.  On the other hand why not?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Fallout From Charlotte Catholic High School

CP is hearing that certain students, as many as two dozen will not be asked to return to Charlotte Catholic High School next year to finish out their senior year.

Additionally as many as eight rising juniors have also be asked not to return to the school.

The good news is they are not being expelled rather school administration just simply refunded their tuition. Traditionally students removed from school are not offered refunds. Apparently conferences are being held and some students are given warnings while others are just shown the door. There are no reports of students being forced to leave the school before the end of the current school year.

The rumored purge falls on the heels of a number of local Catholic church leaders calling out parents for their actions in response to a controversial presentation by Sr. Jane a couple of weeks ago.

According to one source, this servers as a stark reminder that attending CCHS is a privilege and not a right, even for members of the Catholic faith.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dan Clodfelter Takes Over As Charlotte's Mayor

Later this morning Dan Clodfelter will put his feet up on Patrick Cannon's old desk. Maybe a little cigar smoke will help clear the air?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Former Charlotte City Councilman Mitchell's Ties To CertusBank's Spending Spree

While MSM continued to focus attention on "Cannon Gate" including the request of prayers for Patrick Cannon. Late Friday Charlotte City Manager Ron Carlee went on local television to pled for anyone knowing of wrong doing to come forward, a saying "now is the time".

But little noticed outside of investment and banking circles, shareholders of  a somewhat obscure area bank questioned wild spending amid mounting losses.

CertusBank SouthPark Branch
CertusBank management spent:

• More than $350,000 on private jet flights.
• More than $300,000 on sporting events, including $131,000 on Carolina Panthers tickets.
• More than $100,000 on private club memberships and luxury vacation expenses.
• More than $1.5 million on three corporate apartments. The bank spent $1 million to out fit them.
• More then $30 million to up fit the new Greenville headquarters.
• More than $1 million in art work
• and 300,000 pennies glued to an office ceiling.

But the lavish lifestyle of the management team is nothing compared to the question of more than $11 million in payments to consultants, including large payments to Integrated Capital Strategies, a financial consulting firm owned by bank executives and managed in part by former Charlotte City Council member James “Smuggie” Mitchell.

Apparently a review of financial statements showed that ICS was overbilling the bank for its asset resolution services. The bank said it contracted with the company to help deal with the millions of dollars worth of troubled assets it assumed with the failed banks.

From the Charlotte Business Journal:
In one case, CertusBank paid ICS a total of $537,475 for a year’s work by a contractor, while ICS paid him $150,000, the letter states. CertusBank senior executives were also paid more than $1.5 million in cash between 2011 and 2013 by ICS, the letter states.
ICS chief executive Sammy Hicks III did not respond to requests for comment. CertusBank said it no longer has a contract with ICS.
Listed among the management team is Mitchell, the longtime Former Charlotte City Councilman.

Mitchell said he was hired by ICS in 2011. He was first elected to the City Council in 1999 and lost to Patrick Cannon in the Democratic primary for Charlotte mayor in 2013.

Mitchell works in ICS’ government services division, which represents and lobbies local governments and helps companies secure government business, according to its website. Mitchell said he works with small towns on issues such as setting up tax collection systems. He said he does not work with the city of Charlotte.

Mitchell is one of five executives named as the company’s leaders. He is listed as a managing partner and managing director at ICS, but Mitchell said he characterizes himself as a lower-level “grunt.” He said he is not familiar with ICS’ work with CertusBank.

Is there a CertusBank connection to Patrick Cannon as well as Smuggie Mitchell? Who knows?

But Mitchell's attempt to distance himself from CertusBank claiming "grunt" status ought to perk your ears up.

CP's Take:

There is no one on Charlotte's City Council "clean enough" to assume the role of mayor.

The Cannon scandal is embarrassing, but can you imagine council appointing a mayor from their own ranks only to have that appointee indicted a month from now?

Even if the next mayor is not charged everyone on council is tainted as long as this investigation is on going.

Frankly ask any taxpayer, any citizen, all associated with the current city council and city management are suspect. Given the term of the new mayor a special election is the only option. 

Cedar Posts Bonus:

Interesting how Anthony Foxx quickly distanced himself from Charlotte once he arrived in Washington. His cheerleading efforts for light rail came to a screeching halt. Leaving one to imagine at some point he got word of the FBI's interest in Patrick Cannon and ......

I guess we shall see.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Charlotte Cathloic High School - Dustup!

I'll let main stream media stir the pot some more, but the dustup caused by Sister Jane Dominic Laurel who is little known outside of "catlick" circles is really kind of funny.

At issue is her "talk" about homosexually during which she reportedly spent about half of her hour-long time speaking about queers, including attributing a correlation between the decline of fatherhood in America and the rise in homosexuality and that masturbation and porn will make you gay.

Oddly enough there is apparently no recording of her making these comments. No recording has surfaced from an audience of more than 200 iPhone carrying High School kids.

CP suspects that the real trouble is that many of the parents and students at Charlotte Catholic High School (CCHS) have a different view of sexual identity than that of the older established Catholic High School Administration.

Add to the fact that some inside the church are convinced that Pope Francis is saying it's all good quoting his comments ”Who am I to Judge” and  we can not insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptives methods.”

So the main reason for this "dust-up" is that a good percentage of the student body at Charlotte Catholic are anything but "Roman Catholic", and kids by and large tend to move like a herd of cattle. Everyone wants to fit in and being pro-LGBT is very much in vogue. (Cue Madonna)

Years ago Charlotte Catholic was the school that only "cat licks" went to, this of course began to change with the busing for integration in the mid 1970's and the overall decline in the academic standards of the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System - CMS.

Busing caused an impressive growth in private and parochial schools in North Carolina. Nowhere has this been more evident than in South Charlotte. Campuses of Charlotte Latin, Country Day School, Charlotte Christian and Providence Day School today rival that of many small colleges.

Charlotte Catholic also "cashed in" on this growth by building an impressive high school campus on Pineville Matthews Road. Trouble is in order to do so, they had to allow "outsiders" known as Non-Participating Catholics & Non-Catholics to attend the school.

On the plus side tuition is considerably less for "Non-Catholics", $13,348.00 annually vs $21,760.00 at Charlotte Country Day School. On the down side it is a "Catholic School"!

CP has been unable to find a firm number of Non-Participating Catholics & Non-Catholics vs true Roman Catholics but I'm hearing that the number is nearly 50%. It also appears that much of Sister Jane's comments were taken out of context, as are those of the Holy Father.

Add to the mix the power of social media to report, as well as distort and you get a crazy dust up of biblical proportions.