Friday, August 17, 2018

Idiots Among Us In Where Else Rock Hill - You Can't Fix Stupid

While at one of Rock Hill's most likely to be caught on camera from dozens of angles convenience stores, Patricia Pizer thought it was not only wise to harass police while they were arresting someone at the local Quick Trip but that throwing her drink at an officer and a few punches was a good idea as well.

Later she claimed her arrest was unnecessary and resulted in great bodily harm. Even claiming she received a fractured skull. However review of the video shows her skull may have been fractured since birth. Proof once again there is no cure for stupid. 

Leave it to one of Charlotte's little known television news channels to "spin" the victim angle.

A woman accused of assaulting an officer is taking to Facebook to tell her side of the story of a violent arrest she says happened at the hands of the Rock Hill Police Department. 

Officers disagree, saying she’s the one who put up the fight when the handcuffs came out. 

“This has been really hard and really frightening,” Patricia Pizer said in a Facebook live video Thursday afternoon. She believes Rock Hill police used excessive force while arresting her Wednesday evening at a Quik Trip. “I felt really, really isolated and scared,” Pizer said 

According to the police report, officers responded to the gas station around 5:00 p.m. for a domestic call. While one officer was arresting the man in the domestic situation, Pizer intervened to tell the officer he was arresting the wrong person. That officer told Pizer to leave multiple times since the conflict did not involve her or she would be arrested. 

Again the officer asked Pizer to leave. She then pulled out her cell phone to record her interaction, that's when the officer grabbed her left arm to place her under arrest. 

The report continues saying Pizer threw her drink at the officer and then punched him in the face multiple times, causing his earpiece and sunglasses to fall off. As the struggle continued, the officer was able to use a foot sweep to knock Pizer to the ground. Her face hit the pavement and that's when she lost some teeth. 

She was eventually arrested for assaulting an officer while resisting arrest and cited for hindering police. 

Pizer and her husband dispute the police department's report and believe they used excessive force. The couple gave FOX 46 several photos of Pizer after the arrest. They say she suffered a fractured skull, five broken teeth, a dislocated shoulder, and several scrapes and bruises. 

In an afternoon press release, the police department stated in part: This review found that the officer involved made a lawful arrest and used force necessary to effect the arrest of Ms. Pizer and her only injuries included abrasions and possible chipped tooth, sustained during the resistance of arrest.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Investment Commentary - Oh By The Way People Are Strange

I saw the following commentary on the current investment market, interest rates, trade wars and Trump and thought it was interesting. I often retweet things I find of interest so I can read them later. It doesn't mean I agree or side with the author or anything else.

Camp Kotok is an interesting meeting of what some might call the most connected people in America. Economists and investment advisers as well as leading thinkers and writers. I personally do not rate an invitation but I know many of those who do, and I know the location like the back of my hand because I'm married to a girl from Maine.

So read The Marine Surprise Was Time by John Mauldin or don't. John's take on Trump, investment policy and more is interesting or super dry depending on your thinking.

On the other hand the Braves are playing and the deer are in the back yard again so the heck with economics.

By the way if you don't follow CP on twitter you are missing a lot of stuff from perspective. Since I tend to enjoy poking local media and GuvCo types an in the eye, so I get a lot of grief. Most of that dirt thrown my way from is from liberals that troll twitter endlessly.

I see a lot of "White Privilege Much?" or the classic, "Yacht Captain, Pilot, Investment Banker - yeah sure you just keep dreaming".  Amazing so many people are doubters, I guess I've come to accept that and oh by the way people are strange.

Blogger, Shooter, Yacht Captain, Pilot, Investment Banker, Life Long Southerner and Country Boy.....????

Well the answer is yes, I've had some really great jobs and some not so great jobs.

I've pumped gas in the 1970's as a kid, bagged groceries, cleaned offices, mowed golf courses, worked high rise construction. No kidding I actually helped built 600 Cherokee in Charlotte's Myers Park one summer, almost fell to my death couple of times. Worked on a farm, I can drive a tractor, bulldozer, back hoe, bobcat, forklift and a skid steer.

I worked at CDIA in air freight and was nearly killed by an "A" container on a Flying Tigers International flight. I actually owe my life to someone who pulled me out of the way. I worked on the flight line at Thurston Aviation. I soloed in a Piper 180 at 17. Almost hit a TV tower in a thunderstorm with a Beechcraft Baron, and some how manged to survive to where I have just over 2100 hours total time.

I did my first boat charter at 12 made $8.00. Since then I've driven everything from Hobie 18's to 90' Lazzara Yachts.

I worked for the Charlotte Observer as well as Stan and Sis Kaplin's WAYS and WROQ and the Weekly Newspapers.

Then I got smart and realized I wasn't making enough money in media and interviewed with a guy named Mac Everett. I've made a good living doing what I like.

I made a choice when I was maybe 20 when I figured out that working for an hourly wage wasn't in my best interest. I also learned that if one job was good two was even better particularly if you could do both at the same time which of course nixed the hourly or salaried job idea.

When it comes to politics, I'm a constitutional conservative but that doesn't mean I'm heading to Washington anytime soon. I'm a capitalist and a small business owner which means I tend to not mix business and politics or religion.

But stay turned I've got a serious back log of thoughts on Trump haters, race relations, lynching and transplants to North Carolina.

Are you ready? 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Charlotte Just as Corrupt As Detroit Chicago or Baltimore?

Charlotte may not be the pit of despair that Detroit has become, perhaps not the corrupt city hall of Chicago or the out of control police department of Baltimore but we sure have our share of stupid:

Charlotte City Council - is full of potted plants, they take their place on the dais every Monday, allegedly as representatives of the taxpayers, yet seldom bear fruit and do little but just sit there.

Case in point Ed Driggs

Ed lives in South Charlotte, in the upscale Piper Glen neighborhood, his home backing up onto the16th fairway of the Tournament Players Club golf course. The neighborhood is part of Charlotte's "wedge of prosperity" that extends southward from Myers Park and is bounded by Park Road on the west and Randolph Road on the east running all the way to the Mecklenburg County line.

Ed doesn't say a lot during Charlotte City Council meetings, he rarely takes a stand where he doesn't latter fold like a lawn chair, seldom returns phone calls or bothers to reply to email. 

But when it comes to his own property, he is all about calling in the "chits" from the CMPD white shirts. 

This morning CMPD citizens on patrol, delivered one of the department's speed calming radar units to Old Course Drive. Often this is a precursor to actual enforcement using a couple of Officers with a radar gun tagging and releasing those unfortunate not to connect the sign and radar trailer in use the week before. 

Except, that Ed Driggs doesn't live on high traffic speed crazy Highway 51, Monroe or Providence Roads.

He doesn't live on nearby cut-through nightmare Endhaven Lane or the Carmel - Colony connector known as Hillingdon Road. No Charlotte City Councilman Driggs lives on Old Course Drive which has a daily traffic count of about 50 cars. But he's seemingly hell bent on enforcement of the 25 mph limit in front of his home.

Never mind that 1000 feet away, on Rea Road cars transition from the 80-90 mile an hour speeds of 485, to just under 65 on Rea Road. At any given hour you'll see cars traveling from 485 to Pineville-Matthews Road doing far above the 40 mile per hour speed limit. Two or Three times a month a late night crash will rattle windows of Piper Glen homes as another DUI/Speed related accident takes place in the curves just past the stop light at Rea and Piper Glen Drive. But none of this matters to our trusted representative because marauding scofflaws are racing the 1/2 mile between two stop signs and flying over the three road humps installed in front of his house. I seriously doubt anyone travels this street faster than 30 mph.

Charlotte Douglas Cell Phone Lot - Its a sort of urban purgatory where wives wait for husbands and husbands wait for wives. 

A don't be late but don't be early holding pattern where one or the other waits and waits and waits. Only to find out the his/her flight has been delayed an hour, which is just long enough to drive though the arrival or departure gauntlet get some gas and park in the cell phone lot again. 

So with all this time on your hands you're bound to notice things, like the trash that is over flowing. Except the trash at the airport for this world class city's cell phone lot is always over flowing.

Cedar's Take: There are only four trash receptacles at the cellphone lot. Which is nuts since what do people do who have nothing but time to kill before they pick up someone from the arrival curb? That's right dump their trash.

CDIA Airport Security - It is dark, and for two hours now a U-Haul box truck has sat unattended at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport cell phone lot. The truck has Arizona tags and has obviously not moved in 24 hours. It smells noticeably of fertilizer and no one seems to care.

A CDIA employee rolls up in a pickup truck, flashing green lights atop the truck contrast with the night that is filled with red rotating beacons of departing and arriving aircraft.

Are you here about the truck? "No someone tweeted about the trash, what's wrong with the truck?"

I guess unless you were born before 1980 and alive in 1995 the thought of fertilizer in a box truck is meaningless. To me it is chilling that such simple ingredients, can be used to bring down an eight story building and kill 168 innocent people. 

Then there's the tag from Arizona, that gives way to the thoughts of human trafficking, coyotes who have abandoned a truck full of now dead Mexicans, yet no one is questioning the truck's presence.  

My tweets from last night:

Cedar Update: CDIA replied via DM on twitter this afternoon:

"Thank you for your concerns, as we take See Something, Say Something seriously. We were aware of the U-Haul in the Cell phone lot.  

In this case, we took the road of education (what cell phone lot is for and what it is not) rather than enforcement.  

As for the garbage, we discovered that one person came to the lot with all of their garbage from home and deposited it there while they waited to pick up a passenger. 

The trash cans are cleaned regularly. Again, thank you for your vigilance." 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Charlotte's Ratings Laggard WCNC Race Baiting Driving While Black News Story

How about a little race baiting from ratings laggard WCNC in Charlotte, to go with your morning coffee?

Leave it to WCNC's Savannah Levins to dig into the driving while black issue just to stir up the hate for local CMPD Officers.

From WCNC:

For the first time ever, we’re seeing data that proves racial inequality when it comes to being pulled over in North Carolina. 

 Analysis of more than 20 million stops in the Tar Heel State since 2002 found blacks are 95 percent more likely to be pulled over than whites and 115 percent more likely to be searched after being stopped. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have searched four times more black drivers than white drivers since 2017. 

In 1999, North Carolina became the first state ever to require departments nationwide to record specific details of every traffic stop, including race of the drivers. The data began coming in around the year 2000. 

Now, 18 years later, researchers at the University of North Carolina have finally crunched the numbers. “It’s not really appropriate to question anymore whether driving while black put you in a different place, it clearly does,” said UNC Chapel Hill professor Dr. Frank Baumgartner, one of the researchers who compiled the data for a now-published book titled Suspect Citizens. 

Baumgartner said he was shocked to find almost two decades of data collected from more than 20 million traffic stops in North Carolina was never analyzed, not one single report. So he took matters in his own hands. 

What he found is something people of color have been saying for a long time now. “African American drivers are much more likely to be pulled over than white drivers,” he said. “About twice as likely actually.” 

Dr. Barumgartner’s extensive research covers the entire state; numbers for individual departments are available to the public online. NBC Charlotte took a look at CMPD’s data, and found in the past year: Charlotte police pulled over 37.5 percent more black drivers than white drivers 5,146 black drivers were searched and only 1,322 white drivers were searched “No one is more concerned about disparity than I am; it’s a red flag,” CMPD Chief Kerr Putney recently said of the data. 

The department referred NBC Charlotte to a video they recently posted to Facebook in which Chief Putney offers some explanation. “It’s fair to say that we have more staffing more resources in areas that have a statistically higher rate of violent crime, both victimization and suspects and those neighborhoods, unfortunately, are African American neighborhoods” 

A CMPD officer asked. “It’s not just fair, it’s a fact.” Chief Putney responded, “It’s by design that we place our people there proactively.”

 CMPD calls it a delicate balance, others call it flat out unfair. 

“If I was a young Hispanic male living in what’s called a high drug area which might be home, might be where my school is, and if I was a mother a father of that young man and I had found out that for the 18th time in the last six months he'd been questioned, I’d be angry,” Baumgartner said. 

 As far as the reason people are pulled over, the biggest racial disparities in CMPD didn’t come from speeding, DUIs, checkpoints, or investigations. They came from seat belt and vehicle equipment violations: 50 times more black drivers pulled over for those minor infractions than whites.

Cedar's Take:

Anyone who has rolled out of the Law Enforcement Center on a Friday night shift knows the sad fact that the majority of the crime in Charlotte is committed by African Americans. It is also a fact that if someone is breaking minor traffic laws, (expired tag, broken head light, speeding) there's a pretty good chance that they are also "riding dirty" since those who break the law do so because they think the rules don't apply to them and they don't stop with just speeding.

CMPD Officers tell me most traffic stops are made because the actions of the driver stand out, they are erratic, moving too fast, too slow, or just acting suspicious and that most of the time because of rear window tint, they don't know what color the driver's skin happens to be until they approach the car.

Numbers can tell a story, in this case the fact that claiming you were stopped by police because you were "driving while black" when you were speeding through a red light doesn't hold up.

High crime areas in Charlotte happen to be areas which have a higher population of people of color, its just a sad fact. Ask any CMPD Officer black, white or latino how many times they hear, "you just pulled me over because I'm black" or how many times they hear the classic "you slave'n me".

Officers don't care, they had a job to do and that is enforce the laws as they are there to protect all of us and when news reporters go out of their way to make Officers look bad they their jobs more difficult. A job that is tough enough without hearing "I saw on WCNC you cops are stopping me just because I'm black."

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

NTSB Release Table Rock Lake Duck Boat Accident Audio Transcript

The National Transportation Safety Board announced Friday the completion of the initial review of the digital video recorder system recovered from the DUKW “Stretch Boat 7” that sank July 19 near Branson, Missouri.  
The “Ride The Ducks” amphibious vehicle had 29 passengers and two crewmembers aboard for a tour when weather conditions deteriorated on Table Rock Lake.   One crewmember and 16 passengers died in the accident.
In this NTSB July 26, 2018, photo, the SD card is shown from the digital video recorder system onboard the amphibious DUKW "Stretch Boat 7" that sank July 19 near Branson, Missouri.  (NTSB Photo)
Recording media including an SD card and a removable hard drive from the vehicle’s digital video recorder camera system were recovered by divers before the duck boat was salvaged.
The digital video recorder media were immediately transferred to the NTSB laboratory in Washington.
The digital video recorder recorded five channels of video: four outward facing and one inward facing. Audio was also recorded.
The NTSB’s initial review of the recorder provides the following information which is preliminary and will be supplemented or corrected during the investigation. The times presented here are as-recorded by the DVR and have not yet been validated against local time. The information does not contain analysis. As such, no conclusions regarding the cause of the accident should be made from this preliminary information.
·       The audio quality varies widely throughout the recording, affecting the intelligibility of what is spoken.
·       About 18:27:08.          The captain and driver boarded the previously empty vehicle. The driver sat in the driver’s seat and the captain sat in the side-facing seat to the right of the driver. (The captain operates the duck on water and the driver operates duck on the road.)
·       About 18:28:00.          The crew was told to take the water portion of the tour first, by an individual who briefly stepped onto the rear of the vehicle.
·       About 18:29:13.          As the passengers were loading, the captain made a verbal reference to looking at the weather radar prior to the trip.
·       About 18:33:10.          The driver stated a passenger count of 29 and shortly after, the vehicle departed the terminal facility. The captain narrated the tour while the vehicle was in motion.
·       Starting about 18:50.  In the vicinity of the boat ramp, the captain began a safety briefing regarding the water portion of the tour. The briefing included the location of emergency exits as well as the location of the life jackets. The captain then demonstrated the use of a life jacket and pointed out the location of the life rings. The captain moved into the driver’s seat and the driver moved into the seat directly behind.
·       About 18:55:20.          The captain announced to the passengers that they would be entering the water. The boat entered the water. The water appeared calm at this time.
·       Between about 18:56:22 and 19:00:38.          The captain allowed four different children to sit in the driver’s seat, while he observed and assisted.
·       About 19:00:25. Whitecaps rapidly appeared on the water and winds increased.
·       About 19:00:42.          The captain returned to the driver’s seat. The driver lowered both the port and starboard clear plastic side curtains.
·       About 19:01:01.          The captain made a comment about the storm.
·       About 19:03:15.          The captain made a handheld radio call, the content of which is currently unintelligible.
·       About 19:04:15.          An electronic tone associated with the bilge alarm activated.
·       About 19:05:21.          The captain reached downward with his right hand and the bilge alarm ceases.
·       About 19:05:40.          The captain made a handheld radio call, the content of which is currently unintelligible.
·       In the final minutes of the recording. Water occasionally splashes inside the vehicle’s passenger compartment. (The low frame rate and relatively low resolution make it very difficult to be more precise in the preliminary review.)
·       About 19:07:26.          An electronic tone associated with the bilge alarm activated.
·       19:08:27.         The inward-facing recording ended, while the vehicle was still on the surface of the water.
An NTSB recorder group consisting of technical experts from the NTSB and parties to the investigation will convene at NTSB headquarters to begin validating the recorded data and developing a detailed transcript of the sequence of events.

Friday, July 20, 2018

What Does The United States Have Against Promoting Breast Feeding?

I'm not a pink hat wearer, I'm not a feminist, I don't oppose Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee and don't expect or want that Roe v. Wade will be overturned. 

I'm not a breast feeding proponent, though I have many friends who are. I don't think women should make a big deal about it or go about feeding babies in public, though it would be ok with me if Kate Upton did. 

All said, this is really odd: 

Seems US representatives were trying to dilute the World Health Organization’s support of breastfeeding. 

That's right I'm talking about boobs not the liberal types and its just an odd that this little secret that has slipped past most media types. 

The fact is our US appointed representatives to the WHO were encouraged by business interests that sell infant formula & substitutes for mother’s milk made a strong effort to dissuade any effort by the WHO to promote breastfeeding. 

Most people missed the NY Times story which is here

Even more missed the tweet claiming it was all "Fake News" by Donald Trump:


But according to the New York Times report, “American officials sought to water down the resolution by removing language that called on governments to ‘protect, promote and support breast-feeding’ and another passage that called on policymakers to restrict the promotion of food products that many experts say can have deleterious effects on young children” 

The New York Times reported that the American delegation did more than simply oppose the resolution as originally written: “When that failed, they turned to threats, according to diplomats and government officials who took part in the discussions. Ecuador, which had planned to introduce the measure, was the first to find itself in the cross hairs. Threats aside, a revised resolution introduced by Russia and reflecting a compromise would eventually pass. 

The final version (which is here) kept the general language supporting breastfeeding but removed specifics that would have had key positive impacts for the health of young children globally. For example, the final resolution no longer specifically urges WHO Member States to implement the 2016 WHO guidance on inappropriate promotion of foods for infants and young children. Further, as the ICDC explains, the final version weakens the original resolution’s call for WHO’s active support. 

What's troubling is the effort the US is willing to go to promote the sale of infant formula in 3rd world countries. 

The thought is pretty simple breast feeding saves lives and promoting infant formula over breast feeding is misguided. So why would the US do this?

The other important question is why didn't this story get the traction in the press it should have, after-all boobs are always big news, this story saw a lot of retweets:

Model Mara Martin is a working mom, and she brought her baby to her ... on the runway as she walked while breastfeeding her 5-month-old 

So why didn’t the WHO story go viral? Why didn't you hear about it? According to David Kotock with Cumberland Advisors, "machine learning & algorithms are altering the news flow" and so your computer and your use of google and other search tools give the logic that determines what is of interest to you and even your twitter and facebook feeds are altered.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday Odds and Ends - Wells Fargo Championship Edition

News from Wells Fargo Golf - The purge is on, last year Kym Hougham stepped down as the executive director of Charlotte's Wells Fargo Championship after 15 years. Mac Everett long time tournament chairman stepped down after this year's event concluded. 

Last week Paula Burnett the tournament's Volunteer Coordinator (a paid full-time position) resigned. Paula famous for her, pep rally cheer leading jumps (one for each year of the tournament) during volunteer training events, held the position since the tournament began.  

Her email sent to all WFG Volunteers:  

I wanted to share with you that as of today, Friday, June 15, I am resigning my position with the Wells Fargo Championship and will be moving on to the next adventure in my career. 
Words cannot express how blessed I feel to have worked with each of you.  Your dedication and enthusiasm are the reason that the Wells Fargo Championship is one of the BEST tournaments on the PGA TOUR.  I hope that you will continue to help the new Volunteer Coordinator in striving for that same goal.
As I look forward to the future, I hope our paths will cross and that we will be able to work together again.  Please feel free to reach out to me at my new email address:    

All my best,
Up next for WFG: Negotiation of Wells Fargo's continuing marquee sponsorship.The current sponsorship agreement runs through the 2019 tournament. Typically agreements are worked out well in advance so it will be interesting to see what transpires this summer.

Gary Sobba remains tournament director overseeing staff of 12.
SouthPark Novelty Signs - You never know where Charlotte's next bright idea will show up. But someone thought is was necessary to put SouthPark logo signs atop of street signs at every South Park intersection, about 100 signs total. The only trouble is the two tone signs have faded so only the "South" is visible. Leaving non-local drivers wondering why they are on "South" Sharon Road. As if we didn't have enough Sharons already?

Rodney Monroe - Like a bad penny Charlotte's favorite Cop showed up last week to of all things a LaWana Mayfield event. Proof once again it's not what you know but who you know. After all Loony LaWana is Charlotte's most influential politician a specialist is politicization.  

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Red Hen Your Goose is Cooked

By now you've heard about Sarah Sanders and her experience at The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia.

Got to admit it’s a pretty bold move alienating 1/2 your clientele in hopes that you’ll double your sales from the remaining 1/2. My experience is people can only eat so much and they seldom visit the same place twice in a month.

Now the argument is they will be fine after the madness fades. Maybe, but restaurant business isn't like a book store, once you lose a day you can't get it back, it's not like people will come back tomorrow and eat two meals to make up for the days they stayed away.

The fall out over the Sarah Sanders removal was swift, and It didn't take long before the Yelp and Facebook reviews went crazy. At this point with a 2.5 rating it seems the battle is a tie. The bogus reviews are priceless.  

Regulars typically have lower check totals as do locals, a party of eight can be challenging but patrons celebrating a family get together are normally pretty good to the staff. 

I give the place six months. 

After all if we can't dine in peace why go out and worry that you're political views are going to be challenged. If they'd do this to @PressSec they'd spit in your food just for not driving a Prius.

Of Course the Lib Rats have their justifications:

In the defense of The Red Hen:

Stephanie Wilkinson (above left) apparently the co-owner of The Red Hen defended her actions with:

“I’m not a fan of confrontation. I have a business and I want the business to thrive. But this feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable decisions to uphold their morals.” 

Democrats are upset that SHS tweeted about her experience, never mind that given the same situation of being refused service, Libtards would have already posted a video after refusing to leave until the cops came, and then they’d demand an apology while threatening a boycott and filing a lawsuit anyway. Sanders just said OK and left.

Other Loony Left Talking Points:

Gay Cake

The "Gay a Cake" analogy has little merit, first the Supreme Court ruling was very narrow in scope with extremely limited application. Demanding a special gay wedding cake is far from sitting down and ordering off the menu.

It's Fair We Took a Vote

It was nice that Red Hen co-owner Stephanie Wilkerson huddled her staff together and took a vote. But imagine if every restaurant gathered the staff and took a vote on who they served and who they didn't. 

"OK team we need to vote on table four - its a two top with an annoying hand holding couple and they're clearly not going to run a big tab since they just ordered coffee. So, what do you say all in favor? Opposed? Looks like the "nays" have it. Rocko and Moose would you please remove the guests at table four!"

"OK next up is table 16 . . . ."

It Is Illegal For Sanders To Tweet About it From Her Official Account

The loony left is also upset that Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted her removal from the Red Hen via her official Twitter account. Angry pink hat liberal t winded Wind Chime teased that she threw red meat at the republican base. Since she was asked to leave because she is the "Official" White House Press Secretary as The owner of The Red Hen stated it was because she worked for Donald Trump being removed for her "official capacity" certainly merits tweeting the facts in an official capacity 

Sarah Is Fair Game Since She Has No Morals

It's a job and the liberal nut birds might want to consider that SHS is very good at delivering the president's message. Doesn't mean she agrees with it or that she should shape the message to meet her own agenda. It's a job nothing more should be made of it.

She's Rude To The White House Press

The White House press corps have become rude and unmanageable. All decorum has gone out the window Sanders has a right to be heavy handed with the fake news press. 


Ran a check on the Red Hen at least they are current with the state, sanitation seems to be an issue. 

Don't take my word for it here's what USA Today said:

February 2018 and November 2015. The inspections resulted in zero violations.
However, the Red Hen was hit with two violations in an April 2014 inspection. One cited raw beef stored above cooked ready-to-eat food and thawing meats stored above cookie bars. The other violation cited ready-to-eat container of grits stored in a refrigeration unit without being properly dated.
Both violations were deemed "critical" under the Department of Health's inspection regulations before a 2016 update.
They would be deemed "priority" violations now under the new system, because they could be a direct cause of illness for the restaurant's patrons, said Julie Henderson, Director of Food and General Environmental Services for the state Department of Health.
A  January 2017 inspection found a "priority" violation for having pickles or jams in a sealed container that was not from an approved food processing plant.

Saw a dozen or so tweets about the voice mail message people where hearing while calling the restaurant. 

So I called their number 540-464-4401 just to get an idea how things were going, shockingly the message is vile and rude and really is threatening to throw anyone who is a Trump Supporter out on their butt!

Late yesterday the Historic Downtown Lexington Virginia Group issued this statement:

We do not condone the actions of Stephanie Wilkinson, owner of the Red Hen Restaurant and Director of Main Street Lexington.

The negative impact and nasty backlash towards our little community is downright appalling. 

Please do not condemn our town for one persons actions.  

To The People, Mr. President Trump & Secretary Sarah Sanders we sincerely apologize for the poor behavior and decision of ONE PERSON! 

If you feel the need to express negative comments, please re-direct them to Stephanie Wilkinson directly. Thank You :) 

Lexington's downtown is a thriving collection of shops and restaurants housed in restored buildings with brick sidewalks and old fashioned lantern street lamps that serve the many visitors and tourists that come here all year long. 

Finally the Trumpster tweeted (of course)

Now the crazy stuff:

The address is not really 666 and even though there are reports that Wilkerson's part owner is a convicted sex offender and pedophile it is doubtful that is fact as well.

Cedar's Take:

Stephanie Wilkerson missed a "huge" opportunity, after all she had the most connected woman in America in her house. She could have fixed a fabulous dinner and then used the moment ask for Sander's ear, maybe even ask for a moment of the President's time or at least a direct line of communication.  But that's how the lunacy of the left rolls crazy vile protests demanding crazy things calling people Nazi Terrorists and Racist Idiots.  Doubt they will learn.

Cedar Update:

As of this AM Tuesday June 26, 2018 The Red Hen Yelp rating had dropped to 1.5. Assume the true rating is 4.0 or even 4.5 so the 1.5 rating is a clear sign the Democratic base is dying. In a perfect world a dead heat (Supporters posting 5's and Haters posting 1's) would result in a 3 rating because the lowest rating number is 1 and not zero. At 1.5 it works out to about 3 to 1 in favor of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. 

Friday, June 22, 2018

Honduran Girl Crying -Tragic or #WompWomp?

A 2-year-old cries as her mother is searched near the U.S. border on June 12, 2018

The picture of a Honduran girl crying as she and her mother are detained in Texas has grabbed worldwide attention and come to symbolize the intense debate about separating children from their parents. 

Time magazine put the young girl on next week's cover, but the Border Patrol agent involved in the dramatic scene says the photo might be a little misleading. That agent said the mother and daughter were never separated and are still together. 
"We were patrolling the border. It was after 10 o'clock at night," Border Patrol agent Carlos Ruiz told CBS News' David Begnaud.
He was the first to encounter Sandra Sanchez and her daughter after they allegedly crossed the Rio Grande River into Texas illegally.
"We asked her to set the kid down in front of her, not away from her, she was right in front of her...So we can properly search the mother," Ruiz said. "So the kid immediately started crying as she set her down. I personally went up to the mother and asked her 'Are you doing OK? Is the kid OK?' and she said, 'Yes. She's tired and thirsty. It's 11 o'clock at night.'"

"They're using it to symbolize a policy and that was not the case in this picture," Ruiz said. "It took less than two minutes. As soon as the search was finished, she immediately picked the girl up, and the girl immediately stopped crying." 
Moore says Ruiz and other agents acted professionally that night. But he is happy with the cover and the response to the image.
"Oftentimes, immigration is talked about in terms of statistics, and when you put a human face and humanize an issue, you make people feel. And when you make people feel, they have compassion. And if I've done just a little bit of that, then that's OK," Moore said.
Ruiz said he and his fellow agents represent more than just the Border Patrol logo. 
"We are also fathers, we are also sons, we are also have families, and we do care, and we do our jobs, and we treat these people as humanely and as best as we possibly can," Ruiz said.
Sandra Sanchez and her daughter were arrested on June 10 and are still detained, so Sanchez has not been able to respond to any of this. According to U.S. Border Patrol, they were only in their custody for 72 hours and were then turned over to Health and Human Services. It's unclear where Sanchez and her daughter are now. 
The photo has reached the young girl's father in Honduras. He told Univision it broke his heart and that he hoped his wife and daughter's rights were respected. 
Finally the girl's went on the explain that the mother took it upon herself to travel to the United States to seek a better job and life. She paid a coyote $6,000.00 to take her across the border. She there are also numerous that she had previously been deported. 
Cedar's Take: Heart breaking or #WompWomp the story got a lot of mileage because it at least for the 24 hour news cycle fit the Democratic narrative that Trump and Republicans are heartless bastards.
The girl and her mother are from Honduras, which is an amazing country. Beautiful beaches fabulous resorts and stunning mountains. However there is, at least in the back country, massive corruption and crime. "Banditos" with "Pistolas" are everywhere once you stray of the tourist routes. I have traveled to Honduras several times and while it has a wonderful coastline its not without shocking poverty. It is after all a 3rd world country.
And it is the birthplace and former home to my sister-in-law, who now resides in Atlanta as an US Citizen. She came here 15 years ago speaking only Spanish on a work visa, in other words she's a legal immigrant.
It took Sanchez a month and $6,000.00 to travel to the Rio Grande River and cross the dangerous desert countryside and finally a river to step into the United States illegally.  . 
It took my sister-in-law a month's worth of paperwork and a $500 plane ticket.
So why do they do it? Why not go south to Brazil or Argentina countries with thriving economies? Why not enter the US legally? 
I don't have a clue do you?
Did you know that of the 2000 plus children being held because their parents tried to unsuccessfully enter the US that only 24 are from Mexico? The rest are from Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. 
Of course these are only those who got caught. 
Yesterday the cable contractor shows up at my house he's from Mexico via, California and his co-worker from Honduras in fact he knows the city where my sister-in-law is from. And he tells me he came here in January via Texas with six other men all from Honduras. They crossed the border at night waiting til just before first light to move then hiding just on the other side for another day before moving north. 
Crossing during the winter months gives a little more darkness, the long night tires the CBP Officers and they work in teams spaced a few minutes apart but taking different routes to predetermined points. 
The have what is basically slavery's underground railroad with passwords and safe houses. 
They do it for the money. Six months work here is 3 maybe 4 years of work at home. Because they travel on their own they are at great risk of capture from gangs and Mexican Police who will use them as decoys and bait for the US CBP. 
So why does Mexico allow them to travel across their country to break US laws? Because the migrant worker travel business is very lucrative.