Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Law Firm With An Interesting Connection To Charlotte Nets $214,000.00 For Work On Eschert Case

Remember that Fire Truck that Charlotte Fire Chief Jon Hannan wanted to buy and hoped the 2016 budget would include?

Well fellow taxpayers here's why money was an issue in the first place.

A local television station reported recently that:

"an outside investigation into retaliation claims will cost the city of Charlotte more than $200,000.

Former arson investigator Crystal Eschert claimed she was fired after raising concerns about safety in a fire department building.The city claimed Eschert was fired over posts she made on Facebook and hired outside attorney Allison Van Laningham to investigate the claims.

Van Laningham’s report found no direct evidence, but that it was possible Eschert was the subject of retaliation.

A few weeks earlier the same station reported "that the city announced changes to improve the Charlotte Fire Department after another review found low morale and a culture of fear in the department.

Over the next 6-8 months, an advisory committee will implement a performance evaluation for managers, enhance communication in the department and develop a survey to get employee fee

A copy of the invoice that runs just over $214,000.00 is here.

City Manager Ron Carlee hasn't released the report but the invoice give a hint at where the investigation was headed.

Interesting to note that the Greensboro attorney Van Laningham bills at a $300.00 per hour rate even while traveling to and from Charlotte in additional to a 57 cents mileage rate.

So lets have a little "flash back":

 You might recall CP's post about connecting the dots (Nothing Showing) back in February.
The newest public information officer (PIO) for Charlotte Fire Department, Cynthia Robbins Shan-Kahn just happens to be the wife of former senior assistant City of Charlotte attorney, Mujeeb Shan-Kahn. She was hired by the Fire Department just last month.
Cynthia Robbins Shan-Kahn
Attorney Mujeeb Shan-Kahn worked for Charlotte and was hired as Greensboro's city attorney in 2012, and is now in a city attorney of Monroe, North Carolina. 
Interestingly enough, during Shan-Khan's ever so brief tenure in Greensboro he apparently hired Allison Van Laningham to help the Greensboro Police Department defend against and settle a number of lawsuits involving current and former police officers.

The payments to Van Laningham from the City of Greensboro has been reported to be just shy of $400,000.00. 

Shan-Khan's time at Greensboro came to an abrupt end after a 90 minute emergency closed door council meeting in which he tendered his resignation. At question was the issuing of a $750,000.00 city check without a signed contract.
Shan-Khan found work before his severance package expired by taking the City Attorney job in Monroe.
Keep in mind the Charlotte City Manager Ron Carlee said the investigation into Crystal Eschert's claims would be transparent and be conducted by outside sources.
Cedar's Take: If it walks like a duck, well just hard to believe Van Laningham - Shan-Kahn - Charlotte Fire PIO connection is just an odd coincidence. Particularly when Van Laningham's experience is limited to trial ligation.

eBay Completes Their White Wash Of History Removes All Traces OfConfederate Flag

CP connected with a dealer and manufacturer of flags located in New York. He sells most of his Civil War memorabilia via eBay having nearly 8,000 reviews and a positive rating of 100% or at least he did until last week, when eBay removed all of his Confederate Flag items.


Dear Cedar,

EBAY has banned and removed all my Southern Civil War Flags!

6 days ago I was a respectable maker and a seller of Historic American Flags. Today I am considered a distributor of Hatred.

Before the shutdown I received over 100 orders in one day as compared to my normal 3 orders in one day. 

History, not Hatred,

EJ Kuhlmann

In business as USFlags11 in what I thought was the United States of America

CP's Take: EJ Kuhlmann has run his small business since 2001. Today he's simply a seller of old US flags. It's doubtful he'll continue to operate his hand made replica flag business without the national outlet that he enjoyed via eBay. I hope he'd find a place via one of the many website hosting services and Square which is far more cost effective than ebay.

Monday, June 29, 2015

CMPD Has A New Police Chief

I'll suggest that we all give Kerr a chance.

He has a lot of fences to mend and he'll need everyone's help to get through what looks like a long hot summer, given the racial madness going on throughout the country.

First thing he should do, is ditch the four stars and ringlets on the sleeves, we all know he's been with the department since Noah started rounding up animals.

Just saying, it would go a long way to saying I'm with you guys.

CP  Peace! Out!

I Don't Fly The Confederate Battle Flag But....

Truth is I don’t fly the Confederate Battle Flag in my front yard. But I have many friends who like to hoist it at gatherings of the “Red Neck” yacht club all summer long. They raise it in Camden in April and again in November. It flies proudly during Memorial Day from their $100,000 motorhomes at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. As best I can tell not one of them is a racist bigot or mass murderer in the making.
Yet, I fully support the gesture of removing the Battle Flag from the South Carolina State Capitol.

It is unfortunate that skin heads, the KKK and the white supremacy movement have hijacked the flag in support of their cause.

I understand that many people see it as a sign of racial intolerance and there are those who claim they feel threatened by it and tremble in fear at the sight of it. To them it represents slavery and oppression, but here’s why that reasoning is wrong.

In the fall of 1861, my great great grandfather grabbed his musket and signed up with the "Dixie Boys" of Company "A" of the 26th Alabama Infantry Regiment in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

During the following 21 months he marched with the boys to some of the war's most famous battles.

Seven Pines
Cold Harbor
Marven Hill

"From the siege of Yorktown, April 5 to May 3, 1862, in which it took part, until the close of the war, the regiment was always in the battle front and won imperishable renown." – Robert E. Lee

Captured at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863 he was neither slave owner or nor rich.

A farmer who was born in Laurens in the upstate of South Carolina. He raised sheep, hogs and cattle on land too poor to grow cotton with too little water to grow rice. They had no reason to own slaves rather his father had relied on 11 sons and 3 daughters. Yet when the call to arms went out he joined the cause without a second thought. In fact 1 million southerners joined the fight all but a handful where slave owners, most like my grandfather lived far from the plantations of the Carolinas, Georgia and Mississippi.

I suspect that the whole mess could have been resolved had the politicians worked things out in a civil manner and paid attention to the fact that the world around them was changing.

The abolitionists in 1861 found that slavery was a hot button in the North and used it as the rallying cry to end a practice that was less than 30 years from becoming out dated and inefficient as mechanized farming began to sweep across the nation.

Now 150 years later revisionists continue to create a war that was nothing more than an epic battle to free the black man from the abusive plantation owners. A battle where in the end good triumphed over evil.

As the line between fiction and fact continue to erode, there are those among us who are left to remind those less knowledgeable and more gullible that the war was not entirely about slavery. In fact now to suggest that the war was about anything but slavery is considered politically incorrect.

The fact is the war of "northern aggression" came about because the Southern States no longer wanted to be a part of the Union. The reason for their departure was the erosion of states’ rights. By standing up to the inherently corrupt Northern Bullies the South threatened to upset the Union's balance of trade with Europe.

Southerners simply saw a federal government that had overstepped the bounds of sensibility and had infringed on state's rights and the right of self-governance far too long.

Many Southerners had just earned for the first time the right to own property, as less than 100 years prior all property was owned by the crown. The North’s power grab along with the election of Abraham Lincoln convinced many Southerners that the North would soon seize the property they had just recently earned a right to. Keep in mind that in the 1860’s property rights were determined by the states.

I imagine that my grandfather saw the future of our Federal Government, a Federal Government much as it is today and he didn't like what he saw.

At the end of the war, out of 1,111 known members of the 26th Alabama; 360 are known to have been killed, 93 finished the war in prison or on furlough after being released, 2 escaped from a prisoner of war camp, 10 joined the Union Army, 146 are known to have been discharged or resigned, 39 are known to have deserted and 387 have some partial records.

John Edmonds was one of the 10 who were offered enlistment in the Union Army, and given the deplorable conditions at Fort Delaware and later Point Lookout, I would imagine it wasn’t a hard choice.

In October of 1863 he joined Captain George W. Alh's Independent Battery, Delaware Heavy Artillery of the Union Army. On July 25, 1865 he was given back his confederate musket, mustered out of the Union Army and walked home to Alabama.

In the years after the war he returned to Natural Bridge Alabama where he married the widow of a follow soldier killed in action while a member of 1st Alabama Calvary.

There he raised a family and often “flagged” his monthly Union Army pension check, making a point to ride his horse by the homes of his brothers waiving his $6.00 a month check and reminding all who would listen that they fought for the wrong side.

John Edmonds died on July 31, 1918 and is buried at Concord Baptist Church Cemetery in Natural Bridge Alabama.

Oddly enough my great grandfather and I share the same birthday.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Confederate Values and Principles Remain Important

  The Confederate flag and other Confederate symbols including Monuments and Memorials represent the same principles as the original U.S. Betsy Ross flag-Limited Constitutional Federal Government, States' Rights', Resistance to Tyranny, and Christian Values and Principles. But Northern Socialist liberals have for the past 150 years berated, disparaged, and condemned the CSA and its symbols and through their propaganda have indoctrinated many Americans to believe that they represent racism, bigotry, and a painful reminder of slavery. The U.S. flag, the Stars and Stripes, is the official flag of the KKK and it flew over slave ships and the genocide and near extermination of the Native American Indians but it gets a complete pass. The two flags are not held to the same level of accountability.

     Robert E. Lee had to make a decision in 1861. Defend the Constitution or defend the Union? He made the correct decision to defend the Constitution. This makes him an American hero--not a traitor as claimed by some who do not understand the ideas and concepts of government as established by America’s founding fathers.  America was founded as a Constitutional Federal Republic composed of a Limited Federal Government and Sovereign States. In 1861 the Federal Government of America was taken over by Northern politicians, industrialists, Socialists, Communists, Atheists, radicals, zealots, fanatics, and hypocrites who were driven by greed, power, corruption and a burning desire to establish Socialism in America. They had a blatant disregard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights when it stood in the way of profit, power and total control of America by the Northern states.

    Former Confederate General Robert E. Lee stated in 1866 "All the South has ever desired was that the union, as established by our forefathers, should be preserved; and that the government, as originally organized, should be administered in purity and truth."

    Campaigns all across America have resulted in removing or suppressing Confederate symbols.  The Confederacy has been the victim of one of America’s most successful smear campaigns. Certainly, part is due to the old truism "the victors write the history" and much is due to heightened racial sensitivities in our current era, in which the Confederacy, which lasted 4 years, is seen as the principal villain in North American slavery, an institution which lasted more than 200 years in both North and South. 

     There are more profound reasons for the extreme contempt heaped on the Confederacy.  The dominant interpreters of American history have transferred slavery, disunion, and states rights to the Confederacy to purify and transform America into a modern and progressive social democracy.  Their efforts are only successful if one accepts the superficial view of history presented by the all pervasive supporters of the current American regime. 

     Much of the great intellectual foundation of the early Republic, such as the Federalist Papers and their anti-federalist counterparts, the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, and the writings of John C. Calhoun (Disquisition on Government and Discourse on the Constitution and Government) are ignored in flagrant omission. 

    Why argue the Confederate cause 150 years after surrender? Why are Confederate principles and values important to the preservation of American liberty? Constitutional issues surrounding the secession of the Southern states; Lincoln’s destructive and brutal suppression of secession; criminal, corrupt, and immoral reconstruction policies; and post 1865 constitutional amendments are fundamental to understanding the erosion of liberty and expansion of Federal power.

     The other facet is the Lincoln myth. The metamorphosis of a shrewd partisan operative into a national demigod sanctified violation of the constitution as acceptable. If the great and good Abe Lincoln did it, it must be right. Former New York governor Mario Cuomo defended an unconstitutional act by referring to Lincoln’s expedient violations of the constitution. If Lincoln’s gross violations of the constitution are justified, that gives a pass to later presidents, congress, and federal courts to do the same.    

    If Lincoln and the Union cause in the War for Southern Independence (Civil War) are axiomatically right, then all arguments for Limited Federal Government and strict adherence to the Constitution and Bill of Rights will eventually fail. Those who believe that the constitutional compact of limited government is the essential characteristic of American liberty realize that freedom is not guaranteed by a taxing, regulating, and war-mongering government.  A vigorous defense of the Confederate cause as among the purest expressions of true American liberty and patriotism is essential. The founding fathers saw the constitution as a contract between the states, not a sacred blood oath binding one to obedience to a national regime. Modern day liberals and conservatives both promote the use of federal force and confiscation to achieve their goals. 

     Subsequent history has shown that our Confederate ancestors were right; the modern central government is a swollen monstrosity, with its tentacles grasping into every aspect of our lives. The constitutionally limited government of the Founding Fathers died at Appomattox Virginia on April 9, 1865. Abraham Lincoln broke the original Constitution and Bill of Rights and changed America from a Republic to a Socialist Democracy. Day by day America is becoming a Socialist police state.

Article by JWK

Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp Commander

Albany Georgia

Friday, June 26, 2015

Cedar Posts on Chief Monroe's Retirement

At lot of insight can be gained by how a man interacts with those he leads, the best leaders lead by example.


My grandfather was being shown around a new plant he was hired to run, when he asked about the older man pushing a broom. The young manager who was trying to impress his new boss explained "That's just Ben, he's nobody."


But my grandfather had noticed that Ben was pushing that broom with a glove on his left hand, but his right hand glove was tucked into his pocket.


My grandfather interrupted the young manager, walked over to the man, introduced himself and shook the laborer's hand. 


It was pretty clear to my grandfather that Ben just wanted to shake the new boss man's hand and he wanted to be ready if he came by. 


Truth is, Ben had worked at the plant for years and knew everything about the plant. Six months later he would save the jobs of nearly 500 of men by knowing how to bypass a broken standpipe valve during a fire that had started in a supply room. 


70 years later Rodney Monroe during his first few weeks on the job, walked past a CMPD sergeant. 


On the sleeve of the sergeant's deep blue uniform, seven service bars. Each representing five years of service on the streets of Charlotte, 35 years in total. The new chief glanced at the sergeant’s service stripes, the silver bar with his name and 1972 stamped on it and kept on walking. Not even bothering to saying hello.


Not surprisingly the first principle they teach at the United States Marine Corps Officer School is "lead by example".


The only time I’ve ever seen Chief Monroe lead by example was at the buffet line. I’m pretty sure the Marine Corps would frown on that, since I’ve never seen a Marine Officer eat before his men did. Four star general or otherwise.


Let's hope Chief Monroe enjoys his retirement. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Confederate Flag Flown Proudly Over North Carolina's Capitol

Few people notice that the flag of the Confederate States of America flies atop the North Carolina State Capitol three times a year. 

Flag Day is one of three days when flags of the Confederacy fly from the top of the Capitol (Robert E. Lee Day and Confederate Memorial Day being the other two). 

Initially established by proclamation in 1987 by Governor James G. Martin, Confederate Flag Day has been continually observed since 1988 at the State Capitol in same House of Representatives chamber where on May 20, 1861, North Carolina voted unanimously to leave the Federal union and associate with the Confederacy. 

The flag chosen is not the St. Andrews Cross embraced by white supremists and neo nazis, rather the stars and bars or as known by some as the seven sisters representing the first seven states to secede from the union.

The calls for removal of the Confederate Battle Flag are well understood, but the rush to remove all vestiges of the Confederacy are misguided. The end of the civil war began a period reconstruction and reconciliation. Monuments were erected memorials made on both sides, a divided nation set aside their egos.

No trials were held, not one CSA general was executed, the war was simply over.  In fact while Jefferson Davis was held as prisoner he was never charged and released. 

There are competing memorials to both sides across the nation. More Union than Confederate up North with the reverse being true in the South. 

It would be wrong to remove just the Confederate memorials and pay homage to Union Generals like Sherman who committed acts that today would find him on trial for war crimes.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Praise For Rodney Flows Like Untreated Sewage Into A CMUD Waste Treatment Plant

By the time you finish reading this massive scrum of bukkshit you'll want to take a long hot shower. You've been warned. 

LINES OF DUTY Rodney Monroe

When a white CMPD officer shot and killed an unarmed black man two years ago, there were no riots here. Why not? The answer starts with the retiring police chief


Chief Rodney Monroe plans to retire July 1, after running CMPD for seven years.

Chief Rodney Monroe plans to retire July 1, after running CMPD for seven years.


THE HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION began in the driveway of the Bradfield Farms neighborhood pool. A young man’s body was riddled with 10 bullets—eight gunshot wounds in his chest, another in his abdomen, and the tenth in his upper left biceps. His wrists were handcuffed behind his back.

At 3:05 a.m. on September 14, 2013, a paramedic pronounced the man dead. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe was at the scene.

Monroe spoke to the Charlotte City Council last December about a proposed anti-racial profiling ordinance.

He had driven to this suburban community on Reedy Creek Road east of uptown to watch the investigation unfold, just as he does for nearly every homicide in Charlotte. He wanted to observe his detectives and crime scene technicians as they collected evidence and interviewed witnesses. He wanted to see what they saw, hear what they heard. “I’m looking and listening to everything,” he says of his strategy in such cases.

As the medical examiner would later note, the victim in this case was a strong, muscular young man. His name was Jonathan Ferrell, and he was a 24-year-old former college football player. At the time of his death, he was six feet tall and weighed 225 pounds.

CMPD has been hosting monthly forums designed to address conflicts between black citizens and police.

Woods framed the driveway where he died. The entrance to the Bradfield Farms pool is at the bottom of a hill, which is also surrounded by woods. In the darkness of the early morning, Ferrell had drifted off the road and into those woods and crashed his fiancĂ©e’s car. He had kicked his way out of the wrecked Toyota Camry and walked to a neighboring house to seek help, his family would later allege in court documents. That journey would lead to his death.

Monroe focused on the crime scene in front of him. When homicide investigators finished gathering evidence, he returned to police headquarters. He spoke to his detectives. He reviewed the witness statements. And less than 18 hours after Ferrell died, a warrant was issued to arrest the man who killed him.

This is how Monroe handles homicides. This incident was no different from his normal routine, he says. Except this time, the man his officers arrested was one of their own.

Continued adnausium here: http://www.charlottemagazine.com/Charlotte-Magazine/July-2015/Lines-of-Duty-Chief-Rodney-Monroe/

HLN Anchor Robin Meade Finds New Low Trying To Attract Viewers

Robin Meade's workout routine has paid off nicely, the new sleeker Robin has firmed up and toned up and in the process of dropping a couple of dress sizes she has also become tone deaf.

This morning while posed in front of a wide screen video of the Confederate Battle Flag flying over the South Carolina statehouse circa 1990, Meade starts yapping about how "pressure continues to mount to remove the southern symbol of hate from atop the South Carolina State Capitol".   

The #TakeDownTheFlag hash tag is displayed on the screen adding more nonsensical hype to the image of the 3 flags from decades ago. 

Since Meade's 30 minute show Morning Express is on a loop, the same lie is repeated over and over every 30 minutes all morning long.

We live in a time were the news media is no longer reporting facts of who, what, where, why but rather "look as this shit", you should be upset, or appalled or "look at this sad story" or this tearjerker engagement. 

Come on Robin just the facts ma'am just the facts!

Cedar's Take: Anyone watching Nikki Haley announce her demand to remove the Battle Flag from the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse, notice two things. Frustrating she looks really good in her $2,000.00 St John's suits and second she looked really uncomfortable when her announcement was met with rancorous applause. 

Haley understands two things, regardless of what side of the flag debate you are on, the fact that it took the murder of 9 innocent lives in a church makes the remove of the confederate flag from the statehouse grounds nothing to cheer about. And that the flag did not cause this act of violence nor will the removal of this flag prevent this sort of violence in the future.

Meade on the other hand remains totaly clueless.