Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Odds and Ends

'Shut The Hell Up A Florida woman posted a photo of (presumably) her chocolate Labador Retriever with its mouth taped shut.

The result was predictable. A firestorm followed and the image went viral within hours. Police finally tracked the woman down. No word on any charges but the national shaming continues.
My two Labs only bark for food, water or when they have to go to bathroom and when the UPS truck starts down the street, deer show up in the yard, garbage truck, neighbors, wind, international Space station overhead.....

Bottom line Labs bark it is a purely joyous sound I would have it any other way. So if you don't like barking get a cat.

Carolina Panthers fans wake up this Monday morning being the "only" undefeated NFL team and the sobering reminder that "All Glory Is Fleeting" after a late night thriller played out in Denver. 

If Carolina could only get Cam Newton to tone it down a notch.

Please Sir I Want Some More It's that time of year when Celebrities, Sports Figures and Presidents show up for carefully crafted photo ops, while slopping out gruel at some local homeless shelter. 

But are these "staged" well scripted events really community service? Hell no! If Cam Newton wants to serve the public try bell ringing!

Take a four hour shift in front of Walmart ringing a bell for the Salvation Army's Red Kettle drive. Pick the coldest rainiest night and ring the bell til your ears echo, til your feet are numb and say Merry Christmas a thousand times. 

That's community service. 

These staged acts of kindness are such amature displays I'm always shocked at how the press "eats it up.

Christmas Decoratations need not be elaborate or expensive to convey the meaning or the emotion of the season.

The Cedar Niece took this photo last night before the rains came. Her idea of decorating "the barn" for Christmas. 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Idiots Among Us - WBTV Tweets Then Airs Year Old Story As Breaking News

By some crazy faux paw WBTV went crazy on Thursday about a video showing black lives matter protesters storming a New York Macy's department store.

First they tweeted the "breaking news" video then aired the story and the video.

Only trouble is the video and the news was from last Thanksgiving. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Colorado Active Shooter Scene Twitter Feed

11:38 a.m.

An active shooter was reported at 11:38 a.m., police said. The first 911 call came from the Planned Parenthood health center on Centennial Boulevard.

    11:45 a.m.

    Gunshots were heard in Sally Beauty Supply, which is near the Planned Parenthood clinic, employee Sydney Downey, 20, told The Washington Post.

    “A lot of gunshots,” Downey said, “like too many to even count.”

      12:57 p.m.

      Colorado Springs police tweet that there is an active shooter and the area is not secure, warning media not to set up shop nearby.

        Around 1:25 p.m.

        Shoppers in the area are instructed to shelter in place, local media report.

          Around 1:28 p.m.

          Colorado Springs police officer tells assembled media that three officers were injured.

            Around 1:34 p.m.

            Mobile command center arrives.

              Around 1:36 p.m.

              A different officer tells assembled reporters that "an unknown number" of civilians were also injured and the shooter's location was not yet confirmed.

              "It is very active and we are working our way through it," said Lt. Catherine Buckley.

                Around 1:50 p.m.

                Local news reports that two patients were loaded into ambulances.

                  Around 3:08 p.m.

                  Officer loaded onto stretcher in view of news cameras.

                    3:14 p.m.

                    Colorado Springs police announce on Twitter that officers "are encountering gunfire."

                      3:40 p.m.

                      Penrose Hospital, located just a few miles away, confirms online that it has received a total of five patients from the scene.

                        Around 4:10 p.m.

                        Lt. Buckley provides an update to reporters, noting that shots were only recently fired, who brought unknown items into the building with him.

                        "At this point this is still an active scene," she said. "We have been in contact with a suspect inside the building."

                        Buckley notes that a fifth officer may also be injured, alongside "numerous" civilians. Police have not yet identified the suspect, she says.

                          4:18 p.m.

                          Penrose Hospital updates that total to six patients from the scene.

                            Around 4:59 p.m.

                            Several local journalists and Colorado Springs mayor report that the shooter has been detained.

                            Tuesday, November 24, 2015

                            2 Thugs Charged With Killing Amanda Blackburm

                            Larry Taylor, 18, and Jalen Waston, 21 are charged with murder in the death of Pastor's wife Amanda Blackburn. 

                            No doubt the death penalty will be sought. 


                            Sad details are here:

                            Cedars Take

                            Is anyone really surprised that they are African Americans? 

                            Friday, November 20, 2015

                            Former Independence Football Coach Tommy Knotts Honored By The Panthers

                            In case you missed it:

                            IRMO, SC (WACH) - The Carolina Panthers have named Tom Knotts as their High School Coach of the Week. 

                            Knotts took over the Dutch Fork program in 2010 and has won four regional titles and won a state championship in 2013. 

                            "Coach Knotts' passion for the game goes far past motivating his players to win and perform on the field," said Leah Hardy. 

                            "It's nice for a professional football organization like the Panthers to take an interest in high school football," said Knotts. 

                            Knotts and the other High School Coach of the Week winners will be honored at half time of the Falcons at Panthers game December 13. 

                            The Dutch Fork athletic program also received a $1,000 donation from Carolina Panthers Charities.

                            Cedar's Take: Many of you will remember Coach Knotts days at Independence High School and the epic football program he built. A program that was ultimately killed by CMS and politics. On a personal note Knotts lived across the street from me in Charlotte's Elizabeth neighborhood and Ms Cedar an Indy grad was once married to Knotts' assistant coach. (It's a long and sordid story) We both hated what CMS did to Tommy. 

                            It's good to see his efforts being recognized. 

                            Thursday, November 19, 2015

                            Vet Attacked By Active Duty Marines For Being A Poser

                            Then there is this from WSOC:

                            CHARLOTTE, N.C. — 

                            A Vietnam veteran and two-time recipient of the Purple Heart said he was attacked Saturday at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. 

                            Jack Hughes, 66, said when he came home from battle in the 1960s, people threw rotten eggs at his uniform.

                            Vietnam was an unpopular war and he expected that back then.
                            He said he didn't expect to be assaulted by other Marines when he arrived Saturday.
                            Hughes, who lives in Gastonia, put on the jacket he wore Saturday with his medals and ribbons.

                            He cries thinking about the feeling he had when he said Marines at the Charlotte airport accused him of pretending to be a veteran.

                            "I just can't believe that one veteran or group of veterans would do that to somebody else,” Hughes said.

                            He said as he got off the plane from a Veterans Day event in St. Louis, another man, claiming to be a Marine himself, walked towards him yelling.

                            "Your ribbons are crooked. You’re a fake.  You are a phony," Hughes said the man shouted.

                            Hughes said he tried to explain that he earned two Purple Hearts in battle in Vietnam.
                            He showed Channel 9 a picture he said was of an officer presenting one of the medals in a hospital and telegrams to his parents, informing them that Hughes had been wounded in battle.
                            He said another man at the airport Saturday tried to rip off his ribbons.

                            Hughes said the man said to him, "I'm an active duty Marine.' And he just ripped the buttons right off."

                            He said the men were recording the encounter and taunting him with people watching.

                            He showed Channel 9 his VA health care card, but they insisted he was faking.
                            "I gave everything I had, for them to degrade it that way,” Hughes said.

                            Hughes said police finally intervened. He wanted the man who he said assaulted him arrested, but officers told Channel 9 it was a simple assault, which is a misdemeanor.
                            The officer made the other man apologize.

                            Hughes said that's not enough. He wants to make sure this doesn't happen to any other veterans.

                            Cedar's Take: Something Midshipmen at the Naval Academy learn right away is "Eyes In The Boat" the phrase lends itself to more than just sailing or rowing in an 8 man crew. 

                            Public shaming of stolen valor idiots has become almost a daily event on Facebook so it's not surprising this would show up in airports. But doing so is not a Marine's duty, as any Marine Officer can tell you lead by example is a life long commitment.

                            Hughes deserved nothing more than a salute. If the active duty Marine didn't like his ribbon rack he had two choices, offer to help correct the error or simply keep his eyes in the boat and drive on.