Monday, April 20, 2015

NC Death Row Inmate Requests A Kitten For Her Last Meal

Got to love the Internet, 14,000 likes already, as if it was true.

Serial husband killer and North Carolina death row inmate, Blanche Taylor Moore, requested this weekend that her last meal be a kitten — a live kitten.


The prison administration is required to accept all last meal demands of any kind. Thus, they will obtain a kitten from a local animal shelter or pet shop.

A prison official with the North Carolina Department of Corrections said Moore used to eat kittens as a girl and wants to eat one last kitty before she is executed.

Moore will be allowed to kill the kitten herself and consume it raw; however, to prevent self-harm or harm to officers, she will not be allowed any butchering knives so she will need to kill the kitten by hand.

CMPD Officer Wes Kerrick's Attorneys File Several Motions


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - With a July 20 criminal trial date rapidly approaching, CMPD Officer Wes Kerrick's attorneys filed multiple motions Friday, including a "not guilty" plea in the 2013 shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell. George Laughrun and Michael Greene also filed a motion to dismiss the voluntary manslaughter charge their client faces, saying the state had no grounds to re-submit an indictment to a second grand jury after the first grand jury declined to indict the officer. 

The attorneys also cited unusually high publicity in this case as grounds for a change of venue and moving the trial out of Mecklenburg County, as well as permission to question potential jurors privately, permission to take the jury to the crime scene, prevent the state from referring to Ferrell as "victim" and sequester witnesses.    One of the most detailed documents is the eight-page motion for change of venue. It outlines what Kerrick says happened that night on September 14, including that Ferrell never told officers he needed help or had been in a car accident, disobeyed multiple orders to stop advancing and get on the ground. Kerrick says he fired the first bullet after Ferrell sprinted toward him, was within arm's reach and reached toward his own waistband. After that shot, Kerrick says he and Ferrell fell to the ground in a ditch and fought, with Ferrell on top of Kerrick.   Kerrick says Ferrell punched him in the face and grabbed his service weapon. Then, Kerrick fired his gun "several times," until he says he could get from underneath Ferrell and stop him from advancing.   Kerrick fired 12 shots that night. 10 hit Ferrell. Kerrick remains on unpaid leave with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department as this case moves through the court system.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Masters Lifetime Exemption Not So Lifetime

We see The Masters as the quintessential display of Southernness, kind, genteel and compassionate. The holy grail of golf courses, Augusta National, represents everything to golf, and about golf.

But behind the scenes, things get a little snobby at the Augsta National Golf Club, as illustrated by this letter, apparently sent to 1967 Masters Champion the late Gay Brewer after a rather ugly exit during the 2001 Masters.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

When Cops Go Rogue or Is It Something More?

Not a whole lot to say about this expect that it was clearly a bad shoot. 

Hard to say what was going through this officer's mind when the perp made a run for it. Willie (Walter Scott) wasn't very fast to begin with, easy to spot (fat black guy green tshirt missing a shoe), the middle of the day, no weapons, no warrants beyond a child support bench warrant, so what was the point of shooting him?

It doesn't look like there was any rage, he just mater of factly shot the guy. Forget the racism bull shit. There is no indication that this officer was a nego hating racist. Just a guy who mad a bad choice. 

But why? 

My thought is lack of training. Major lack of training.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Killingsworth Pest Control Under Fire For Telling Employees To Run Over Stray Dogs

It didn't take long for word that Killingsworth Enviormental's President Mike Rogers, had told his employees to run over the "damn dog" rather than having an accident trying to avoid a dog in the road.

And it didn't take long for that "oh boy" moment to sink in, and Mike Rogers to post an apology on the company FaceBook page.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

NC Gay Mayors Sound The Alarm (Think Obnoxious Chick Fil A Commercial)

North Carolina's alphabet crowd (LGBTQ) has recruited the state's four openly gay mayors (The NCOGMC (North Carolina Openly Gay Mayors Club)) to write a joint letter (below) to governor Pat McCrory. 

Their effort to create controversy where there is none and suggesting a threat of economic boycott where there is none should not be lost on North Carolina's citizens. 

While activism is generally a good thing one has to question how these elected officials have so much free time on their hands as to concern themselves with pretend crisis as well as pemote needless laws and regulations.  

The last thing North Carolina's small business owners need is another regulation that dictates how they conduct their business or who they conduct their business with. 

Dear Governor McCrory,

LGBTQ people are represented in all walks of life in every corner of North Carolina, as business owners, teachers, parents, people of faith, and even as mayors. As North Carolina’s openly gay mayors, we write to thank you for your leadership in opposing SB 2 (Magistrate Refusal) and HR 348 (RFRA) in their current forms. Our community was heartened by your comments that RFRA laws “make no sense” and your reaffirmation that government officials have a duty to carry out their constitutional oaths. To echo former Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona, a conservative Republican who vetoed similar RFRA legislation last year, we believe the values of religious liberty and nondiscrimination to be core values of our state.

The State of Indiana has faced swift and costly backlash for its RFRA legislation. Tech giants Apple, Salesforce, and Angie’s List, as well as organizations like NASCAR and the NCAA are pulling or reconsidering tens of millions of dollars’ worth of investments there. The social implications of these laws are bad enough. North Carolina cannot afford adding a new level of economic uncertainty as workers struggle to get back on their feet after a long recession. We ask you to stand strong and commit to vetoing SB 2 and HR 348 should they reach your desk in any form.

Further, we ask you to join the growing bipartisan support for pro-equality legislation. In 2011, your Republican colleague, Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada signed an ideal set of laws protecting against discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. This year, Governor Gary Herbert of Utah signed anti-discrimination protections with the support of the Mormon Church as well as activist groups. LGTBQ people in North Carolina need your leadership and support to end legal discrimination in our state.

We share your concern that laws like Magistrate Refusal and RFRA are disturbing attempts to deny rights to citizens granted under the United States Constitution. Similarly, we believe a commitment to securing full citizenship rights for all requires that we respond to and act in support of the transgender community who add greatly to the wealth of experience in North Carolina; to that end, we commit to being a resource to help you connect with and learn more about the struggles of the transgender community.

We hope that as we move forward, we can count on you to be a leader for a vision of a North Carolina where all can live, work, play, and pray in peace. That requires an end to discrimination in public and private employment, housing, and public accommodations, as well as safe and affirming public schools. We would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss that vision with you at a time and place of your choosing.

Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt
Chapel Hill
Mayor Lydia Lavelle
Mayor Elic Senter
Mayor Nick Breedlove