Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday's Musical Interlude - Jimmy Buffett Live in Anguilla

As summer is fleeting, the snow birds begin chatter of where to head this year. Jimmy Buffett's 2011 video is one of our best sales pitches. So what are you waiting for? Head to the islands this winter! We'll see you on the docks!

Watch for one of our friends (Jim) sporting our "Southern Comfort" t-shirt.

Cedar Notes: Best part is watching the crowd grow from impromptu beach side concert to full blown Parrot Head gathering on "One Particular Harbor" at 11:00.

The back story is that this benefit concert is invitation only with tickets shipped stateside weeks in advance. To score a ticket to this event is a Parrot Head's dream.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

L Jinny Totally Radioactive

Elite British and US special forces troops are forming a hunter killer unit called Task Force Black – its orders: “Smash the Islamic State.”

The Task Force Black will aim to “cut the head off the snake” by hitting the command structure of the Islamist terror group responsible for a trail of atrocities across Iraq and Syria, reports the Sunday People.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has told the SAS and UK spy agencies to direct all their resources at defeating IS after a video of US journalist James Foley being beheaded shocked the world.

British special forces will work with America’s Delta Force and Seal Teams. The move sees a rebirth of top secret Task Force Black, which helped defeat al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq .

This time the counter-terrorist experts will be targeting Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of IS and now the world’s most wanted terrorist.

A source said: “We need to go into Syria and Iraq and kill as many IS members as we can. You can’t negotiate with these people.

“This is not a war of choice. They are cash rich and have a plentiful supply of arms. If we don’t go after them, they will soon come after us."

“And it will be like nothing the West has ever had to confront before.”

The new task force will comprise a squadron of the SAS, special forces aircrews from the RAF and agents from MI5 and MI6.

The operation will be led by America’s CIA spy agency.

One of the first jobs will be to go after the British Muslim shown on an IS video released last week cutting James Foley’s head off with a knife.

UK intelligence sources confirmed that the killer, believed to be British-born Pakistani Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, aka L Jinny from London, is already at the top of a CIA “kill list”.

Bary, sometimes called Britain's "hip-hop jihadist," has a handful of rap videos on YouTube.
But last year, he reportedly left his affluent family home in west London to join the Sunni militant group ISIS in Syria.
​Since then, he has been a subject of fascination for the British media with stories following his Syrian exploits appearing in The Sun and the Daily Mail.
The Mail put up a story earlier this month showing a man identified as Bary posing with a severed head in Syria. Late last December, the Mail posted another photo apparently showing him holding an assault rifle.
Cedar's Take: Dead Man Walking, it is one thing to be on the FBI's most wanted or Interpol's world wide arrest list, but being the number one target of Task Force Black makes L. Jinny totally radio active. ISIS would be wise to just hand him over, not that that will stop what's coming.
The finger pointing will continue, but Obama's foreign policy is a disaster our intelligence agencies a dismal failure. The message to the President, there are no mulligans when it comes to the Middle East.  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

According to Brown Moses This Is Where James Foley Was Murdered

From The UK Telegraph's Josie Ensor
British expert believes he has pinpointed the exact location American journalist James Foley was beheaded by an Islamic State fighter in Syria.
Eliot Higgins, a Leicester-based video and photo analyst who specialises in Syria, has methodically analysed the five-minute video of the beheading of the 40-year-old reporter and believes he has identified where the murder took place.

Mr Higgins’ findings could provide a breakthrough as to the group's whereabouts and the identity of Mr Foley's killer.

First he blackened out the figures in the footage in order to analyse the barren landscape.

It is a hilly, featureless terrain which gives away few clues, but in the distance it is possible to make out a green plain below the hills. Mr Higgins compared this to the below map of Raqqa in northern Syria - the “capital” and heart of the new Islamic State - where you can see the city, surrounded by green plains, with more hills to the south. Having analysed all areas of Syria under Isil control, he found no other locations which fit the geography.

Mr Higgins, who uses the pseudonym Brown Moses online, then looked at the position of the shadows, which he says suggests the video was filmed in the morning, with the camera pointing northwards. It then seemed reasonable to start looking at the hills to the south of Raqqa for a possible location.
Looking for other clues, he pointed to an area of raised ground, circled in red in the below image.


He then turned to another point of interest. There is a visible edge of a track, which he circled in green, leading to a break in the rocks, which he circled in purple, which is also visible in the picture.

He then focused his attention on the tracks and comparing the landscape with satellite images of the hills south of Raqqa. The below images show the track entrance to the area, and you can see in the satellite map images the rock outcrop would be partly covering the entryway, as it does in the video.

Then he suggested the same configuration of trees can be seen in the video and in this satellite image taken south of Raqqa:

Putting all this together and having reviewed all locations along the hills south of Raqqa, he pinpoints the exact co-ordinates of where he believes Mr Foley was killed - 35.88219, 39.03617.
He concluded it is the only location which fits with what little information is available in the video and he believes the Islamic State chose the most isolated spot on the hill to carry out the murder.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

An Open Letter to Captain Ronald S. Johnson

The following is a letter from Chief Ed Delmore:

August 18, 2014

Captain Johnson,

I have to call you out.

I don’t care what the media says. I expect them to get it wrong and they often do. But I expect you as a veteran law enforcement commander—talking about law enforcement—to get it right.

Unfortunately, you blew it. After days of rioting and looting, last Thursday you were given command of all law enforcement operations in Ferguson by Governor Jay Nixon. St. Louis County PD was out, you were in. You played to the cameras, walked with the protestors and promised a kinder, gentler response. You were a media darling. And Thursday night things were better, much better.

But Friday, under significant pressure to do so, the Ferguson Police released the name of the officer involved in the shooting of Michael Brown. At the same time the Ferguson Police Chief released a video showing Brown committing a strong-arm robbery just 10 minutes before he was confronted by Officer Darren Wilson.
Many don’t like the timing of the release of the video. I don’t like that timing either. It should have been released sooner. It should have been released the moment FPD realized that Brown was the suspect.
Captain Johnson, your words during the day on Friday helped to fuel the anger that was still churning just below the surface. St. Louis County Police were told to remain uninvolved and that night the rioting and looting began again. For much too long it went on mostly unchecked. Retired St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch tweeted that your “hug-a-looter” policy had failed.
Boy did it.
And your words contributed to what happened Friday night and on into the wee hours of Saturday.
According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, you said the following regarding the release of the video: “There was no need to release it,” Johnson said calling the reported theft and the killing entirely different events.
Well Captain, this veteran police officer feels the need to respond. What you said is, in common police vernacular—bullshit. The fact that Brown knew he had just committed a robbery before he was stopped by Officer Wilson speaks to Brown’s mindset. And Captain, the mindset of a person being stopped by a police officer means everything, and you know it.
Let’s consider a few examples:

On February 15, 1978 Pensacola Police Officer David Lee conducted a vehicle check. He didn’t know what the sole occupant of the vehicle had recently done, but the occupant did. Who was he? Serial killer Ted Bundy. Bundy attempted to disarm Lee. Lee was able to retain his firearm and eventually took Bundy into custody.
On April 19, 1995 Oklahoma State Trooper Charlie Hangar stopped a vehicle for minor traffic violations. He didn’t know that 90 minutes earlier the traffic violator, Timothy McVeigh, killed 168 people with a truck bomb at the Murrah Federal Building. But McVeigh sure knew it, didn’t he? Fortunately, given his training and experience Hangar was able to take McVeigh into custody for carrying a concealed firearm. It was days later before it was determined that McVeigh was responsible for the bombing.
On May 31, 2003 then-rookie North Carolina police officer, Jeff Postell, arrested a man digging in a trash bin on a grocery store parking lot—an infraction that would rise to about the level of jaywalking. Postell didn’t know that he had just captured Eric Rudolph, the man whom years earlier had killed and injured numerous people with bombs and was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list.
So now, let’s consider Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson’s stop of Michael Brown. Apparently Wilson didn’t know that Brown had just committed a strong-arm robbery. 

But Brown did! And that Captain, is huge.

Allegedly, Brown pushed Wilson and attempted to take Wilson’s gun. We’re also being told that Officer Wilson has facial injuries suffered during the attempt by Brown to disarm him. Let’s assume for a moment those alleged acts by Brown actually occurred. Would Brown have responded violently to an officer confronting him about jaywalking? Maybe, but probably not.
Is it more likely that he would attack an officer believing that he was about to be taken into custody for a felony strong-arm robbery? Absolutely.
Officer Wilson survived the encounter with Brown as did Lee, Hangar, and Postell. Michael Brown didn’t survive and it’s too soon to say if Officer Wilson’s use of deadly force was justified and legal. You and I both know that not all officers survive such confrontations. Officers die in incidents like this Captain Johnson, including a couple that I remember from your own organization:
On April 15, 1985 Missouri Trooper Jimmie Linegar was shot and killed by a white supremacist he and his partner stopped at a checkpoint; neither Trooper Linegar nor his partner were aware that the man they had stopped had just been indicted by a federal grand jury for involvement in a neo-Nazi group accused of murder. The suspect immediately exited the vehicle and opened fire on him with an automatic weapon.
Just a month before, Missouri Trooper James M. Froemsdorf was shot and killed—with his own gun—after making a traffic stop. When the Trooper made that stop he didn’t know that the driver was wanted on four warrants out of Texas—But again the suspect knew it.
So Captain Johnson, I guess the mindset and recently committed crimes of the suspects that murdered those Missouri Troopers didn’t mean anything. The stops by the Troopers, as you have said, are entirely different events right?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Intercept Reporters Dressed As Ninjas While Covering Ferguson Riots

File this under crazy shit. No doubt you've heard that some of the protesters arrested last night during the continued Ferguson riots have come from as far away as New York.

Well, that would be these two guys dressed like amateur ninjas wearing all black. Later indentified as Ryan Deveraux on the payroll of "The Intercept" and Lukas Hermeier reporter for the German newspaper De Bild, The-Intercept" is an on line publication launched in February 2014 by First Look Media, the news organization created and funded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar

Hermeier (Left) and Deveraux (Right) Photo: David Carson/St Louis Post Dispatch/Polaris
Deveraux Explaining how to turn off his recorder Photo: David Carson/St Louis Post Dispatch/Polaris
They are I suppose, "journalists" (albeit fringe journalists aka hacktivists) but after being shot with bean bags and/or rubber bullets, hit with Mace and tear gas they got a nice 12 hour stay at the St Louis County Hilton, maybe they'll rethink their operational tactics.

I guess it's a living.

CP contacted both the Intercept and then Ryan Deveraux via Twitter asking about the All Black apparel, but received back only crickets. I'd guess the if they had t-shirts that said PRESS they might have spent the night at Motel 6 rather than jail. But that wouldn't be much of a story, now would it.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Michael "Big Mike" Brown Autospy The Truth Begins To Emerge

Mike Brown's momma wants you to believe her son was a good boy. The attorney Benjamin L. Crump who climbed on the Mike Brown glory wagon representing the family, wants you to think the 292 pound 6' 6" 18 year old was executed in broad daylight.

Witnesses want you to believe Mike Brown had his hands up and was shot in the back. Protesters have carried the slogan "Hands Up Don't Shoot" into the streets and facebook and twitter are littered with images of African Americans in T-shirts sporting the slogan and carrying signs with the same message.

But as a pattern of Mike Brown's behavior and life in Ferguson emerges it seems Big Mike was just a thug.

There are the facebook photos where Big Mike is flashing gang signs. There is the "strong arm" robbery of the Ferguson Market and Liquor store. The owner of the business so fearful of the local "thugs" that he wouldn't call the police.

There is also the long standing distrust of the Ferguson Police Department, and a culture of violence and "thug life" that the African American community of Ferguson has embraced. This is not all Big Mike's fault, it is hard to escape the culture of "kill the police" and "Fuck the Po Po" which is carried from generation to generation. But it is also this culture that finds young black men laid out on the pavement with most of the grey matter of their brains dislodged from their skull.

The Autopsy

The Brown family via attorney Crump asked Dr. Michael M. Baden, the former chief medical examiner for the City of New York, to conduct the separate autopsy. Dr. Baden provided a diagram of the entry wounds, and noted that the six shots produced numerous wounds. Some of the bullets entered and exited several times, including one that left at least five different wounds.
During a press conference Dr. Baden noted “This one here looks like his head was bent downward,” he said, indicating the wound at the very top of Mr. Brown’s head. “It can be because he’s giving up, or because he’s charging forward at the officer.”
One of the bullets shattered Mr. Brown’s right eye, traveled through his face, exited his jaw and re-entered his collarbone.
The last two shots in the head would have stopped him in his tracks and were likely the last fired.
Mr. Brown, he said, would not have survived the shooting even if he had been taken to a hospital right away. The autopsy indicated that he was otherwise healthy.

But attorney Crump at Dr. Baden's side quickly added: “The sheer number of bullets and the way they were scattered all over his body showed this police officer had a brazen disregard for the very people he was supposed to protect in that community,”

Then adding: “We want to make sure people understand what this case is about: This case is about a police officer executing a young unarmed man in broad daylight.”

Dr. Baden conducted the autopsy at no charge though Crump paid for his airfare and lodging.

Cedar Update 2:57 PM:

The St. Louis County ME released a preliminary report stating much the same facts, adding the Mike Brown had substantial amount of THC in his blood which would be indicative of recently smoking pot. It was also noted that Brown may or may not have had his hands raised.

Cedar Update 3:39 PM:

One of the first videos showing the lifeless Mike Brown seems to support the idea that Big Mike was gunned down in cold blood. But also on the video is an eyewitness account where a man says:

"Then the next thing I know he doubled back toward him cus - the police had his gun drawn already on him –

@6:28/6:29 of video

#1 How’d he get from there to there?

#2 Because he ran, the police was still in the truck – cause he was like over the truck


#2 But him and the police was both in the truck, then he ran – the police got out and ran after him


#2 Then the next thing I know he doubled back toward him cus - the police had his gun drawn already on him –

[there is dispute here whether he says "doubled back" or "coming back."]

#1. Oh, the police got his gun

#2 The police kept dumpin on him, and I’m thinking the police kept missing – he like – be like – but he kept coming toward him


#2 Police fired shots – the next thing I know – the police was missing

#1 The Police?

#2 The Police shot him

#1 Police?

#2 The next thing I know … I’m thinking … the dude started running … (garbled something about “he took it from him”)

The link to the video with captions is here

Cedar Posts Take: Police are trained to "stop the threat" there is no training to "shoot him in the leg" and see if he'll surrender or shoot twice and see what happens.

Mike Brown at some point in his life learned that his size was his weapon. I doubt the strong arm robbery of Ferguson Market and Liquor was his "first time" as the casual nature of the robbery suggests that he'd gotten away with it in the past.

When Ferguson Police Officer Wallace encountered Brown he likely spoke to him in a fashion that "Big Mike" considered disrespectful. Then "Big Mike" assaulted the Officer in his patrol car and attempted to grab the officer's weapon causing the weapon to discharge at which point "Big Mike" made a run for it.

The Officer then exited the car and ordered "Big Mike" to stop, instead "Big Mike" turned and taunted the officer and then ran towards the Officer. The Officer again ordered "Big Mike" to stop, when he didn't the Officer chose to use deadly force stopping the threat.

The first shots striking "Big Mike" in the arm and chest, dropping him to his knees, and the last two shots striking him in the head, killing him instantly.

The position of the body in the street gives weight to the suggestion that there was significant forward body motion at the time he was shot and the autopsy supports this theory.