Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Shake Up at CMPD

From the sound and intensity of the chatter it looks like CMPD Captain Jeffery Pless has been booted from the Hickory Grove Division and given the Watch Commanders Office.

In the world of Rodney Monroe the WC job is time out whenever the Chief says you have been a bad boy. The list of those given the WC assignment is of course long and distinguished.

Seems that Capt Pless pushed Deputy Chief Harold Medlock's button one too many times, and he may have had the same effect on Major Paul Zinkann. Both Zinkann and Medlock are a part of Monroe's inner circle. Widely known to all as extraordinary ______ kissers, they are the conduit from which Monroe's idiotic directives travel to rank and file.

Hickory Grove is one of CMPD's top divisions, one of the few places where morale is good and the team puts forth the effort everyday. Most of the officers and sergeants who work for Pless consider him top shelf.

Rumor has it that they will have to get used to the new boss the newly crowned Captain Chuck Henson. Expect a big push back from the rank and file over this promotion as Henson's baggage makes several stops in a Fuel Pizza sort of way.

Of course this is all just chatter and text messages so Cedar Posts doesn't claim any first hand knowledge after all I don't want to sit in the Watch Commanders Office.


Anonymous said...

You should get someone to send you the .pdf file that was sent out by HR for vacation hours for the year. There is only one name that has been blacked out...The chief's.

Anonymous said...

More unfounded racist BS from Cedar Postscript

Anonymous said...

Do you need any more proof as to why people don't try to stand up to the bullying, twisted, vindictive leadership at Cmpd?

People have been saying this for months and months.

But until it happens to a friend, you think it will never happen to you, that they really could not be that blatant, that petty, that childish. And use their rank to intimidate and carry out punitive revenge on people that would even dare to stand up to them.

They manufacture and lie to further their agenda.

And the chief allows,hell, maybe even encourages this form of "leadership" at Cmpd.

Are you listening, Rob? Get your dirty little spin
machine going on this one......I am sure you will try to besmirch this Captain's reputation.

The truth will prevail, and set one free... the only positive thing that will definitely come out of this shabby, slimy way of doing "business as usual" at

This man, this friend, does not deserve this kind of treatment at the end of a stellar career at Cmpd.

Yet this is how he is treated after devoting the better part of his life to serving the public and Cmpd, and caring about those men he was responsible for , for their safey and their success.

Nice work, Harold and Paul. People will remember this..

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I no longer work at Cmpd.

This is just the most over the top piece of bullshit in a long list of bullshit.

Harold truly thinks he is bulletproof.

His career at Cmpd has been less than distinguished.
Remember when he left the department to sell motorcycles? I can see why he wasn't successful at that.

Then he was welcomed back with his rank intact, and goodness only knows how he made DC.

He is known for his out of control temper tirades, red in the face rants, trying to "lead" people by screaming until he gets his way. Totally unwilling to tolerate differing views.
And finally for caring only about his own unexplainable career path over anything that is good for CMPD.

This latest inexcusable abuse is not even surprising anymore.

You have to wonder how he rationalizes this treatment of his subordinates??? Or he is so freaking far out of touch with the real world and no longer knows the meaning of respect, integrity, compassion, humility.

As was said, what more proof do you need as to why people don't stand up and tell the truth and be counted????

So glad I don't have to live with the stress anymore, I just feel bad for everyone still having to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

is there a promotion cermony sch. this week?

Anonymous said...

The chief is on one lonnnggg vacation.

He is accountable to NO ONE, don't you know that yet??? Geeezzzz.

Anonymous said...

Promotion ceremony is on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Well, the press is invited Friday, right? Maybe the men and women with some ethical backbone can find one actual journalist in this town among the invited media and give interviews on the spot--before or after the cermony. Choose the journalist carefully. You should know the right one among the lackeys.

Do it DURING if necessary so nobody can try to ding you for dereliction of duty if you are loitering around before or after.

Who cares about promotion ceremony if the meaning behind it has been corrupted?


Can you invite friends and family? I would suggest bringing your lawyer. Your family will forgive you. And there will be plenty of recording devices running, right? Make sure of it, on top of the ones that are supposed to be running.
Law in NC is one-party state, as you know.

We'll see if Tufano and Cunningham try to change things up after reading this (oh, wait, they don't read this....)

A media lawyer would be a good person to bring, and an EEOC lawyer, and someone familiar with Abuse of Power and Civil Liability.

Anonymous said...

Tell me which media person to single out, I will talk!!

Anonymous said...

FYI, the chief's father pased away. Given that, I can imagine this "vacation" isn't an enjoyable one. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt this go around, he has to take care of his family.

Anonymous said...

it is indeed a sad state of affairs when something like this can happen and No One comes forward to join ranks and speak out about this tell the truth.

They sit and bemoan this and a million other abuses of power and injustices under this regime, yet do nothing.


Truer words were never spoken!

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone was talking about his current leave taking care of his family...they are talking about his history of vacation days being blacked out, redacted, not available for the public. Why?

Anonymous said...

same reason they won't release any of the other money records...

let's not get off topic

prepare for Friday:

Questions or knowledge of issues within the police department that need to be corrected (including the money) &
The atmosphere under which the department is being run

You just have to read here and on other sites to see that the City is refusing to release all kinds of records, and refusing to investigate any questions on personnel, money, crime reporting, and more. Guess they think that by pretending they don't know, it will keep them above the law. That is not true.

That's what needs to be discussed publicly

Anonymous said...

I asked CedarPosts via email who would be good source in the local media he suggested Sharon Smith with WBTV.

What cedar needs is copies of emails about the finger print cards and details about the promotions was Pless in the runnning for the major spot Bellamy got?

Anonymous said...

Come on you guys wanted a openning stand up and defend a gooda good cop!

Anonymous said...

No, Pless was not in the running....Medlock and Zinkann, and it seems Katrina Grough have been gunning for him for a long he always asked questions and offered differing other words, did not tow the party "line".

But many more qualified Captains with more experience and skills were passed over in favor of Bellamy.

Anonymous said...

As the old saying goes," if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything".

Stand up for this good cop who is having his life turned upside down because this Deputy Chief is using his position to try to destroy him because he didn't kiss his ass...plain and simple.

Let people know this isn't right and this behavior can no longer be tolerated by this irrational bully.

For God's sake, take a stand for once, don't be bullied and intimidated, speak up and stand up.

Anonymous said...

Ask Rodney why he used the Rule of Five to pass over people, including the number one person on the list, and others, to get to people he "wanted".

Just a simple explanation as to why he passed over each person passed over, they deserve to know that, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

It's high time this Chief be made accountable to all the crap he gets away with. To send one helluva great Captain to Watch Commander whose record in his division is excellent, then replace him with not the top person in line but one several steps down the line with questionable history is definitely suspect. Clean up the top guns in this CMPD now!

Anonymous said...

Captain Pless has about 18 months to go until he retires.

He just wanted to serve out the rest of a distinguished career leading the men he genuinely cares about.

Harold Medlock just couldn't let that happen.

Gave him four days to clean out his office.

And Medlock is leaving this command on Sarurday, so you can see he wanted to get this done before he left to "get" Pless.

I am sure whomever is replacing Medlock would not have done this, so Harold had to get it done before he left.

What a slimy thing to do, try to destroy someone's life because you can't handle being challenged...because you are not up to the job of actually leading good men.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:51 Said:

FYI, the chief's father pased away. Given that, I can imagine this "vacation" isn't an enjoyable one. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt this go around, he has to take care of his family.

September 21, 2011 1:51 PM

I wouldn't wish the death of a parent on anyone.

But let's be honest here, how much time would we be able to take off?

The Chief's father passed away more than a week ago. We might get a day off, maybe two a week and our vac time would be docked.

How long has the Chief been gone? 7, 8, 9, 10 days?

Nice try Rob Tufano

Anonymous said...

Please join us Friday at 10:00 am at the Police Academy to celebrate promotions.

Assignments are as follows-

Sgt. Amy Stukey to Hickory Grove Division
Sgt. Lucas Veith to North Tryon Division

Capt. Chris Dozier to Animal Care and Control
Capt. Michael Harris to Metro Division
Capt. Chuck Henson to Hickory Grove Division
Capt. Nick Pellicone to North Tryon Division

Major Bruce Bellamy to the Northwest Service Area

Additionally, Sgt, Christopher Leclerc will transfer to University City Division
Sgt. Greg Couts will transfer to Hickory Grove Division
Sgt. Ivan Reitz will transfer to Central Division

Capt. Mike Adams will transfer to the Office of the Chief-DNC
Capt. Johnny Jennings will transfer to the Office of the Chief-DNC
Capt. Jeff Pless will transfer to the Watch Commander

Major Eddie Levins will transfer to the Southwest Service Area
Major Tim Danchess will transfer to Administrative Services

Major Doug Gallant will transfer to Field Services South as Acting Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief Harold Medlock will transfer to the Office of the Chief-DNC

Transfers are effective Saturday, September 24, 2011

Anonymous said...

Harold Medlock couldn't lead a pack of puppies with steaks strapped to his ankles.

He has had it in for Pless almost from the beginning, when it became clear Pless was not going to adopt the "get in your face screaming, belittling, bullying" style of Medlock "leadership" that Medlock uses so ineffectively. ..

I predict Medlock will totally screw up the DNC, or stroke out during one of his infamous, over the top, crazy tirades.

Anonymous said...

That this could happen in the light of day, that a really good guy could be treated in this manner by a total douche is beyond my understanding!

Captain Pless, it has been my privilege to serve under you.....your mentoring has helped me so much.

And I know many others who feel the same way.

I just hope the ones responsible for this are held accountable.

Thank you, Sir.

Anonymous said...

ow in the hell does Pless only have 19 months???

He has about 5 years

Anonymous said...

Military time, moron.....

Anonymous said...

If one of his guys found themselves in these circumstances, I can bet you he would be standing up for them.

Anonymous said...

Would someone PLEASE grow a pair of balls in this Police Dept and DO SOMETHING! Otherwise, quit all the bitching and moaning and go back to sucking up!

Anonymous said...

Promotion Ceremony Friday a.m.


Anonymous said...

I think someone is doing I heard.

Anonymous said...

This event may fade, but the consequences won't.

Not that they have a conscious , but on some level, when Zinkann and Medlock are by themselves and think about how they have tried to sully the name of Captain Pless and destroy a good man.....well, they will have to live with that for the rest of their lives.

They and Katrina Grough have sunk to a new low by plotting this one. No one will or should ever trust any of them again, they are completely untrustworthy and deserve no ones respect.

When Karma bites them in the butt, will they wonder if it is because they have treated others with so little respect and value? And have used and betrayed people?

And Pless is not the only one, these destructive games are played out every day at rodney's Cmpd ...with people's lives hanging in the balance.

I guess you really find out who your friends are.

Anonymous said...

It turns out Medlock is as dumb as he looks, no surprise there.

Hearing about this latest fiasco, it is amazing how many people really hate Medlick.

I think the arrogant and shameful way he has treated Pless has unleashed all the pent up anger and hatred for him people have been harboring. And the stories of him throwing people under the bus, over and over.

And the extent that people were/are so aware of the way he has treated Pless.

Over and over I hear that people don't know how Pless continued to take it and keep on standing ...and standing for what he believes in.

But, in the end, Old Harold is not the smartest person in the room, as he has always thought he was.

Anonymous said...

it's not over folks, not by a long shot.

These abuses of power must not be allowed to continue at Cmpd

They have finally stepped over the line.

I hear that they will be held accountable.

And maybe people will not have to live in fear and with the stress of working at Cmpd.

There is at least one good man, it seems, who is going to the mat and willing to finally take on these issues.

Thank God!

And thanks, Cedar, for posting this, as it could be the big story, at the end of the day.

Keep this one going, it's not over!

Anonymous said...

"Of course this is all just chatter and text messages so Cedar Posts doesn't claim any first hand knowledge"; at least Cedar is smart enough to recognize what is for the most part a lot of bluster and wind. "oh he's done it now", "I heard he's gonna get his","big investigation underway", blah, blah, blah. And then after 34 posts, crickets, at least until the next brew-ha-ha blows up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:51
There is a time for chatter, and a time for crickets.

I don't think anyone cares what you think!

In these things, Patience is definitely a virtue!

Anonymous said...

Cedar, If you recall I told everyone several years back not to trust katrina and gave them reasons why! But did they listen? It doesnt appear so. She has always been a person of questionable character and a supreme follower of whoever she worked for. If that person wanted revenge on someone, she assisted in every way she could to get the job done. And now she really has the power to do so having drank the cool aid, especially with Medlock backing her. You young guys think you know everything and some of you older guys are too hard headed to listen. All I can say is I told you so!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Seems some "people" on Command Staff are threatening retaliation and alluding that they "have things" on people and won't hesitate to use them if people align themselves with the "wrong" people.

It is also rumored that Cmpd is reading all emails and listening to all phone calls of Cmpd employees they are trying to "get". Would this even be legal? People have started using their personal phones to communicate with one another. It' s also being rumored that they are going after Cedar Posts to find out identity of posters...and that they have somehow hacked Cedar to obtain identities, which would definitely not be legal!!

Whatever is true....paranoia has hit an all time high!

And people are SO sick of the backstabbing , the lying, the manipulation, the favoritism, the corruption, the revenge, people using Cmpd as their own personal payback's about ready to blow.

He can't shut everyone up with a favor, a cushy job, or a promotion. and there is not enough room in the Watch commander's office for all of their perceived enemies!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, ah yes. The Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessings be upon him) does not need rules to dictate his behavior. The rule of five? Ha! The most important rule, is the rule of one, the rule of The Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessings be upon him)!! His decisions are divinely inspired and have taken this loathsome and trifling department and molded it into his holy image. Crime is down, haven’t you been listening damn you!?!

Vacation time? The Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessings be upon him) does not need vacation time. He is never away, he is always prepared to issue orders to crush evildoers under his jackboot. The minions of this city should bow and kiss the feet of The Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessings be upon him).

Anonymous said...

The city and CMPD have the right to view work email and have tracking software on all the computers. That is their right as it is their equipment. Most companies have those policies in place anyway.

CMPD and the City have no right to do anything regarding personal email, personal phone, etc without a warrant. Now remember that an email sent from a personal email account on a work computer can be read since it was composed on the work computer which has tracking software.

Obviously, any attempt to hack or do anything to Cedar Posts without a warrant would be illegal.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:41
Yep......looks like you were 100% correct!

Motives? Who knows. Probably the same as most of CS.....self promotion.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:41
Oh yeah, can you say two faces????

I would love to see her and the rest of them under oath in an OPEN courtroom for all to see.

Smooch, smooch smoocher!

Anonymous said...

All I have got to say is, watch out Hickory Grove!!

I mean, could there be a worse choice?

Talk about a Big Head, whoa boy!

Fits the current "style" of leadership from what I hear......
can you say crash and burn?

Anonymous said...

Just another screwed up day at Cmpd, the latest in a long, long parade of screwed up days.

And until there is new "management" at Cmpd, nothing will change.

They just keep adding more fuel to the fire, just keep lowering morale to new depths, just keep trashing a once well thought of PD.

It is now "rodney's world" at Cmpd. A murky, sleazy world of paybacks.

Stand up for what is right, people. Do it, you will look back on it as a defining moment in your life.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:46
Can't wait to see how this turns out.

I am told people transferred from his last assignment because they could not work with him.

But I am also told he will fit right in with current management . Self important, arrogant, no empathy, doesn't really like women, holds a grudge and a suck up. Sound familiar?

Just another smoocher trying to be a hard ass, could care
less about what is good for the division.

Anonymous said...

Can someone help me understand all this? I was searching for information about the missing calls for service. I am a resident in Hickory Grove Division. I am familiar with Capt. Pless and thought a lot of him and think a lot of many of the officers. What the hell is going on?

Anonymous said...

The "leader" of this place has molded it into the model of leadership he is confortable with, and finally when Pless got nailed by it, it has become enough for some other formerly silent people to consider speaking up about the tyranny. That's what's going on. You can write in to the full City leadership and ask a reason for his demotion (public record) and express your support for his good work. I'm sure he would appreciate it. Maybe if they get enough "outside" complaints, someone will make Monroe do the right thing. Immediately.

Anonymous said...

Just came upon this thread, and I see Medlock finally got Pless.

He has been trying ever since Pless came to Hickory Grove and it became apparent Pless was not going to knuckle under and was going to put the Division and the people in it first. And actually show people respect and not adopt the screaming, yelling method of Medlock "motivation".

That Medlock has been allowed to continuously get away with this bullshit says a lot about CMPD and it's "leadership".

I hope Pless has a really good attorney.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for support. when the best atty to take on all of this reads this, please leave names, since city officials who are responsible won't do a damn thing.