Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Idiots Among Us – Cocoa's Owner Paula Brown Cites Racism In Road Rage Incident

You head to work, leave your wife behind and figure she’ll manage to get the kids to school safely, run a few errands and head back to the house or maybe to her office job nearby. 

Never in your wildest dreams, would you expect to have her become the subject of some race baited road rage incident, have to call the cops and then become the subject of some hateful social media messages, calling her every name in the book and labeling her a racist bigot especially since you live in Ballentyne. 

Apparently the driver of a black Nissan SUV with the vanity license plate COCOAS is not very patient and a whole lot of angry. 

The victim who is named Anna describes what happened in her own words: 

"I've lived in this neighborhood for 6 years and never experienced something so shocking. This morning around 9, I was making the right out of Thornhill from Meadow Run Lane, onto Ballantyne Commons Parkway. Lots of traffic, so I guess she thought I was taking too long. She honked at me several times, drove up beside me, called me a BITCH and then proceeded to try to make a right turn IN FRONT OF ME. She said she lives in this neighborhood. This is pathetic and dangerous. If you know her, tell her I've filed a police report."

Road Raging Paula 

Road Raging Paula Says ….

Well a couple hours later the road raging woman who happens to be African American decides to continue her rage on line: 

"My name is Paula Brown and I’ve lived in the neighborhood for years also! First and foremost I was making a left on Ballantyne Commons not a right. Second of all I’m not the one who blew the horn, it was the car behind me. 

Amazingly Paula Includes her photo

When I went to take the left you started shouting belligerent names at me with my kids in the car, and telling me to get out of your neighborhood. 

What makes this your neighborhood? Is the fact that we are people of color that we don’t belong here?" 

Whoa! Did she just play the race card? 

"The remarks you made that “that’s why Trump wants to send me back” was so derogatory, and racist that I was aghast by the remark. 

My kids ashamed, and embarrassed! I’d like to inform you that Cocoas is a chain of restaurants, with multiple locations, two here in Charlotte. I own these restaurants and have worked very hard to get where I am. 

I’m not going to let your racism affect and effect my family, children and goals in life. You’re a pig and can kiss my black ass!" 

Oh now this is fun she manages to cover Donald Trump and immigration and brag about her success all in one paragraph. 

Adding later 

“I can’t wait to talk to the Police!” 

Let us add a little more crazy to this cat fight, now a woman who identifies herself as Jennifer adds: 

"The profanity in front of kids aside, are we now having to add "turning left while black" to the list of offenses that resulted in yet another panicked white person calling the police and from a person in our own neighborhood no less? Paula, please accept my apology on behalf of white people that don't act like this." 

Later Paula adds: 

"I’m the kindest person in the world, feeding the homeless and all! This lady is a lying fascist pig! And obviously needs some attention from someone!" 

So now that we have a name for the Road Raging SUV driver things get really personal, Anna tells Paula she's having non of her nonsense:

"Paula, you know very well that you called me a BITCH and I never called you ANY names! I also didn't make this about your race, you did. Get a clue. You acted terribly this morning. You should be ashamed, feeding the homeless or not." 

But Paula is not finished: 

"You’re 12 year old should’ve been at school at 9:00 am. The kid you see in my truck will be 39 years old in January! And to hear the things you said effected him much more than the possibility of your 12 year old hearing the word “ bitch’ which is not true...Stop making excuses! You did not know I lived in the neighborhood, and it should’ve clued you when I posed for your picture and gave you my tag number. You pulled off before I did remember? And it’s Cocoa’s since you didn’t hear it right!" 

So here's our proud owner of Cocoa's at her store on Sugar Creek
Opps she’s not done yet: 

"Good bye lady! I don’t have time for this nonsense! Have a great day! I never honked my horn. It was the car behind me. That’s the fact! You should’ve never rolled your window down to say anything at all to me. I’m afraid to do that because it’s so many crazy people out here. That’s why we live in Thornhill because we feel safe! Or we use to anyway!" 

Now at this point you might figure we are done, but nope add the voice of Charla to the mix:

"The back exit onto Ballantyne commons is not wide enough for 2 cars to be exiting at the same time. If one was turning right, all other cars should remain behind it until she has left the neighborhood. 2 cars- one turning right and one turning left leaves NO room for a car to come into the neighborhood on Meadow Run. Don't even begin to understand how this has become a race or political issue...." 

And so once again our victim speaks up: 

"Paula, you and I know what was said. You can keep up with the racist accusations, and live with that. I DON'T EVEN know where you got the Trump stuff from, but I would never curse you out in front of my kid, and not yours either (at least I thought he was). You have now called me a fascist, a racist, a pig, and a bitch. Sound like a stretch?" 

Suddenly without warning Paula changes her tone: 

"You’ll are right! I’m sorry Anna! This is just silly!"

So here's a thought guys be careful how you ask "how was your day?" when you walk though that front door tonight.

Cedar's Take: As the number of Yankee transplants grows so do the number of accidents. Rude and aggressive drivers like Paula will eventually get taken out by their own stupidity. The trouble is us Southerners know where we are going and we are not in a big hurry versus the transplants have no idea where they are going and they are in a crazy hurry to make up for the three wrong turns they just made. This is not a good mixture. 

I have only one husband rule, never hook your horn, flip anyone off, roll down your window or get out of your car no matter what happens. OK so it is four rules and lets add leave enough room at all times between you and the car in front of you so that you can go around if they get out of their car for some wrong you have committed and come at you. Don't hesitate to run someone over to get away and if you feel threatened and you can't drive away you have a weapon, use it!


Anonymous said...

Odd she claims she's turning left but in the photo her wheels are angled to the right. She claims she has kids in the SUV then says the kids is really 39? If the first entry is from the vic and the perp is claiming racism why isn't her comment about a stupid N******?

Anonymous said...

Nice 93 Mecklenburg Country Health Department score

Anonymous said...

Names Cedar Names please tell us who this idiots are!

SteveN said...

Your last paragraph (Husband rules) was spot-on. Stay in your car with the windows up and doors locked and run someone OVER to get away if you absolutely have to. Folks get killed during these lunatic road-rage incidents. You're dealing with a complete unknown. And yeah......vice-versa. The road-racer is ALSO dealing with a complete unknown......but they're too fucking wrapped up in their rage to use any common sense.

SteveN said...

"road-RAGER", I meant to say......not 'racer'. How come there's no 'edit' function here? I can delete but not edit????

Anonymous said...

My GMC Yukon has dark tinted widows for just that reason. You can't see in so you've gotta ask yourself one question "Do I Feel Lucky?"

Blow your horn or flip me off maybe not such a good idea, you might get Lebron James opening up that door sayin come at me bro, not a 5"4' 105 pound mother of 2. Note to all the LE on here I promise all the windows go down on a traffic stop.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Coon

Anonymous said...

Get used to it brothers the main stream media has portrayed the black man as the victim for so long that America believes the myth. So many of them believe that every misfortune they experience is because of white privilege. Never mind that they were driving recklessly without a valid plate and a stolen hand gun under the seat.

At the rate we are going "being black" will become a get out of jail free card.

And a side message to Ms. Paula Brown: You know damn well that "you are just upset with me because I'm a person of color" bs wouldn't work in Jamaica

Anonymous said...

Looks like WBTV is doing an expose on Ms Cocoa and her racist exploits! Oh, who am I kidding, this is no Pulitzer story like Ms Suzy Southpark.

Anonymous said...

The sad this is this is what Charlotte has become a shit hole with a bunch of racist chip of their shoulders blacks from elsewhere moving into what was once a nice small city where everyone got along. Now its all about race and white privilege and gentrification.

Anonymous said...

Remember the riots at the Ritz Carlton? That was the blacks from down the street, up town. The cops got it so bad at CMPD, with they blacks running the department. They dropped all the charges on the blacks that protested, too.

Anonymous said...

Did not see anything on WBTV about this but knowing the tree stump Birgitta Mac and the ultimate racist Steve Crump they would make it into a race thing.

Anonymous said...

Go easy on Steve Crump I hear his days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Steve Crump I didn't hear he was sick, hope its not serious.

Anonymous said...

This is the new Charlotte, a city where for decades everyone got along regardless of color. In the 50's and early 60's there were no marches, there were no "race riots" when MLK was murdered, no violent anti war protests in the late 1960s or early 1970s. The police kept order without being called pigs or being accused of being racist every time they made a traffic stop.

But as the influx of people from up north arrived they brought their racism with them, if the cops hated black people in Baltimore they really must hate them in the South.

The city grew and the population expanded, African Americans started a reverse migration back to the south and they brought angry with them.

20 years ago Paula Brown would have never blown a horn at anyone much less a white woman, much less roll her window down and start screaming at anyone. But she's a transplant, angry, mad about white privilege and that hate and racism she brought from up North jumped in the back seat and rode into town with her.

Maybe some one could loan her a map?

Anonymous said...

Stop blaming everything on the North. The south has been ignorant since they lost the civil war. Yes, there are ignorant, dangerous niggers in Charlotte. But there are crap southerners walking all over this city.

Some days I can't stand working with these bumpkins. We are just watching a clash between the idiots of the south. Nig vs Hick

Hickory Grove and Proud of It!

Anonymous said...

There you go again. Paula Brown is from Maryland likely Baltimore moving to Charlotte she's brought her racist hate with here. Southerners did just fine without angry blacks trying to tell folks down here how to do things.

Look at Detroit St Louis Baltimore Philadelphia Chicago Pittsburg Buffalo and tell me those are great cities. Tell me how well angry democrats run their cities.

Wake up Charlotte you keep electing the likes of Vi Lyles and you'll be Detroit in less than ten years.

Hard Fact the value of a house in Baltimore today is less than it was in 1998 in Chicago less the 1978.

So listen to Hickory Grove if you like but do come crying in 2028 when you can't afford your property taxes and can't afford to sell either.

Anonymous said...

Seems the owner'ss attitude follows her to work, saw a tweet about the yelp reviews and checked it out. No sure how she stays in business. I tossed out the reviews since the road rage incident they're about 50/50 that is 50% ok and average and 50% really really bad.

Uhmmmm! It's a no for me. Gnats every wheeeeere! I was told that i was now in the south but nooooo! The food was par at best. Reviews regarding heavy hand salting is 100% accurate. My search continues!

Anonymous said...

Here's another:

Okay so I tried this place because it was close to my house and the old Caribbean place I used to try has really fallen off with the quality of their food. Well this place was no better.

First of all the cocoa bread tasted like a regular roll. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I ordered the fried tilapia. Was not seasoned well at all. Had to drown it in hot sauce when I got home. The Mac and cheese was just okay. The collard greens had a little too much vinegar.

And they charge 10.50 for a fried tilapia plate with one piece of fish. The extra piece of fish was $4.00 extra. Way too overpriced!!! My meal including that fake cocoa bread was $20! Never again!!!!

Anonymous said...

What does he business have to do with anything? CedarMouth is just a racist hick white guy trying to hold on to his white privilege and crying about how people of color are going to ruin his life. Too bad you bigots finally getting payback. So cry some more you are soon the minority in Charlotte people of color already rule the city and by this next year the city council will be all democrat and all black. And you can kiss my black ass!

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