Monday, November 5, 2018

WBTV News Spins The "SouthPark Susan" Story

This morning WBTV News announced on air that the infamous "SouthPark Susan had turned herself in to the Sunset Beach, North Carolina Police Department and would be “extradited” back to Charlotte to face charges.

The taped 40 second teaser ran throughout the early morning hours on WBTV and was even posted to Twitter, which is here.

Of course this was total bull-shit. No one is "extradited" on misdemeanor charges much less from within the same state. Susan Westwood was released about an hour later.

After Cedar Posts called WBTV out for the complete fabrication of "extradited" via twitter this is the response WBTV's Kristen Marinda tweeted:

"Honestly, we are all about CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. And you know unfortunately mistakes happen. We try for that not to happen. We try very hard. But “JV”? Come on, dude. Being unkind just seems unnecessary."

In fairness calling them the "JV Team" was dramatically toned down version of what CP was really thinking.

Sadly when television news “spins” and “sensationalizes” events it does a disservice to the entire community. SouthPark Susan was a non-event except for the “someone was offended journalism” crowd. To continue the over reporting of an event that cast Charlotte is an ugly light is only self serving providing little if any journalistic value.

But to deliberately embellish a story with words normally associated with felons and violent criminals is sensationalizing the news for the sole purpose of page views, clicks and retweets and that is just wrong.

Make no mistake this was a deliberate fabrication.

CP's tweet saw little traction, expect for this:

Unfortunately, some folks just can’t help themselves! Every time they see a chance to take a cheap shot at somebody, they do. The team at WBTV is FAR FROM JV!! You’d be hard pressed to find ANY NEWS TEAM that hasn’t misspoke in something! Keep doing what you’re doing Kristen!

While no one should feel sorry for Susan Westwood the excuse news anchors “misspoke” is far from the truth. This was deliberate effort to continue to sensationalize the story. No one with 1/2 a brain would accidentally read and tape such a statement. Hardly a cheap shot.

Christine Sparrow also took issue with CP's tweet calling them out as well.

"It's easy to hide behind a keyboard and hurl insults at the media"

The sad reality is that the only people being insulted are WBTV viewers who anchors like Christine and Kristen must think are moronic idiots, the word "extradite" was used simply to sensationalize the story and build up the tease. This is the essence of "Fake News" and this is not Journalism!

In fact as long as the news media is driven by ratings, page view and retweets this is the garbage we are going to see, this is not news and these people are not journalist they are nothing more than talking heads on another entertainment channel.


Anonymous said...

I saw an officer sleeping while he was standing guard at secondary employment. How do you do that? Is that a veteran move?

Anonymous said...

If you can do it standing you're definitely a veteran. But them mofos shoot you while you're sleeping and not even have a hint of shame.

Anonymous said...

WBTV has become the leader in fake news. Kristen Miranda is a pig!

Anonymous said...

Cedar aren't you the pot calling the kettle black?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me that WBTV would resort to that. They are desperate to remain a local news force and WSOC continues to threaten WCCB and WJZY build on what they have at the expense of WCNC. The deception goes much deeper than just fake news offered up as fact by Christine and Kristen. After all who is going to know unless you flip the channel?

Anonymous said...

Terrible situation!

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Anonymous said...

CMPD is trying to make an example out of her. Meanwhile, you have racists that walk all over that department.

Anonymous said...

Why is ”SGT” Kobee Moore in Freedom being demoted? Did his “fake it till u make it” strategy fall flat? All he ever did in his career was make videos for the academy. No actual police experience or notable career highlights for him. Loser

Anonymous said...

Cedar, you always sweep good questions off the wall with stupid stories(Supreme Court Transcripts).

1. We want to know about Kobee Moore. What happened?
2. We want to know why Amy Stukey is even in the LT process in the first place.
3. We want to know about Vicki Foster's lawsuit. Is she retiring?
4. We want to know what happened to Ray Williams?
5. We want to know about the cop protest of on RNC week.
6. We want to know why Chris Green got voted out of Metro. Is daddy gonna protect him?

Give us what we want to hear about.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, along with those how did Vicki Foster get in the middle of picking the CFD Deputy Chiefs, again, after the last mess that was created. This one is worse. Over half don’t even meet the minimum requirements to be a Deputy Chief.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up Smoochy. Who cares if mexicans take the jobs away from Charlotte residents and their kids. This is a sanctuary city, now. You need to move out and sell your house to someone valuable to our city's future.

Anonymous said...

Rutledge! A Major!?!
Why didn't the chief just pick out a potted plant to promote?

social work research topics said...

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Anonymous said...

Putney is a liar and a reverse racist. Why does everyone even ask questions anymore? Remember when he had his token Sean tell the public that they need officers and it is a "progressive department"...aka reverse racist.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Putney is a liar. Why is it that even with evidence provided, no police officer will move forward with correct charges? When you know something is wrong--criminal, violation of civil rights, downright lies and intimidation--and there's evidence, why won't any officer make the report and charges? Why help corrupt cops who give you a bad name?
Every one of you was brave enough to sign up for a job where you could be shot at any time, but none of you is brave enough to speak the truth about corruption. It doesn't make sense.
If you're willing to do the right thing, please provide a name and I'll contact you.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Liars...Dean Driggers.

I saw the man a while back. I asking him how things were going...and he told me that he retired from CMPD. I was surprised since I didn't see his name in the any emails for retirement parties at the LEC. I just left it at that. I went back to U City and my brothers told me a different tale.

It turns out he got fired for employment fraud. He was lieing about showing up to work...and he wasn't at work at all. He lied about working and still collected a check for it. He was stealing money. Remember his wife, Katie? My Huntersville people told me his wife got arrested for stalking a cop up there. Driggers married her knowing about her stalking arrest LOLOL.

For every black that lies there is a Dean Driggers liar, too. Its all the same, so back up off the blacks for telling tall tales.

Anonymous said...

18:37-Now we know you are a rookie. Employment fraud has been happening for decades at CMPD. They just target people they don't like and use that as an excuse. Every cop lies about hours, every month. Double D was running his mouth, and they sniped him. You need to adjust your vision of this place, and you will have an easier time surviving.

Anonymous said...

RNC Blue Flu is a reality after the city manager gave officers breadcrumbs with that 2.5% raise.

Anonymous said...

2.5% is peanuts and elephants never forget.

Anonymous said...

You get what you pay for.

Anonymous said...

Can someone advise on Kobee Moore? What is going on?
What is the Sgt List names currently?

Anonymous said...

Working 3rd I get to watch the morning news. Used to watch WBTV but the fat one is just hard to look at and the skinny black chick what an angry racist. They seldom report overnight shootings with fact most of it is made up. The exception is Ron Lee but don't see him around so much. At least at WCNC the women are way better looking.