Wednesday, February 6, 2019

LaWana Mayfield Plays The Race Card Again! (Surprised?)

Nutty City Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield took to Twitter on Monday to counter blunt criticism by the editorial board of the Charlotte Observer. Seems the Observer learned that Governor Cooper had appointed Police Officer hating Mayfield to a board position In December of last year.

The Charlotte Observer’s Editorial Board published the Op-Ed critical of the appointment due to Mayfield’s checkered and controversial statements regarding law enforcement and for promoting 9/11 conspiracy theories on her Facebook page.

“Mayfield’s appointment sends another troubling message. It normalizes the kind of inflammatory rhetoric that increasingly pollutes public discourse. It says you’re fine saying destructive things so long as you’re on our team,” the Charlotte Observer article (below) reads.

Looney Bird Mayfield was quick to take to twitter and throw down the race card.

From The Charlotte Observer:

About once a month, Gov. Roy Cooper’s office announces two to three dozen new appointments the governor has made to North Carolina boards and commissions. The appointees come from across the state, and the boards help advise and inform the work of government in Raleigh and elsewhere. Mostly it’s not high-level stuff — no one is working on state budgets or big bills here — but the appointments are still useful. Some important work gets done, local folks get rewarded, and the governor gets the good vibe of being the one doing the rewarding.

It is, simply, good politics.

But not always. Among December’s appointments was one that shouldn’t fly under the radar: Charlotte City Council member LaWana Mayfield to the North Carolina Human Relations Commission.

The 22-member commission promotes equality in several areas, including housing, education and justice. It’s one of the state’s higher-profile boards, investigating housing complaints and providing critical advocacy for several programs involving community relations. On the surface, Mayfield’s appointment makes sense, as she is a fierce advocate on the City Council for equality. She is better known across the state, however, for two regrettable outbursts — a Facebook post questioning whether the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were real, and a tweet calling police “homegrown terrorist(s).”

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The latter, sent on March 28, said: “Being black in America under #45 (Donald Trump) has created homegrown terrorist wearing blue uniforms.” Mayfield has refused to back down from either.

Mayfield’s perspectives on 9/11, while loony, shouldn’t be of much concern to the governor. But her remarks on police are counterproductive to the relationship-building mission of the Human Relations Commission, and her appointment sends the wrong message to law enforcement and others.

Mayfield certainly has the right to say whatever she wants — however offensive it might be to some. There’s also a case to be made that her harsh view of some law enforcement might provide a valuable perspective to the board. “LaWana Mayfield is the longest serving city council member of the state’s largest city,” Cooper spokesperson Ken Eudy told the editorial board. “We don’t require the thousands of appointees to state boards and commissions to have the same viewpoints and opinions as the governor.”

But this isn’t about having different perspectives. After all, the clash of contrary viewpoints is vital for any real progress on issues. Surely, though, there are other voices across the state who can express the uneasiness and distrust some communities have with police, yet do it without the kind of bomb-throwing that shuts down critical conversations instead of moving them forward.

Mayfield’s appointment sends another troubling message. It normalizes the kind of inflammatory rhetoric that increasingly pollutes public discourse. It says you’re fine saying destructive things so long as you’re on our team. We already were disappointed at the timid response to Mayfield last year from her fellow Democrats in Charlotte. We’ve had enough of that the past couple years with Republicans in Washington.

Cooper should give this appointment another look, instead of looking the other way.

Cedar Update: Late Wednesday Governor Roy Cooper's office revoked LaWana Mayfield's appointment.  


Anonymous said...

Guys, dont worry about Grant Holmes. Its just a matter of time before he gets his shirt dirty at one of our BBQs.

The Dentist Delivery Service

Anonymous said...

Could Charlotte have a more embarrassing specimen of a human as representative of our city? She's fat gross unkept nasty foul mouthed and just a slob. How the hell does this happen? Are people of color not embarrassed? Vilam Leake, Alma Adams, Tervor Fuller and LaWana Mayfield this is the best you can do Charlotte?

Anonymous said...

You forgot Racist Bigot

Anonymous said...

He's pretty gross how he's remained in office is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

This city is getting out of control. What happened to the police pledge funds? Was it Bellamy?

Anonymous said...

One word.....

Anonymous said...

CMPD (def)-Constantly Making Poor Decisions

(example)-Wow, Chief Putney just gave take home cars to all black officers that live in Charlotte, instead of veterans living just past the county line.

Anonymous said...

Quit whining. The rules are simple.. Move inside Meck Co or join a specialized unit where you are subject to call back. Then you can get a car. And a phone to go with it 24/7....

Anonymous said...

Bellamy has no right to use the police funds for common expenditures. That is our department's money.

Anonymous said...

why am i always hearing about bellamy on here? cmpd sounds like a compilation of morons.