Sunday, April 9, 2006

Blue Angels Rock Charleston AFB

The weekend is here and what a weekend it's been. The Master's in Augusta, two horse shows in Charlotte and the Bike Week, Kid Rock, Race Week (Sail Boats) and the Blue Angels are all in Charleston.

You might have noticed that I've been pretty much negative on Bush 43, that war in Iraq and the war on terror in general. I think it's a waste of time, money and lives. The cost of the war is so well hidden from the American public. I personally know so many stories, some I couldn't type without my own tears drowning my keyboard. The number of servicemen and women killed since the invasion of Afghanistan is tragic but what most Americans don't know is the number (over 10,000) of those permanently disabled, disfigured or left on life support.

But enough of that! Today I'm going to tell you how proud I am and how totally I support the men and women that serve our country while wearing not always comfortable issued uniforms

If you live in Charleston perhaps you too spent some time yesterday at the thunderstorm shortened Air Expo 2006. I've only see the Blue Angels perform once before during a fly over years ago.

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Thanks to family and a few connections I got my chance to see behind the scenes and inside the group of guys I'll just say are nutz

The low (short due to weather) program was awesome!

But I need to give props to the rest of the Air Expo 2006 operation as well.

First to all the ROTC men and women, who stood outside while lighting zapped around them in the downpour after the show was shut down. HOLY SHIT are you crazy??? Don't you just love following orders???

To the very attractive airmen who was dressed down by her sergeant for not acknowledging his instructions in the security line. I really hated that for you but welcome to the real world of the USAF

To the F-16 and B-1 teams I so need a ride and to the C-17 demo crew, OMG please please please don't try that shit over my boat!!! Finally to the sputtering USAF Reserve rocket car team AKA sputnik (j/k) great show. NOT!!! but FIDO

And now for the "reallybig show" To the Blue Angels Fight Demonstration Team BZ guys!

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Anyone who has stood on the deck on an aircraft carrier knows the majestic ballet of night ops and more the sounds and smell. But when your standing at center and six hornets cross overhead you have got to be moved. I so want a blue jet

I listened to the preflight meeting and knew what to expect..... but I was lost after the opposing solo went vertical

have got to be really honest there no way I'd ever be able to make that team. My response time is just 1/10th of a second too slow and that 1/10 is what would give a toasty ending to my otherwise flawless flying career

Nothing like watching a 28 million of your tax dollars being pushed so far to the end of the flight envelope that you can actually see the plane stall 100 feet off the ground only to recover and climb to 10,000 feet before you can catch your breath. OMG I so have the need for more speed

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Anyways.... my patriotism is renewed my NAVY spirit is BACK but I still think Iraq is a mistake.

If you missed the show.... well you suck!

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