Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Roe v Wade Year 34

Every year since 1973 protesters have stood in the rain, the cold and the snow, in front of the United States Supreme Court during the month of January.

I have always been pro-life for me and pro-choice for you.

The reason is simple despite all the ugly photos of fetuses, biblical quotes and constitutional arguments there are far too many children who are forced into this rather cruel world whose biological parents are not ready, not able or simply lack the skills to be good parents.

After all this time I would think the pro life forces would wake up and accept the right of every woman to safely terminate a pregnancy without fear of, incrimination, repercussion or stigma.

Having an abortion is a very difficult choice. But abortion is a choice that should remain as a legally protected, medically safe and private right.

Over the years the extreme faction has receded a bit as Pro life forces have begun to promote, safe sex, and contraception as a "good choice" but they can't help but continue to push abstinence and adoption as the true alternatives.

Without a doubt adoption is a wonderful alternative but the emotional scars are often worse that choosing an abortion.

Abstinence in an age of baby bumps and pretending to be a porn star makes no more sense that blowing up planned parenthood clinics.

According to the Internal Revenue Service there are over 20,000 Right to Life organizations with an estimated combined annual budget of more than a half a billion dollars.

While the efforts of these organizations are noble to a point, what if these individuals channeled their energy, time and money into helping the children we already have?

Every day hundreds of American children are abducted, and abused. Tens of thousands of our children grow up without the education necessary to succeed in our changing world. They suffer from lack of proper nutrition, medical care, adequate housing and real role models.

If you held a candle, stuck a cross in the ground or signed a petition this week protesting Roe v Wade you might consider yourself a good person.

But if you want to be better than just a good person then do good for real. Volunteer to help a kid. Give your time to the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, YMCA, Girls and Boys Clubs of American, even your local little league.

Instead of carrying an ugly sign, yelling out pointless slogans, making a spectacle or blocking traffic.

Make a real difference not a lot of noise, Volunteer!

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