Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Charleston's Chief Thomas to Retire

In what has become just another chapter in last year’s Sofa Super Store fire, Charleston's long serving fire department chief has formally announced his retirement effective June 27, 2008..

“I feel as though the best thing I can do right now to help this department that I love so much heal from the tragedy of June 18 is to step aside as chief," Thomas wrote in his letter to Mayor Joe Riley.

The Post and Courier reports that Chief Thomas got on the fire department’s dispatch radio Wednesday morning and announced his plans to retire because of the toll the tragedy and its aftermath have taken on the department and his family.

“I love this department and have given it my entire professional life, the loss of my nine friends last June 18 changed me and this department forever,” Thomas said in his letter to Riley.

While some may dance a nice Irish jig in celebration, I'd rather say a heartfelt Bravo Zulu Chief Thomas - You may stand down, but do so knowing you did the right thing for your fire department and I'd be pleased to ride in the back of your truck any day.

Cedar Posts - Capt.

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