Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Road Side Odd Balls

I thought I've seen it all on I-26 over the years.

Long ago on a spring Sunday morning I met a nice little old lady from Florida on I-26, going the wrong way! By some miracle she had driven for miles before we passed as if on a 2 lane country road.

I took the next exit and headed back west towards Columbia expecting to see a tragic accident at any moment. But fortunately for the wrong way granny, traffic back then on a Sunday morning was basically nonexistent. I caught up with her and matching her speed while driving on the correct side on the median, I began to blow my horn to try to get her attention. It must have worked because soon she was heading the wrong way up an on ramp.

Minutes later going east again on I-26 I caught up to the senior driver acting as if nothing had happened. She was just going merrily down the traffic free interstate on her sunday drive.

Which brings me to yesterday when I glanced over at a Lexus passing me. Words can't explain my surprise, so look closely at the rear passenger seat in the photo below.


Nothing unusual? OK look a little closer.


Yep the guy has "eye shades" on as he snoozes away the day while his poor wife drives the car and endures his endless snoring.

I so wanted to lay on the horn.

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