Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Day of June

There's something about the last of....

The last cookie, the last one standing, or last in line ...

The Last day of June is much the same, after the last day of June the sudden realization that summer is moving along a little quicker than we thought and that soon the "4th of July" will be replaced by the "last day of summer"....

Knee high by the fourth of July .... I love that phrase. Back in the day it meant the growth of the corn was satisfactory. Now days it doesn't much apply to Carolina corn fields or even the corn belt of Iowa.

Hybrid corns have been engineered to grow rapidly even on limited rainfall and many fields are head high, six feet or more and some even tasseled out long before the fireworks signal the celebration of our nation's birthday.

But you don't need to drive to the midwest to marvel at the corn rows you can read about farming at the University of Illinois Extension Office's Stu's News

Or better yet, take a drive out towards Orangeburg or head up 601 toward Columbia and you'll see what I mean, and while you're out there taking in the corn fields, take time to stop and smell summer. Make a point to breath in summer's fragrance:

The Flowers
Root Beer
Fresh Cut Grass
The Rain in the air from a Thunderstorm
Tomatoes in a Field
Peaches in a Basket
Hot Dogs and Hamburgers on the Grill
Fresh Cut Watermelon


The last day of June is here and summer's fun awaits you, hummmm I think I'll have the last of the root beer float now.

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