Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Re-Cap

Much to the disappointment of the economic doomsday naysayers, the first official shopping day of the 2008 holiday shopping season got off to a pretty good start.

Keep in mind I'm trying to remain positive, overlooking the "WalMart Stampede" in New York where an employee was trampled to death, the "Toys "R" Us Shootout" in California that left two dead, and lastly the "Super Glue Attack" in Charleston.

The final count, nearly 70 businesses on Charleston's King Street had their front door locks filled with glue, making them inoperable. The Post and Courier has a list of businesses.

The "Super Glue Attack" gave Charleston national media attention, making headlines right along with the "Toys R Us Shootout" and the "WalMart Stampede".

A WalMart spokesman pointed out that the man killed was not really a WalMart employee rather he was a "temporary worker"..... Seems WalMart is already posturing for the coming lawsuit.

As for as the Toys "R" Us Shootout the two guys who drew their guns ended up killing each other after firing nearly 20 rounds. A Toys "R" Us spokesman told a group of reporters that the company works hard to avoid disruptions like this, but that he considered the case closed.

The best comment of the moment: State Representative Chip Limehouse calling the "Super Glue Attack" a "systematic assault" on the local business community.

"This is the time when we all need to be pulling together to make our economy better, and for some person to commit a crime of this nature — this is a lowdown trick," he said. He added that he'd consider proposing legislation ....

Leave it to a politician to go about trivializin' the momentous and complicatin' the obvious.

Finally, all the madness makes this spoof AD almost believable:


Vera H. said...

It does sound like Wal-Mart is bracing for a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

It's all just so insane! I mean for what? Why in the world are people camping out to spend money on junk.

If it was bread and milk, or even concert tickets I could understand but to buy a 50 dollar Elmo?

Oh Brother! That's insane.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the guy was just a tem,porary worker at Wal-Mart, 'cuz I'm just a temporary shopper there!