Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday Mob Kills WalMart Employee - A Photo Essay

34-year-old temporary overnight stock clerk Jdimytai Damour known as Jimmy died at 5:03 a.m immediately after opening the store doors. He had braced along with other co-workers for the onslaught of customers who were there to scoop up bargains.

An unruly throng shoved through the entrances, bending the metal door supports from their hinges, and trampling store employees as well as other customers in the process.

The photos show a horrific scene in New York that has made the news from coast to coast. The size of the crowd is staggering, nearly 2,000 people have lined up to enter the store at the 5AM opening. The mob is aggressive, cold, irritable and it has no conscience.

As you can see from the above photos, there is no line, no order and no security.

As 5 AM nears the crowd pushes towards the door from all directions.

WalMart employees can be seen on the other side of the doors just seconds before the crowd storms into the besieged store.

Panic sets in as the crowd surges into the store, people are turned around carried with the crowd backwards into the store, others are pushed out of the way. Jimmy the WalMart employee is being trampled to death somewhere on the floor just a few feet from this doorway.

Minutes later police arrive to find his lifeless body sprawled on the concrete.

A paramedic preforms chest compressions, and then checks for a pulse.

Police tape and a broken door.

People are mindless pigs, there's little else to say.


Daniel Brenton said...

Cedar --

Thanks for this. This event has left quite an impression on me, and I'm 2000 miles away.

Fortunate you weren't hurt in all that.

All the best,


asche said...

This is a tragedy for sure! I can only imagine that the people who trampled this employee had no regret or concern of their actions. I send my prayers and condolences to the family of this man! May every foot that ran over this man be cursed! Unfortunately we have to take a look at the crowd. 100% Black. It's too bad they are so susceptible to their egos and think that these material things in life are so important they will do anything for them. Even after a Black President is elected, still there is no CHANGE in the minds of the ones who wanted it so bad!!!

Toddcov said...

America the Beautiful. The real tragedy is what America is in the process of becoming.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, wrong blog.