Monday, December 8, 2008

City of Charleston Turns Back Time - Cars Towed

In tough times people do dumb things, but you tend to trust your city government to do the "smart thing", then again maybe not.

Apparently the City of Charleston parking enforcement department thought using year-old "no parking" posters on downtown parking meters would save a little money but it caused confusion and a few detail oriented people had their cars towed, during Sunday's Charleston Christmas Parade.

The lime green signs warned motorists not to park on certain city streets between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on "Sunday December 2, 2007." Since this past Sunday was the 7th, a number of people figured the no parking tow away zone signs did not apply.

As it turned out, parking on the Christmas parade route was not a smart move as towing companies were happy to make a buck and started removing the cars promptly.

In the end cars that were towed from the parade route, were eventually re-united with their owners and the towing fee was picked up by the city.

Reminds me of a Boston sign that declared, SNOW REMOVAL ROUTE No Parking on Odd Tuesdays and Even Thursdays November - March except Holiday's and When Snowfall is forecast to exceed 12"

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