Monday, December 29, 2008

If the United States had any sense we'd cut off Israel

While Israel bombs Gaza for the 3 day in a row, IDF tanks are reported to be preparing for a ground force attack, all this ugly news has caused oil prices jump in overnight trading.

Given the current economic conditions here in the states, Washington would be wise to dump Israel and end sixty years of financial support once and for all.

Given the purely political motive behind prime minister Olmert's sudden hard line stance, Codie Rice has offered nothing but harsh words for the Israeli government.

With Olmert's party and Ms. Tzipi Livni trailing in the polls, Olmert has done what all politicians do when things look bleak, drop a few bombs.

That's all fine, but it's time to get the Hebrew state off the backs of Americans!


Anonymous said...

HAMAS is firing rockets at Israel daily how long should they put up with that?

Israel is the only US friend, we have the middle east, so we have to pay to play in their back yard.

Anonymous said...

I think they should just pack all the jews up and move them Florida. The are used to moving around so no big deal there, and they will love the theme parks!

Daisy said...

Agreed. It just makes them hate us more over there, than they already do. It is just horrendous.

Anonymous: I think they should just pack all the jews up and move them Florida.

Anonymous, the continual conflation of anti-semitism with anti-Israeli sentiment is exactly how the pro-Israel lobby succeeds. You know that right? As long as they can point to Jew-hating, they can say, see?: We need to support Israel so we have a secure homeland. One supports the other.

In short, you should knock it off. You make matters worse politically AND you are offensive and disgusting besides.