Friday, December 26, 2008

Jerks Amoung Us

You know the guy, he's your neighbor, he's got a nice job, a better than six figure income, he lives in a pricey home in a golf course community, two perfect kids, a trophy wife and drives a really nice car with that stupid vanity plate.

Other than the creepy feeling he gives you when he's around your kids and that persistent rumor he's a pedophile, the really big secret he harbors is that the rules don't apply to him.

Take Mr. SLVRRCKT (Silver Rocket)here, parked in the Fire Lane, keys in the car, engine running and blocking the grocery cart ramp right in front of the automatic doors. He's inside picking up a few items before the big game, while everyone else has to maneuver around his Jaguar.

Now the real trouble with people like this is that they, give a really bad representation of people who happen to own nice cars. They set a really bad example, not just for other drivers but for their kids and even his wife.

Truth is this guy is so self absorbed that, he's failed to notice all the tell tale signs that his wife is sleeping with his business partner, and his kids spend their allowance on blow, Ecstasy and meth.

No big deal just another JERK Amoung us.

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