Friday, January 16, 2009

Canada Geese Killed - International Incident Averted

A fatal collision occurred on Thursday afternoon as a flock of geese crashed into a US Airways plane en route from New York to North Carolina.

The Canadian Geese flock was traveling south along the Hudson River when suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a huge jet wiped them out. It was a tragic scene as some of the birds were hit by engines on either side of the plane. Several birds were evidently lost in each engine causing the plane to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River.

At least 155 people aboard the plane survived. Reports from the ground are that there are no serious injuries. It is unknown how many birds were lost.

The crash is being treated as an accident since the plane was American and the geese, all believed to be Canadian decent, had no known ties to al Qaeda or any other terrorist organization.

Autopsies on the birds will probably not be possible since the plane eventually submerged under water. Unfortunately, the geese were traveling with their flock - so there isn't anyone to notify.


gotomike said...

As we praise the entire crew for their incredible effort in saving all the passengers, I realize after seeing them awaiting for help on the wings that very few of those passengers are wearing the yellow inflatable vests. I wonder why.
Also, with the innumerable quantity of tourists at any given moment in NYC with their videocams fired up, isn't it amazing that no video of the plane going down was taken. Weren't there tourists right there aboard the Circle Line tugs for instance?

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

Mike, I wondered the same thing.

Why the limited number of life vests?

I suspect there are a lot of people who have never paid attention to the flight crew or the safety video and had no idea where the life vests are located.