Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tapes Released in US Airways Flight 1549 Hudson River Landing

The FAA has released the recording and transcript of their conversations with US Airways Flight 1549, which ditched into New York's Hudson River.

Read the entire transcript at MSNBC

You can listen to the media "edited" version everywhere, but read the full transcript and understand L116 the controller has just lost an aircraft and the planes kept coming.

Props to the controller who keeps right on "pushing tin" and doing one heck of a job while staying oh so cool.

The watered down media version while highlighting US Airways fight 1549 it misses the real drama of being an air traffic controller dealing with some serious stresse, when you can hear the entire 19 min recording straight from the FAA here and the balance of the released recordings here.

Cedar Posts orgianial report of Flight 1549

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