Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CMPD Hires WBTV Reporter Rob Tufano

Word has it that Chief Rodney Monroe has hired WBTV Rob Tufano as his spokesman.

Cedar Posts pointed out several weeks ago the Chief Monroe needed a handler so this may become a positive development, but Meck Deck's Jeff Taylor reminds us:

"Recall that Chief Rodney Monroe blew into town and fired existing CMPD spokespeople, saying he’d do the job himself and save money to boot."

Jeff points out that over the past few weeks, "Monroe and CMPD experience some negative press, including stories that involve Monroe’s family members and top CMPD officials and practices".

Which might explain why, "WBTV’s police beat reporter Rob Tufano is jumping the fence to be CMPD’s new spokesman."

Jeff continues by asking: "(Does) this make anyone else go, Hmmmm?"

Tufano adds another layer of spin to the CMPD, giving Chief Monroe the always handy "our spokesman was misinformed".

While the Chief continues to enjoy the Bobcats home games and can be seen almost nightly, standing in the tunnel or sitting next to Bobcat's owner Bob Johnson, the chief no longer blocks the sidewalk with his custom black LTD as Cedar Posts pointed out weeks ago in our story Charlotte's Police Chief Exposed, opting instead to park at the loading dock.

We also note that CMPD Major Vicki Foster is now current on her Mecklenburg County Property Taxes. The past due balance that we pointed out among other things in our Vicki Foster story a few weeks was in excess of $3,000.00 but a check this morning shows Ms. Foster's taxes at least on her home, are now current.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, a leopard doesn't change its spots, just may become more adept at "blending in".

You are correct, he will just use Tufano as another "layer" of protection so he will not be personally responsible for saying ANYTHING. He will not answer anything directly that is the least bit controversial henceforth.

Well, it's like parking at the loading dock, isn't it? He is still going to the games gratis and parking gratis....now the parking is just a little more "in the shadows".

This guy is laughing at the ineffectiveness of City Council all the way "on his way" to D.C.

It is amazing!

How about the little "legal document" I hear was served on him in the last few weeks? Any truth to that rumor, and if so, what was that all about??

Will he be asked to explain any of the lapses in moral judgment and ethics he has had since he has been here, not to mention the direct violations of sop's and directives?

I fear we have become too apathetic as a city to care, I hope I am wrong on this.

Tufano has his work cut out for him.
And how much is he going to cost the city? Will the two or three? CMPD Officers still be used in the the position of Public Information Officers? Or can they now go back to being real cops and doing real police work where they are needed? Will he bring the PIO'S from Richmond it has been rumored he was going to do? I fear it will really "take a village" to keep this guys nose clean and put some major SPIN on him.
It's like a freaking Soap Opera, it really is.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Tufano just put an end to his career as a reporter. It will be very hard to cover up the antics of Monroe. However, corruption certainly has happened in the past to other cities. Hopefully I am wrong though. Regardless I would not want to be Monroe's spokesman. As bad as this sounds, due to the lack of concern by Charlotte about Monroe, the only way we might ever be able to get him out is if crime goes up and the numbers are their to prove it. But who wants crime to go up? (I know the speculation over the false numbers, but regardless the news portrays it as crime is going down) Crappy situation I think.....I still cant get over the No-tell-motel..really a no-tell-motel and he is the Chief? Someone should really look into this...If that was me, my wife would be all over it.