Monday, March 30, 2009

CMPD Officer Driving More Than 90 MPH in Fatal Wreck or Was He?

Monday March 30, 2009 the Charlotte Observer reported that the Charlotte Mecklenburg police officer who was involved in a wreck that killed a 20 year old woman Sunday was driving his patrol car more than 90 mph to a routine traffic stop, according to Police Chief Rodney Monroe.

Monroe said witnesses told police that the vehicle driven by officer Martray Proctor did not have its blue lights on. He said the department, which is investigating the incident, does not believe the sirens were activated.

Shatona Evette Robinson of Davidson died in the wreck on Old Statesville Road and her three passengers were injured. They all had left the hospital by this afternoon.

If the above information is correct it is pretty clear the officer is in the wrong.

But questions remain, conflicting reports abound and some answers given by Chief Monroe may have been premature.

One thing is for sure Chief Monroe did not waste any time in throwing Proctor under the CATS BUS and the Charlotte Observer jumped all over the story of a rogue officer with a history of speeding.

As one poster pointed out in the comments section below, the Chief doesn't know CMPD policy and during the original press conference misspoke on several points.

Which prompts the question where are the CMPD spin doctors that Chief Monroe hired at a cost of $200k or more?

Here's the Emergency Response policy per the CMPD web site:

DIRECTIVES Emergency Response 600-021

Effective Date 02/05/04


The purpose of this policy is to provide officers with guidelines for responding to emergency situations.

The Charlotte - Mecklenburg Police Department is committed to promoting public safety.

Officers responding to an emergency must continually balance the need to remain engaged in an emergency response against all known risks posed to the general public and the officer.


Under proper circumstances, officers are authorized to engage in an emergency response, but must always drive with due regard for the safety of the public, and will use the skills, principles and concepts of the Smith System of driving.

Officers operating any City vehicle will wear the vehicles equipped seat belt properly fastened around their body.

Officers will always have the Mobile Video Recording system (video and audio) on and
recording while engaged in an emergency response.


Emergency Response: Operating a police vehicle in response to either an emergency call received from a dispatcher or to any situation where the officer can articulate a threat of serious injury to an officer or a citizen; Also includes whenever an officer attempts to catch up to another vehicle that would require the officer to either drive while exceeding the posted speed limit or drive in a manner not normally permitted by the law.


A. Only those officers dispatched in response to an emergency call for service by
communications personnel, a supervisor, or the officer on the scene requesting
assistance, may respond with activated blue lights and siren.

B. An officer, while operating a vehicle in emergency response, will do so with due regard to the safety of others. The speed of an officer engaging in emergency response will be reasonable and prudent and take into consideration the following factors:

1. The need for the emergency response versus the risk to the public and officers.

2. Seriousness of call for service (severity of the offense or violation) and officer’s knowledge of previous incidents.

3. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

4. Proximity of the officer to the actual location of the emergency call for service.

5. Time of day, road conditions and environmental concerns such as weather and

6. Type and condition of police vehicles involved.

D. An officer must operate both blue lights and siren when engaged in an emergency
response in order to be exempt from traffic laws. Whenever blue lights and siren are
deactivated, the officer will comply with the posted speed limit and all traffic laws.

E. Vehicles not equipped with both blue lights and siren will not be operated as an
emergency vehicle. Operators of vehicles not equipped with both blue lights and siren
must always obey all traffic laws.

F. Upon approaching a controlled intersection or confronted with traffic congestion, the officer will reduce the speed of the police vehicle. Police vehicles using blue lights and siren will not proceed through an intersection until the officer is sure that all traffic has yielded the right of way to the police vehicle.

G. Officers will always operate blue lights and siren under the following circumstances:

1. At anytime the emergency response requires the officer to travel into opposing
traffic. Officers required to travel into opposing traffic will do so in a safe and
prudent manner with due regard for the safety of the public.

2. When attempting to catch up to another vehicle that would require the officer to
exceed the posted speed limits or to drive in a manner not normally permitted by

3. While attempting a u-turn in traffic for the purpose of attempting to catch up to
another vehicle or to respond to any emergency call for service.

H. Upon arrival at the scene of a call, the responding officer will rapidly evaluate the situation and determine whether additional units are needed or whether other units responding can cancel their emergency response or cancel their response to the call for service.


Directive 400-005 Mobile Video/Audio Recording Equipment
Directive 600-022 Pursuit Driving
CALEA 41.2.1, 41.3.3 and 41.3.8
NCGS 20-145
NCGS 20-156


Anonymous said...

I have to say, I feel bad for everyone involved.

From what I understand, he is a young officer, has only been on a short time.

We have all made mistakes in our lives.

This is one he will have to live with for the rest of his.

And I don't think that will be easy.

And her family will have to live with his mistake...too sad.

CMPD BLUE said...

Failure to command and a serious lack of leadership is the reason behind this tragic event.

It rests square on the shoulders of Chief Monroe.

Anonymous said...

CMPD Blue,
I agree 100%.

He is so concerned with perks and power, he has never had his eye on the ball.

As people have told me, he does not really give a darn about the "cops", just about how he can make himself look good for his next job.

These are the kinds of things that happen when you fail to command and don't have the respect of the officers.

Lead by sleaze.

Anonymous said...

The CMP pull this stupid shit all of the time. I have done several ride a longs. Starting at a young age. Everyone of them I can recall the officer doing something of this nature..WITH ME IN THE CAR. Its like they try to avoid using the lights and siren for some reason. The people I was riding with were usually sergeants or long time patrol officers. So this is by no means the first time this has happened. Just the first or most recent time someone has died. I mean just turn on the freaking dumb are you to go 90!!!!! without a siren?????? I hope he gets manslaughter. I really do.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the CMPD directives concerning emergency driving and when officers should use their blue lights and siren. It is too bad that Chief Monroe didn't bother to read our directives (posted numerous places internally AND on the website for the public) before his off-the-cuff press conference. When asked by a reporter at the press conference about CMPD policies, Chief Monroe said that there was "no hard and fast rule" as to when officers needed to use emergency equipment. Apparantly he has chosen not to become acclimated with our policies or has slept through numerous meetings (including the revision of our chase policy). The HITS staff had to point out to Monroe that, not only does CMPD have "hard and fast rules" but that there is actually NC State Law that dictates blue light and siren use. This was also news to Chief Monroe. But why should we expect an uneducated Chief to know silly things like governing state laws or the rules and regs of his own department?! Furthermore, the exact calculations of speed approximation are not in yet. But why should we let little things like "evidence" or "facts" keep us from speculating. Afterall, in law enforcement we are encouraged to speculate all of the time, release information before it is proven and hold press conferences before all of the facts. Oh, wait a minute, that is just under Media Monroe's regime.

Anonymous said...

Oh! And several witnesses said that the officer WAS running his blue lights but the Chief neglected to mention their account. And the Chief stated that the officer was responding to a "routine" traffic stop. His definition of a "routine" traffic stop is far different from mine. The officer was going to back-up another officer who was not answering his radio and everyone feared that he was in trouble. Let's wait for the evidence and the data from the wrecked car to be downloaded before making assumptions, Chief!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I can't help it, he is just an idiot.

He has not taken the time to review CMPD policies and state laws regarding LAW ENFORCEMENT.

He has no interest in this because, folks, HE IS NOT PLANNING ON STAYING LONG ENOUGH TO MAKE IT WORTH HIS WHILE.

(Is that photo of him in his spiffy white Richmond PD shirt?
Did he introduce white shirts to the RPD, at a huge cost, also?)

Rodney is the "puppet" sitting on
Ray's knee. Ray is Gepetto and Rodney is Pinocchio. Only if Rodney's nose grew every time he lied..unfortunately, I think that is the ONLY way City Council and Curt Walton would actually do something.

Raise your hand if you think Ray is responsible for all of the actual writing coming out of Rodney's office.

These guys are so screwed up, from what I hear, that absolutely NO ONE respects them, not even the ones doing their bidding.

From what I have heard, what they are doing to the CMPD is nothing short of criminal itself.

We are being played and it is not going to be easy cleaning up after the Rod and Ray show.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the "chief" on the news, the first being interviewed with Tufano standing protectively behind him listening to every completely inarticulate thing he said. I think maybe the most helpful thing the "chief" could do for himself is to take a few courses in public speaking. But I don't think that would really help. You have to be able to put a coherent sentence together first, and he really doesn't have the capacity to do that.

Then he was "honoring" the North Division for the drop in crime...COME ON PEOPLE, WAKE THE HELL UP!! THERE IS NO REAL DROP IN CRIME. These little public displays are nothing more than PR, they are total charades.

"chief" Rodney believes in the "big lie" theory, if you keep telling the lie often and long enough, people will believe it.

Once again, how in the world can City Council and Curt Walton continue to allow this inappropriate and unethical man helm the CMPD?

He is making this Police Department a laughing stock in the law enforcement community.

Anonymous said...

So were the lights on or not? I think that makes a HUGE difference in what happened. What kind a idiot drive in front of a cop car with sirens loud and bright? or vice versa...what kind of mindless cop would be doing 90 in response to a emergency without having the lights on. Thats what there for!

Anonymous said...

It would be prudent to let the CMPD finish the INVESTIGATION before making a comment...but Rodney wanted to show he was "the man" by trying to get out ahead of the story. All he did was look like a dope that didn't know what the heck he was talking about.

And I saw that "interview" with Tufano hovering behind Rodney, now that was some good stuff, I LMAO about that.

Also saw the little dog and pony show in the north division put on for the cameras. Did you see Ray-Ray with his civies on looking like someone off the Sopranos?

You are right, people don't seem to care if the drop in crime is real or not (but EVERYONE at CMPD knows these numbers are not real).

I agree, if you tell the lie over and over and over, maybe even the person telling it starts to believe it?

Just amazing that NO ONE ON COMMAND STAFF is willing to take a stand against Rod and Ray-Ray and DO THE RIGHT THING. Is there not someone who is NOT AFRAID of the Dynamic Duo?

Is his daughters' baby daddy still working in Property Control? I wonder what kind of work he did before he hooked up with the "chief" and his daughter?

Anonymous said...

Rodneys own words :

"Perception is reality"

Anonymous said...

I was looking at your voting in regards to "Should Monroe stay or should he go"?

I find it sad that after you agreed to extend the voting
[since one of his cronies commented it was unfair since they didn't know about it) and after all these months they could still only muster up 45 votes in favor of "He is the man for the job!! LMAO

Anonymous said...

I guess its hard to understand the laws if you are sleeping in the academy classes

Anonymous said...

With the public it is "Innocent until proven guilty"

With the police it is "Guilty until proven innocent"

The news conference just shows what we have been trying to tell you all along.....there is no investigations......they are above the law....they are the law.

Anonymous said...

"They" meaning ......"Rodney and Ray Ray"

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:48
You are right about that.

They have positioned themselves, i.e. RayRod, to be absolutely above the law from from I have heard.

They truly do, as someone said, rule with impunity.

They are the law unto themselves.

NO ONE challenges them, no one questions them, and it seems that Command Staff has chugged the KoolAid.

They are making up the "rules" as they go along, they don't have a clue as to a "plan".

From what I have heard, they truly get off on the power and throwing their chubby weight around.

It's like watching a train wreck, you can't look away.

It is just too bad that the CMPD is paying the price for their huge egos.

Anonymous said...

I, as well, feel heartfelt sympathy for everyone involved. A young woman, barely starting out in life, died..... and a young man, trying to do what he believed to be the right thing has to live with this burden for the rest of his life.

But, as we all know, this tragedy (which is what this incident was) became about the almighty $$$ as soon as the media got their filthy hands all over it. And, per the usual response to public outcry, the higher ups in the police department gave their usual knee jerk reaction to anything

Of course, there has been plenty of practice with this since the new regime took office.

I am all for justice, but at least let the investigation take its course. It was disgusting to me to see the family members on the front page of the 'Disturber' the day after it happened. Another blatant attempt by the media to legitimize themselves on the shoulders of tragedy. Couldn't we at least let the family grieve until the funeral was over?

So let's ponder this....what good comes out of lambasting the officer who was involved, what good comes from doling out god knows how much money to the bereaved, what good comes from any of this nonsense?

What we should all strive to remember.... the police, the family and friends of the victim, and the general public who has no idea what really happened is that this incident was an accident and that no amount of money or exposure will ever bring that young lady back. What we must all try to do is learn from this mistake and make improvements that will benefit everyone, not just certain individuals.

Anonymous said...

I remember a time not so long ago that a Captain had the fortitude to speak out against and file the proper complaints against a Major who, similarly to Monroe, abused power, bent the rules and believed that no harm could come because of her political connections. What happened? Are executive staff members so scared to speak out that everyone has lost their sense of what is right and wrong, what is moral and ethical? I used to believe that someone in our executive staff would regain our respect by speaking out against this tyranny. But it seems that we have all become victims to apathy and acceptance of this intolerable dictatorship. I have lost all faith and respect for the "white shirts." Majors and DC's have no excuse-you are supposed to be our leaders and I cannot imagine any punitive measures that can be taken against you for speaking out against this regime. (You can't be sent to midnight shift or the WC Office. Your blissful ignorance is shameful and you, along with Monroe, are the demise of this department and the many good officers' service to this community.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Anon 11:19
Well said, I don't think it could be said any better.

You pretty much called it exactly like it is, and why so many at CMPD are feeling so without hope.

It is so demoralizing to not be able to do anything, and to have those in a position to DO something stand idly by and DO NOTHING.

I'm with you, I am rapidly losing respect for Command Staff. And I don't work for CMPD..but it is very difficult to watch what is happening, even from a distance.

Rodney and Ray are destroying the CMPD, systematically taking it apart bit by bit and turning it into something unrecognizable.
Turning it into a place that the Officers no longer feel proud of.
But are ashamed of.....

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that the "Disturber" and the media jump all over the story about the officer yet they totally ignore the obvious "distubing" violations and actions of monroe and his cronies. You can't tell me that there isn't a story there!! At least the Virginia redsidents can take pride in the fact they have a REAL newspaper that isn't afraid to print the truth about these violations. Why are they not even mentioning all these outrageous actions?
Rodneys outrageous spending habits
His degree
His "baby's daddy" (What a story there)
The bogus parking plackards
His involvement with the Security Firm
The lawsuit filed by another Sgt. at another police department
His "Rewriting of the laws and directives to suit his needs"

And the list goes on and on and hey people he has only been here 8 months!!!

Anonymous said...

The collision will be investigated and fault/punishment will be forthcoming, as it should. However, the rabid sensationalism from our secular-progressive media is sickening. We need to find ways to conserve revenue? How about down-sizing the jail, DA's office, public defenders, and the courts, and simply let our news editors/producers determine guilt or innocence. Wait! How about we let the newest CMPD legal scholar handle everything. From what these bloggers have been reporting, he knows the best way to handle just about everything.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:19 is right...Its not just the chief we should be slamming. But the Deputy Chiefs as well. Other bloggers posted on how some of the other Deputy Chiefs would make for such a better chief. No WAY...they are ALL just as bad as him for watching it happen. A bunch of oversized wusses in my opinion. Who are the deputy chiefs any way? Do they really not care? We should fire them a clean sweep. Even the legit ones standing around doing nothing. Get RID of them.

Anonymous said...

I've got to say, the longer it goes on with no action taken, the more I am in agreement about Command Staff.

Is there not just one person with the fortitude to speak out and stand up to Rodney and Ray?

Exactly what else will they have to do before someone speaks up?

The longer they are allowed to continue, the longer it is going to take for the CMPD to recover.

Come on, if ANYONE else had done the things they have done, the press would be all over it.

What is up with that?

Anonymous said...

In defense to the Command Staff. Most are retiring from soon to only a couple of years from now. So they soon will be on the outside looking in, no longer having to deal with this crap. They already do not like City Council, Walton, and now the chief...maybe they'd rather see it fall apart and then say I told you so to those really at fault...City Council and Curt Walton that is. Regardless the citizens/media are the only way to get it exposed....and the media will not allow that. It would have to be taken to a state level IMO.

Anonymous said...

If they are facing retirement soon, then they really have nothing to lose by doing the right thing here.
And I hope it is not true that they would rather be "right" than to do the "right" thing.

The citizens and the media are not going to make any changes happen...the citizens are apathetic and uninformed and basically are sheep, and they are following the false crime stats so far.

For whatever reasons, the media is afraid of this story, maybe they have been threatened as the FOP was when they TRIED to do something about his lack of a legitimate college degree...I understand they received death threats. Or is it they are just so afraid of being branded as "racists"? I hope they are not laying off Rodney just because he is black. Are they overlooking and not reporting on all the unethical things he has done because he is black? Boy, I hope that is not the case!

IMO, it is going to take someone, anyone in Command Staff to speak out against what is going on at CMPD, it needs to come from there first!

Anonymous said...

None of the DC's are going to do anything about Monroe or his cronies. They have firmly drank the ray-ray koolaid and the words coming out of their mouthes are taking patrol officers by surprise. DCs who were once respected, are now being viewed as nothing more than an extension of Monroe.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:00

I hope you are wrong, but fear you are right.

When Rod/Ray finally finish trashing the CMPD and move on to more fertile ground and trash that, these SAME people that are turning a blind eye to a corrupt leadership are still going to be at CMPD.

And the decent Officers and others are not going to forget their complicity, their total acquiescing in this whole debacle.

Those same DC's, Majors AND Captains are always going to be remembered for not speaking out and speaking up for the CMPD.
Their integrity will always be in question for allowing this nasty regime to continue to operate right under their noses and doing absolutely NOTHING about it.

The REAL hero is going to be the robbery detective who tried to do something about the false crime stats...he took a stand, and NO ONE backed him up, they all looked the other way. Because of their own lack of integrity.

Those who are silent in the face of this are just as guilty as the ones doing the dirty deeds.

Anonymous said...

There are usually some good points inside every story if you look hard enough. The good in this story, however, is right there for all to see. The men and women of the CMPD continue to "do the job." We should be proud and grateful to each of them for being able to focus their energy on serving those in need, despite the shameful actions of the few. While we remember two who gave their all just 2 years ago, let us also remember that the vast majority of officers seem to possess the same traits, and the CMPD is fortunate to have such employee's.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:39
You are right, and it is because of the caliber of people that CMPD has actively recruited and attracted that this is so.

It seems that this might be a thing of the past with the lowering of admittance standards at the Academy and Rodney "hand picking" applicants.(Like his stand-up quasi son-in-law?)

Wouldn't the better thing be to encourage people to strive for excellence, higher standards than to lower standards???

Good Grief, won't someone do SOMETHING?

Those very Officers you spoke of deserve that, for the jobs they do every day.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12 and 12:37 PM....From what i was told part Command Staff, and I think City Council, whoever is responsible for bring Rodney here, could be sued for negligence if they were to expose rodney? Rodney gave this group a people a extremely false since of his real character. Would you speak up after you were tricked into hiring someone if you could potentially be sued over it? When you are set to retire in the next couple of years? They have their hands tied behind there backs big time. Not to mention Rodney is there cant just blame the command would have to blame the entire CMPD under that kind of reasoning. Rodney could make there lives a living hell if they tried to expose him, not to mention the entire city would deem that as racist. I doubt ANY of them want that to happen. You know he could make it to where they would NEVER get to see there families...most of them are already working 80 hours a week under this crazy moron. And they actually do respond to every homicide under the Chiefs orders. They are good guys, your not justified in calling them out like that. Keep your aim at the Chief

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon 3:57
If you keep your mouth shut about what is going on, I'm sorry, you are aiding and abetting. You are in effect, enabling it to continue.

I have heard about the crazy, stupid hours people are having to put in because of the "restructuring".

Sued for negligence??? How about all of the lawsuits that are going to come about BECAUSE OF RODNEYS'
MALFEASANCE? I do not believe that would be a case, the case of "negligence".

I am sure it could be proven that he misrepresented himself, hell, everyone knows he did....starting with his degree and what it was NOT in. Two boldface lies from the get go.

And Command Staff are the ones that work DIRECTLY with Rodney, they are the only ones with any "muscle" to stand up to him and RayRay. They are the ones that would know where the bodies are buried. I just hope they didn't have a hand in digging the holes!

IF they are men/women enough to take a stand on this, together, I doubt that Rodney would have the balls to seek revenge on them with the media and the public looking at the situation for what it is.

Rodney likes to operate in the shadows...and the media is allowing him that freedom, who knows why. Bring it all out into the daylight, the bright light of day.

And I would take my chances on being called names, i.e."racist", if it meant saving the CMPD from this rotten regime.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:57; The only people who are in jeopardy of being sued are the Chief and Curt Walton. Chief Monroe obtained his degree "by false pretense" by stating that he had the proper education to qualify him for the job. And Curt Walton was responsible for hiring him and either 1) knew about Romo's lack of college credit hours or 2) didn't care. Either way, Walton and Walton alone did not do the appropriate background check and hired a fraud. Were you aware that the initial posting for the Charlotte Chief of Police position required a Master's degree? But Curt lowered the standards (as Monroe is currently doing for the CMPD's Academy) to allow Rodney to participate in the process. (And I use the term "process" very loosely since he was a shoe in from the get-go.) And I think that you are ignorant to police process and also responsible for current corruption if you are suggesting that Executive Staff members should keep their mouths shut while approximately 1500 officers who work beneath them suffer. You think that Executive Staff's lives could be "living hell" if they speak out? What is their other option? To wait around and see what other dictator proclamations Monroe sets at his own whim? Aside from responding to homicides in the middle of the night, E Staff members work 9-5, Monday through Friday. There is no "dumping ground for misfits" (i.e. Duty Captain's Office or Animal Control) for Majors and above. They hold the power for change and they can form a united front and fight Monroe and Walton, if they so choose.

Anonymous said...

so naive..citizens keep your mouth shut please...let the CMPD deal with this....actually...keep posting angry comments on this blog...that most certainly suffices as keeping your mouth shut....thank you...How can you blame the Dep. cheifs, Majors, and Captains...with out them this city would have been six feet deep in hell...right now its around 3 maybe 4 feet?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:51
When you can tell me exactly what they are doing, then I will "keep my mouth shut".

From what I hear, a lot feel it IS 6 feet deep in hell right now.

It's called "concerned citizen" and "freedom of speech".

You are awfully defensive, perhaps because more is not being done?

We all want the same thing, for Rodney and Ray to take the first bus out of town.

Anonymous said...

well keep posting away I guess...maybe somehow that will help

Anonymous said...

It could be like peeing into the wind, but just MAYBE someone is listening and doing some investigating.

This Blog doesn't have the readership of the Observer by a long shot, but at least Cedar is posting about the crap going on, and allowing an open forum for discovery and discussion.

I don't think it can hurt to have these things disclosed to the public, do you?

I hear most at the CMPD know about this Blog, including Command Staff.

So it's just a matter of time before mainstream media publicizes it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:08: I hope that you are right. Please forgive me, though, if I don't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

New thread post...3 people killed because 2 cars were racing on Hwy 49. One driver is charged with 2nd degree murder.

Remember when CMPD had a Highway Interdiction and Traffic Safety Unit. They did an undercover investigation for several months and resulted in the seizure of over 30 souped up cars (The chief's future son-in-law really enjoyed the 350z).

HITS is now scattered to the various districts as traffic officers.

I guess the racers are back with No Fear because it is now the Scattered Highway Interdiction and Traffic Safety Unit...S. H. I. T. S. Unit. They were sent to the districts to beef up patrol and write tickets.

Makes you shake your head to his thought process.

Anonymous said...

I hope that someone was paying attention: I noticed that DC Medlock conducted the press conference on Tuesday regarding the horrific crash that killed 3 people Saturday night. Perhaps Command Staff learned from Monroe's last press conference and were afraid that he would say something similar to "there are no 'hard and fast rules' against drag racing in Charlotte."

Anonymous said...

Why is CMPD doubling their PAO? They've gone from 2 officers to now having 2 officers, a captain, and Rob T.

Also isn't Rob doing Julie Hill's old job?

Anonymous said...

Supposedly they're adding one more PAO as well

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:39
Because their jobs are going to be impossible....Rodney is a public relations nightmare, as is RayRay.
Rodney is inarticulate and ill me, he won't be making any more "statements" off the cuff. Everything will be scripted from now on.
And RayRay doesn't want to appear as though he is the "brains" behind the curtain, so he doesn't make statements directly to the press.
There is a huge difference between the way Rodney speaks and the written statements that come out supposedly from him.
I had heard that there was another spin doctor coming from Richmond?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, word is there's another PAO employee coming from Richmond, which is great considering there's a serious hiring freeze right now. But wait, who has been brought in since the hiring freeze? Oh that's right, Chief's secretary, Rob Tufano, and this new lackey from Richmond...

Anonymous said...

The DA's office received the HITS investigation today about Proctor's wreck and, again, Monroe missed an opportunity to explain how he mispoke previously about Proctor responding to a "routine" traffic stop. At least the PIO office had the decency to send out the release internally prior to releasing it to the media, although it was probably only a few minutes earlier than the media received it. Monroe's silence about his previous ignorance about the circumstances of the wreck (and his unprepared press conference) further condemns Officer Proctor. Monroe does not care anything about the officers who work for him; he cares only about his public image. My disgust for Monroe and his apathy towards the CMPD grows each day.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:00: In the year that he has been our "leader," I have received only 2 correspondences from the man. The first was the infamous "Who approved?" email (which I am sure he accidentally hit 'reply all' to everyone) and the other was Curt Walton's plagiarized email about how the CMPD won't be getting raises this year, despite our stellar "reduction in crime." He met with the public BEFORE he penciled in time to meet with his troops and he has made decisions about programs, units, divisions, etc. without bothering to ask for anyone's opinion. He is a tyrant who is self-absorbed, ignorant and is cushioning himself with well-paid transplanted Richmond "allies" to further his reign of power and probably corruption.

Anonymous said...


From: Monroe, Rodney
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 11:55 PM
To: Schultz, Fazile; _CMPD Sworn Employees
Cc: Hannan, Miriam; Burris, Patricia
Subject: RE: Vacancy Announcement - Violent Crimes Division, Assault with Deadly Weapon Unit (ADW)

Who approved?

From: Schultz, Fazile
Sent: Monday, October 20, 2008 3:55 PM
To: _CMPD Sworn Employees
Cc: Hannan, Miriam; Burris, Patricia; Schultz, Fazile
Subject: RE: Vacancy Announcement - Violent Crimes Division, Assault with Deadly Weapon Unit (ADW)
Importance: High

Vacancy Announcement
Violent Crimes Division
Assault with Deadly Weapon Unit (ADW)

The Assault with Deadly Weapon Unit is updating their eligibility list for future vacancies. Any Charlotte Mecklenburg Police officer with a minimum of three years experience is eligible. Applicants must submit a request for transfer form (p-56) through your Chain of Command. Applicants must also submit a resume along with a letter of interest to Sgt. Harris and/or Sgt. Miller of the ADW-Unit by the close of business Friday, November 3, 2008.

This process will include an interview with the chain of command of the ADW-Unit.

Any questions should be directed to:

Sgt. Harris (704)301-8605

Sgt. Miller (704) 572-4454

Anonymous said...

Just proves what I have said and heard all along....he does not have a clue as to what is going on and he does not know how to lead or run a Police Department.

RayRay is making all the decisions...and what will he do when he doesn't have a RayRay around to explain things to him? And write stuff for him? And run the dept for him.

And he CAN'T delegate because he has not a clue as to a "plan". I don't believe RayRay lets him make many decisions all by himself. I think we have seen what happens when he follows his own instincts....He simply is not capable of doing it by himself...he has to have all his cronies with him to guide him and to shield him.

He is a sham of a "man". A smug, shallow,egotistical one dimensional excuse for a chief of police. Sorry, there is no nice way to say it.

Anonymous said...

Why does the guy Ray-Ray, let Rodney run all over him like that? Obviously he is the brains of this wll thought out operation. Both him and Rodney know this right? Does Rod look better on camera or something? Why does Ray Ray let Monroe take credit for his crappy ideas? Anyway, seems like ray ray is rodneys...cant think of a nice way to say it really...workhorse...i guess? What does the Who Approved article prove about him?

Anonymous said...

Rodney is not "running over" RayRay.

They are a "team", with RayRay as the brains..and that is sad indeed.
RayRay is about 30 years behind the police model curve. He governs what he knows, and that's not much.

Besides, he is getting a free car, a really nice salary and many more "perks" that will serve him well in his "retirement".

Plus he is close to Richmond, where his wife still lives.

It's a win/win for both of them.
RayRay is helping propel rodney towards his ultimate goal of going to DC.

He is there pure and simple "to prop Rodney up".

Rodney couldn't allow any of the Deputy Chiefs to get that close to him and see how really incompetent he is...thus the reason for bringing RayRay with him.

Anonymous said...

His wife still lives in Richmond? Does that mean he isnt actually a resident of NC?

Anonymous said...

Looks the officer has been charged with involuntary manslaughter