Thursday, March 12, 2009

Only in the Carolinas

St. Patrick's Day Canceled

Blame the whole thing on the bad luck of the Irish or if you rather not upset the Leprechaun faction, or just blame it on Charlotte.

In a colossal example of stupid the organizers behind Charlotte's St. Patrick's Day Parade have canceled the parade set for this Saturday March 14th, due to predicted "inclement weather" and will hold the parade the following weekend.

With all good intentions, the parade committee was concerned about the "small children and seniors," of course they forget about the corporate sponsors who planned their weekend around the parade and festival and folks who have full time jobs.

Parade's like, marathons, The Carolina Cup, Football Games, Golf Championships, Baseball Games and so on, are never re-scheduled, maybe delayed and in some cases canceled but never re-scheduled. This is really bad judgement on the part of the committee, and is so counter intuitive that nothing good will come of this.

If it pours on Saturday there will be no standing ovation, or cheers, if it doesn't pour the parade committee is toast, and even worse is if it rains next Saturday.

So as my grandfather Shamus O' Malley would say: "There will be no argument for Stupid"!

If you ask Cedar Posts stupid is as stupid does, Easter has also been moved back a week and the 4th of July will now be held on the 14th.

A North Myrtle Beach man has been cited for Having a Hyena in his Backyard.

The Sun News reported Wednesday that the year-old hyena named Bubbles has been moved to Alligator Adventure in North Myrtle Beach.

The animal's owner, 26-year-old Nicolas Petock, was cited for owning and displaying a wild or exotic animal after police went to his home last Friday and saw the beast. It had been housed in a chain link pen that had a dog house in the center.

Petock told police he brought the hyena from Texas.

Officer Shoots Himself in the Leg

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer accidentally shot himself in the leg Wednesday night during an exercise at the department's training facility on Shopton Road.

Anthony Jackson, who's been an officer for nearly 20 years, suffered injuries to his lower right leg while pulling the gun out of his holster during the training exercise, where officers shoot at paper targets.

Jackson, an officer in the Hickory Grove division in northeast Charlotte, was treated at Carolina's Medical Center and thankfully released around 10 p.m.

Cedar Post is glad Jackson was not more seriously injured.

Chief Rodney Monroe congratulated the officer for helping crack down and crime and reminded officers on the scene that self inflicted gunshot wounds are to be reported as parking violations on police incident reports.


JanetLee said...

Now, if that SC fellow was educated in SC public schools, he could probably get away with the claim that he thought it was a fancy dog.

Anonymous said...

What cancel a parade? Wait whatever happened to the old saying "rained on your parade"?

It's time honored, sometimes it rains on your parade and that is just the way it goes, the old saying is not "sometimes your parade gets moved to another date because of forescast bad weather".

You just don't change the date PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope the injury improved Barney's putting stroke.