Friday, April 10, 2009

CMPD Releases 1st Quarter Crime Numbers

On Tuesday April 7, 2009, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police again reported a staggering drop in crime, down 26 percent for the first quarter of 2009 when compared to the same three months last year.

Deputy Chief Harold Medlock told the Charlotte Observer: "statistics today that show violent crime falling 31 percent and property crime down 25 percent. Each of the department's 13 patrol divisions showed declines."

According to the Charlotte Observer:

"CMPD also reported a surge in robberies in southwest Charlotte's Independence Division."

Cedar Posts is not sure who is dumb and who is dumber, The Charlotte Observer for reporting that the Independence Division is in "Southwest Charlotte" or King Rodney's Command Staff for saying "Southwest Charlotte's Independence Division".

Chief Rodney Monroe said "The 43 percent increase in robberies there was due to a surge in incidents last month."

He said he approved overtime and extra motorcycle and K9 units to patrol the area, according to the Charlotte Observer.

“It's a crime of opportunity and some people are taking advantage,” said Monroe.

Wonder if the Charlotte Observer Editors were yucking it up when they let the above quote go to the newsstands.

Chief Rodney has again spoken and again it's clear he is a buffoon, a class clown and I am ROFLMAO! I'm sorry but if Chief Monroe had a clue he would tone down the rhetoric or better yet let someone else do the talking.


Props to readers of Cedar Posts who directed us to the Crime in Charlotte Blog which covers the never ending procession of crooks passing through Mecklenburg County's legal system, most wanted and much much more about crime in Charlotte.


Anonymous said...

Motorcycle units? They arent going to prevent any robberies. All those guys exist for is the writing of tickets on major traffic ways; they arent in the nighborhoods where robberies occur.

Its just like everything else. They arent any more officers out on the street since the administration changed. Monroe came in saying that he was going to send all kinds of officers back to the street and it didnt occur. HITS? They are in the patrol districts now, but they only write tickets. No call taking for them and them are forced to stay in the high traffic areas or get yelled out by deputy chiefs for not writing enough tickets. IRU? They were sent back to patrol, but only work during the day and do the same thing they did when they were working at the Law Enforcement Center. Street Crimes Task Force? They were the only ones that were actually sent back to the street. 30 guys spread across 13 patrol districts.

You are seeing these drastic drops due to people fudging numbers, nothing more. Of course robberies are going to drop when you have cases being filed as larcenies from business when they are actually armed robberies.

Anonymous said...

How did Curt Walton and the city council pass over Deputy Chief Sennett who had a 29 year Career with CMPD for Rodney Monroe? Unbelievable!!! What a mistake Curt.

(In announcing his retirement, Chief Sennett stated, “It has been an honor for me to spend 29 years at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and to be a part of the department’s evolution into one of the finest urban police departments in the country. I have had the privilege of working with talented and dedicated officers and value the relationships that we have built with the community. I felt that it was time to move on to the next chapter in my life and I look forward to using the experience I have gained to meet new challenges.”

Chief Rodney Monroe praised Chief Sennett’s service to CMPD: “Jerry Sennett has served this department and this community with distinction for 29 years. He has been a tremendous asset to me during my first few months in the department; he has helped me understand the department’s history, structure, and procedures and has been a valued advisor as we have worked through our recent reorganization. We will miss Jerry’s experience and guidance but I wish him well as he moves on to other opportunities.”

City Manager Curt Walton also praised Chief Sennett’s 29 years of service: “Jerry has been instrumental in many areas and, in particular, leading our Support Services and Field Services Groups. His leadership, contributions and accomplishments go far beyond this organization. His work with citizens, families, and victims of crime truly showed his commitment to and passion for law enforcement. The relationships he helped build with residents, neighborhoods, businesses and local officials are a testament to how well he served our organization.”)

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:15,
I couldn't have said it better.

And his appearance on the "gangs" special last night would have been laughable if he wasn't our very own police "chief". His arrogance came shining through. What a nitwit, I'm sorry. And that stupid grin when he was asked about the Feds prosecuting and "locals" not? He truly is a PR nightmare. But he tried to set himself up for blaming all increase in crimes in the future on "gangs".

And how stupid do you have to be to KEEP posting false crime stats?
Truly, his arrogance is going to catch up with him, one would hope!

So, nothing has changed, the numbers are STILL bogus and he still continues to get away with it?

I just can't believe how City Council and Curt Walton continue to have their heads in the sand, or somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Sound like Sennett saw what was coming early on and got the he$$ out of there!

"One of the finest urban police departments in the country"

"relationships built with the community"

"Serving the department and community with distinction"

"true commitment and passion for law enforcement and the community"

Obviously a thing of the past and obviously not what Curt Walton was looking for.

Anonymous said...

The City Manager made no secret of what he wanted in a new police chief, and he went out and got it. Competance, innovation, and leadership were not of primary concern. Those attributes have been attributed to former DC Sennett, who was apparently the legitimate choice for the position. However, to quote our coach, "it is what it is" and I hope our police officers remember they have our support, and to go home after their shift.

Anonymous said...

It is truly amazing to me that ANYONE takes Rodney and RayRay seriously.

You can cook the books all day long, but the people that live in the neighborhoods and inner city of Charlotte know their crimes have NOT gone down and they do not feel safer.

When the heck is someone going to have the courage to do a little digging, to do a REAL investigative report on what is really going on inside the CMPD and interview people in Charlotte to see if they feel crime has gone down in THEIR neighborhoods.

It is rather like a broken record, pointing these things out over and over and having no one believe or listen, or to take the time to find out the truth behind all the rumors. And as far as I can tell, it is just about all TRUTH.

coachbro said...

Big PROPS to you Cedar for including as a resource for your fellow bloggers. I am VERY familiar with the manager of this site, and use it frequently. CMPD administrators have been known to visit as well, mostly due to the fact there is so much good information available.

JAT said...

The CO's crime reporting is a joke.

After that big "federal" sweep in February, the one that was supposedly in the works for six months, I emailed the reporter who "covered" the story to ask how many of those arrested were on probation/parole. I got back a smart-azz answer about how they'd get to that and how many of those arrested had charges pending, which of course is not the same thing.

So I went out and found the info for myself. Typical revolving door stuff indicating that just how broken the state/local system really is.

But as long as the public is kept in the dark about it, it never changes.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, you are right.

I watched his interview on the gang problem in Charlotte.

I agree, it was just so very bad.

How can City Council continue to do nothing?

It kind of reminds me of Bernie Madoff....everyone KNEW, but as long as things LOOKED GOOD, no one really wanted to do anything about it. It was all a house of cards, much like our new "crime stats".

But as long as it is what people WANT to believe, nothing will be done until it is too late and the crap REALLY hits the fan....much like Madoff.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Virginina posts the SAME THING about "cooking the books" and all the complaints here in Charlotte happened in Virginia to the "T". How can this all just be a coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:41,
It's NOT.

But if is beyond any amount of reason I can think of why City Council and Curt Walton are not willing to confront this and other issues with rodney.

No personal responsibility from them? I guess that is no surprise.

And they will be the first ones to cry "I didn't know, didn't have a clue as to what was going on!".

After all, it's just politics as usual.

But it's the CMPD and people of Charlotte who are getting screwed.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be the one to say it but the majority of the citizens of charlotte love the guy. They like how he is getting his image out to the people. Something Stevens did not do. For the most part, the citizens have no clue to the shady behavior going on behind the scenes. They only see his smile everywhere and the false numbers. It's a very very good scheme.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was his modus operandi in Richmond, also.

But my question is why don't the media outlets report on the shady behavior?

They certainly have enough leads, just from this Blog.

I go back to the basics, they are afraid of the race card, and rodney KNOWS this and uses it to his every he did also in Richmond.

Oh yes, his ego is huge and he loves to see himself on camera and in the paper.

And the only thing the Observer is NOT afraid of reporting on are the FALSE crime stats!

And so the fallacy continues...and he continues to ruin the good name of the CMPD.

You would think there would be just one person, just one person who has the integrity to stand up to someone of such questionable ethics.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the public just doesn't want to know what is going on behind the scenes at CMPD.

I sense a real apathy from the people I talk to..."well, it seems like crime is going down". So it would seem like his ploy has worked, so far. It's just a matter of how long he can keep it up before there is an official investigation launched by the SBI.....and that will come.

With this new African American female PIO that they just hired, ostensibly living in Charlotte, but the last place she worked was in DC/Maryland, so you can just bet your butt there is a
"rodney" connection there somewhere. She is either a friend, a relative of a friend, or a relative of rodney's...there is some connection, and I am working on that right now. Once again, was there not someone actually from/living in Charlotte that was qualified to do this job? Was one of the qualifications that they had to be African American? And just when did she move here? How long has she lived here? Come on people, she moved here for this job, someone else he has "brought into the fold". I am sure she will be going to Friendship Baptist soon if she doesn't already.

I am almost getting the feeling, from what I am hearing, that there are clearly cases of reverse discrimination going on under 'ole rodney and rayray.

Anonymous said...

The internal release on the new PAO said that she worked for UNCC "briefly." I agree with you, though. I am sure that there was someone from Charlotte who was qualified for the position, although her bio says that she has a BA from Howard and a Masters from Johns Hopkins, so she just may be qualified. I hope so. I don't know how or why we are spending all of this money on civilians to speak to the media. I believe that credible, uniformed officers should be the image and voice of the CMPD.

Anonymous said...

If sworn Officers were speaking for CMPD and rodney, then they obviously would have to tell the truth, their careers would be on the line.

A "civilian" would not be held to the same "standards" and is free to spin the truth or downright lie with a "what I MEANT to say", or "I misspoke".

That is why he wants civilians.

Well, let's hope her degrees are legitimate and didn't come off a matchbook cover.

Anonymous said...

The department went from two officers and the competent and qualified Julie Hill, to two officers, a captain, and two civilian spokespeople. I have no way to confirm it, but I've heard the latest hire is making a six figure salary.
Isn't there a budget problem for the city? Yet the staff continues to grow. When was the last time any of these PIO representatives appeared on camera? Captain Rob Brisley has been the public face of CFD for years. What do all of these people do at CMPD now?

Anonymous said...

Good question. I hear that Tufano is now in charge of writing all press releases, not just "Crimestoppers" like he was initially billed. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they find their way back in patrol or becoming glorified "call screeners" for Tufano and the new girl.

Anonymous said...

City salaries are public record. A brave reporter should print Ray-Ray's, the assistant's, Tufano's and the new girl's salary to show the public how much money Romo is spending to insulate himself.

Anonymous said...

I especially enjoyed the Observer article about how Romo is now trying to tell the latino community that they are valued. I can't understand why they might feel overlooked and distrustful of police! Especially since Rod got rid of the Int'l Relations Unit despite their public outcry! But now it is popular for him to cater to the hispanic community and he changes his mind?!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:43

My thoughts EXACTLY! Are the citizens of Charlotte AWAKE?

This was all over the news at the time, no one really thought it was a good idea to disband a group that had been working hard for years to build communication, respect and response within the hispanic community. But, as usual, rodney wasn't listening.

So NOW he says he is "concerned" about relations within the hispanic community. Give me a break....just something else his HUGE PR MACHINE has thought of to try to make him "look concerned" like he really cares. I call major BS on this, as with just about everything he does.

His motivations are simple, whatever he can do to make himself look good and ingratiate himself to the public. In order to pad his thin resume to move on to his "dream" job in DC. He wants to return to DC as the "conquering hero", and anticipates being able to "pay back" all those people there that he feels "wronged" his history there. The only thing "transparent" about rodney and the CMPD at this point are rodney's motives.

I feel a grass roots campaign coming on....

Anonymous said...

It all starts with the individuals who hired Chief Monroe, basically the blame should also fall on City Council. Just wonder when someone will wake up and smell the coffee. I'm sure there were more qualified candidates which were applying for the job of the new Chief of Police for CMPD.

The damage is already done and there will is no way in which it can not be repaired. CMPD's reputation has already gone down the toilet.

ROMO and RAYRAY, they are good at pulling the wool over the public's eyes and fuding the numbers. I wish one of the news stations here would do some research and tell the real story. Since you don't see or hear many positive things in which law enforcement are doing here in Charlotte. They are just quick to report stories of all the negatives things law enforcement have done lately.

Anonymous said...

It's done and City Council are a bunch of IDIOTS. They are only concerned about themselves and no one else especially the public. When it comes time for them to try and stay where they are. Hopefully the community will do something about it and as I'm sure are already fed up with their BS.

I saw this article and it didn't catch me by surprise. It is the ten worst cities due to crime statistics. Charlotte North Carolina should have been on there. But thanks to ROMO'S and his staff messing with the numbers and reporting to the FBI. They have been able to stay off the list. Here is the URL just incase you would like some interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I would like to thank Cedar for posting a link to the article pertaining to the crime stat reporting system. Here is the link just incase other people who be interested to read instead of having to search for it. Just cut and paste it in your browser.

Finally someone raised enough hell to make a tv station pick up on it and report on it. Of course you can read through the BS at CMPD'S reply. This is just another way to hide the truth. Hopefully, the Citizens of Charlotte finally have had enough of ROMO'S Reign of Terror. And they will take their complaints to City Council before it gets any worse.