Friday, April 17, 2009

Ten Things Not to Eat while Dinning Out

Years of being around the restaurant biz makes me sometimes wonder why anyone would want to go out for dinner. Now a couple of ding dong Domino's employees in Conover, North Carolina are accused of boogering up Domino's pizzas on YouTube.

Makes you wonder about the above advertisement?

It's no big secret that a good chef will make his living out of the trash can. Food waste is a restaurants biggest expense or in other words profit comes out of the garbage and so might your dinner.

Sure the health department has given your fav place an "A" rating. For years the County health inspector(now director)who covered my brother's restaurant made it clear he'd would be happy to trade lunch for a 99% rating. My brother's restaurant always had a 99% rating never 100% and never 98%.

Truth is if your fav place drops to a "B" never never eat there again because chances are that they will just be sure they have the incentive money for the higher score on the re-inspection.

Most restaurants employ some form of recycling program, we are not talking about paper or fryer grease we are talking F O O D! Yep that's right food wonderful food. There's some guy whose job it is to scarf up all the leftovers he can so they can be served again. Profit from the trash.

Here are some examples of things you might what to think twice about:

Butter - Those cute little butter pats you see at IHOP pass.... unless it's wrapped chances are it's made the a trip back to the kitchen where the dish washer gathers up the unused ones and puts them back in the cooler. Butter too deformed to send back out ends up in a pot to be served with the broiled lobster.

Rolls - Unless they are so hot you can't touch them pass. They are always recycled.

Croutons - Don't you just love those really big croutons you get on your salad in fine restaurants? Well, guess what they do with the rolls and bread that has become too dried out to recycle? ... yeap croutons.

Parsley - Never Never eat the parsley it's not food and it's a recyclable. Endive - Ditto

Pickles - Never Never eat the pickles.

Baked Potatoes - Odds are about 1 in 20 yours has been on a plate before. Not too bad but after the 3rd trip or six hours in the warmer they get slimy and are turned into potato salad.

Potato Salad - Never eat the potato salad.

Tomatoes - Sliced are fine but, wedges are recycled because they hold up better.

Soups - OK think about it what did your grandmother do with the left overs? Prime rib and steak become vegetable beef soup. Lobster bisque? Pass! Fish chowder? Pass! Gumbo that's not in NO? Pass!

Specials - What's so special about a special??? Well, in a lot of cases it's the leftovers. Any restaurant that suddenly has a special not on the menu should be suspect. Lasagna, Homestlye Meat Loaf, any kind of casserole. Pass!Pass! Pass!

I'm not trying to gross you out just but the next time your date asks "are you going to eat that pickle?" you can offer him some advice or let him have it with a pleasant "it's all yours"

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