Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trouble at Whiskey River

I stumbled across this photo of someone looking a whole lot like my favorite 100 pounds of trouble Danica Patrick, apparently waiting for a friend last week outside Dale Jr's Whiskey River in uptown Charlotte.

A couple things came to mind:

1. Not the kind of girl I’d want to bring home to meet my mother.

2. I wouldn't be thinking about my mother if I brought her home.

3. I'd hate to be her father.

4. But I’d love to be her “Daddy”.

5. You don’t need implants to have a hotter than train smoke body.

6. I suddenly feel older than 40, ashamed and dirty.


Anonymous said...

Cedar you are a PIG!

Anonymous said...

Bet she spent nearly 1000 dollars on that outfit. Too freaking funny!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cedar Hot as train smoke!