Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CMPD Brass Email Request for LE Exam Info

Chief Monroe is more than a little concerned about passing the State Law Enforcement Certification Exam.

From several sources including WBT’s Keith Larson it appears that there was an email sent from CMPD Brass looking to put together a "study guide" (AKA the answers) or a cheat sheet to prep the chief on the upcoming test.

Sure why not? I mean why take the time to actually learn about police work and North Carolina statues when you can have someone just give you the answers?

If your are used to people just handing you a college degrees, promotions, free golf clubs, basketball tickets, lodging at the Holiday Inn or keys to a new car why would you think it would be any different.

I don't think the Chief will have any trouble passing the test unless it requires a 100 word essay defining the term honesty.

Update Thursday June 4, 2009

Well it seems the "Email Test Request" story has sprouted legs. Keith Larson over at WBT has been all over this new twist in the King Rodney saga and now even the slow to act Charlotte Observer has run a story.

Chief Monroe repudiates captain's e-mail on test prep

Training director solicited instructors for ‘answers' that would help the chief study for a key exam.

By Christopher D. Kirkpatrick
Posted: Thursday, Jun. 04, 2009

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Chief Rodney Monroe strongly objected to an e-mail sent by a training captain last week asking for help crafting “answers” Monroe could use to study for a police exam.

Capt. Mike Campagna, training director, sent an e-mail last Thursday to about two dozen police instructors asking for help creating a study guide for the chief.

“I need each of you to draft up the ‘answers' to each of the training objectives in the lesson plan for your block.”

He continued: “I know this is a bunch of work on top of your regular duties, but I appreciate your assistance on this, as I know the Chief will as well.”

But the next day, Monroe e-mailed Campagna and the instructors, saying he found the request “to be highly inappropriate.”

“This is not the approach I have or will take in preparing myself for the exam. I will continue to prepare myself in the same manner that every other person that is preparing for the exam is taking.”

Monroe, who was hired last June after serving as police chief in Richmond, Va., must pass the exam by July 30 to be a certified police officer in North Carolina. A certification is not required for a police chief to run a department, but it allows recipients to serve as sworn officers with arrest powers, a badge and a gun.

Monroe was on vacation and unavailable for comment Wednesday, according to a police spokesman.

Deputy Chief Ken Miller said Campagna acted on his own but wouldn't say whether the captain faced discipline, calling it a personnel matter.

Chief Monroe faced controversy shortly after Charlotte hired him, when a whistleblower in Virginia claimed Monroe's college degree had been improperly awarded.

An investigation last year by Virginia Commonwealth University concluded that even though Monroe had accumulated plenty of college credits from an online university and the FBI academy, he didn't earn enough at VCU to qualify for the 2007 degree.

College officials let his VCU degree stand, however, saying they could rescind degrees only in cases of academic misconduct. Officials said Monroe had done nothing wrong.

Monroe has said he simply followed VCU's instructions for what officials said he needed to earn a degree.

A bachelor's degree is required to be Charlotte's police chief.

Cedar Posts knows Mike Campagna and while he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, he is not so stupid as to think up this idea all by by himself. No doubt he'll be thrown under the bus just as soon as the chief gets back from "vacation".

Speaking of tools, royalty he is not and anyone who knows the chief knows that these words..... “This is not the approach I have or will take in preparing myself for the exam. I will continue to prepare myself in the same manner that every other person that is preparing for the exam is taking.” were not thought up by Chief Monroe, I'd guess the spin department at CMPD is working a little overtime.


Anonymous said...

Thank you to the RECRUIT who blew the whistle...

Anonymous said...

Whomever blew the whistle is a hero in my book, and to many others, too.

If it was a recruit, it's a real shame that a veteran CMPD member didn't have the balls to make this public.

And where is the public outrage over this, like it was over the "scandal" a few years ago with the same thing at the academy?????

Rodney and Ray are getting away with murder at the CMPD and this latest outrage should get him investigated by the SBI and FIRED.

And his NON RESPONSIVE RESPONSE was par fort he course. He always keeps that shield of ray/ray between him and the lie.

He, and Ray, both of them need to be polygraphed, BOTH OF THEM.

There are two thugs in charge at the CMPD, and they are bringing down a good PD.

We won't be seeing much of Rod/Ray this summer, it's golf season you know, they will be hard to find.


I am sure the Captain at the academy DID NOT DO THIS ON HIS OWN, I AM JUST AS SURE IT WAS NOT HIS IDEA. Let's see, MAJOR PEARSALL is his immediate superior, is she not? I will bet you any amount of money she had to know about this.

Anonymous said...

this is not an attempt to defend or excuse the chief. it should be known that a recruit did NOT blow the whistle. in fact, they are likely unaware of the email. the email requesting answers to the block objectives was retracted. the chief responded with an email that he did not request any assistance with the exam. the incident was blown out of proportion.

Anonymous said...

So the Chief only wanted answers to part of the exam?

And then after the email requesting the answers went out the Chief emailed everyone and said he was only kidding?

Sounds like bull hockey to me.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:08
I am calling bullcrap.

Did you hear/read the email?

And did you hear the chief's response?

Yes, it was "retracted" AFTER it was made public....give me a break.

Doesn't matter who blew the whistle.....people need to blow it louder.

Do you really think the "chief" didn't know anything about this?


It's whatever it takes to get ahead....those are his "ethics".

And you can bet your sweet ass that someone, somehow will make sure he passes with flying colors.

You need a reality check if you think neither he, nor ray/ray, nor major pearsall didn't know anything about this.

Come on, folks, get your heads out of the sand.

I heard the email, and IT WAS NOT BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION, ABSOLUTELY NOT. In my humble opinion, it's not getting the all out attention it should be getting.

It clearly shows the character of the man. And the pattern of unethical behavior. He "did not request" help? Yea, right. And I am just SURE he would have turned it down if it hadn't been made public.

Let's see what happens to the Captain who sent it....wait for it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. The Captain who sent the email should be packing his office for the Watch Commander's midnight shift very soon. That's what happens now when someone purposefully or inadvertantly embarasses anyone in the "inner Romo" circle. The vindictiveness of Romo punishes and the Captain will surely be punished for his part in this latest flap. It is still unclear if the Captain was trying to kiss Romo's ass by providing him assistance or if he was trying to "blow the whistle" (i.e. all of the attention that he must have know that this would get by questioning Romo's ethics and intelligence) in his own way. I would like to hope that this was a not-so-subtle way to "follow a direct order" (from Pearsall if she demanded that a special study guide be created especially and only for Romo) and bring attention to Romo's inadequacies, too. But, then again, I have had hope for a year now that someone would have the balls to expose him for the incompetent that he is and it hasn't happened yet.

Anonymous said...

I personally want to believe he was trying in his own way to "blow the whistle" on these two. And kudos to him, everyone should be grateful.

You see, if EVERYONE who got one of those "nod, nod..wink,wink" orders questioned them in an email,WRITTEN DOWN, such as "I have received such and such an order through word of mouth and just want to confirm what you mean by "such and such" as I am unclear on this".....if EVERYONE did this, there would soon be a paper trail of what is going on.

And there won't be enough room in the Watch Commander's office pretty soon.....I imagine they will start to threaten people with
demotions and such soon enough.

If you DISAGREE AT ALL WITH ROD/RAY, if you have a difference of opinion, or if you even have a LEGITIMATE complaint about working conditions, had better pack your bags, because you are about to be banished to the tenth ring of hell.

If this doesn't blow the lid off these two corrupt individuals, I just don't know what will.

EVERYTHING I hear about the CMPD, virtually no one but his INNER CIRCLE is happy with the self serving way rod/ray are running the department. And rod/ray have managed to put people that have an
allegiance to him in positions of reporting directly back to him, snitches, if you will...always in his "camp" and reporting on anyone they feel is not "on board".

The fact that this most recent unethical scandal has gone virtually unnoticed in the mainstream press is suspect, to say the least.

What is it going to take to hold these two accountable for the total lack of ethics and integrity that the CMPD is being forced to endure?

CMPD BLUE said...

I've lived in Charlotte all my life.

I may end up hiding my badge from my kids and grandkids if this keeps up.

Charlotte has had our share of leg humpers and psycopaths. Jim Baker, George Shinn, but Rodney Monroe has won the prize!

Can it get anymore insane?

You betcha just wait to June 30th!

Anonymous said...

let's see... Capt C is "white" ...he's DOOMED! yea, enjoy that night watch..

Anonymous said...

Capt. "C" in no way came up with this "Idea" on his own. Why do you think Major Pearsall was transferred to the Academy just weeks before the State test? Never in the history of CMPD to my knowledge has there been a Major at the academy....yet weeks before Rodney is to take the test one of his "inner circle" buds (A Major) is tranferred to the academy....Geez come on!! So obvious its almost pathetic. But why not....nothing has been done about him so far so why should anyone think anything will be done about this? It is a shame that the "scandal" at the academy a few years ago resulted in "days off without pay" for many officers and an 6 months of interrogatins by an "outside" Investigation. You can bet Captain "C" will be the scape goat...the "Threats" will silence him. Thanks to Keith Larson and Cedar Posts for having the balls to speak the truth. Noone else does. It took the Charlotte Observer 3 days to post a story about it when it was made public on Monday by WBT.

Anonymous said...

hell, maybe the Cap knew exactly what he was doing...the watch commanders office is one of the best gigs in the dept.

Anonymous said...

Here's something everyone probably didn't know. The chief asked the state if he could take his state exam online. They said no.
He also asked if he could send someone to sit in on the academy classes, then tutor him at his convenience. The state said, Hell no.
Makes you wonder if someone sat in on the classes at VCU and tutored him while he was chief of Richmond. hhhmmmm

Anonymous said...

Capt "C" is, was and always will be a tool. There is no way he would have stepped out of his comfort zone and risked his upward mobility by blowing the whistle on the chief.

He did exactly what he was told to do (as usual) and like a robot he is and followed his programing (Maple Leaf ver 2.4).

Let's see where it gets him.

Anonymous said...

I understand a new position has opened up at CATS.


No prior experience necessary, only the ability to suck up to your superiors, take one for the team when needed and put your nose where normal people wouldn't.

Prior bus kissing experience a plus.

Starting salary considerably less than what you are making now.

Those with prior under the bus and law enforcement experience will be given priorty.

Anonymous said...

Seems that Mike Campagna aware that Chief Monroe would have trouble with the NC Cert test was tring to "grease" the wheels as soon as he knewn Rodney was on his way to Charlotte.

Found this little ditty from May or last year:

"Out-of-state laterals are more tricky because the state of NC determines what training an officer needs to transfer their certifications. We are still looking to refine this process to make it easier for out-of-state officers to quickly and painlessly transfer to our department.

I would encourage you to visit for more information, or contact our recruiting section at 704-432-1603 locally or 1-877-525-6145."

Mike Campagna
Training Director

Cedar Posts said...

There are plenty of study guides out there. Some formal, some informal, cheat sheets, cram courses and on and on. And it legal to use these guides.

What makes this news is that the chief is so lazy he couldn't do the research himself or he is so worried that he'll fail the exam that he's looking for an easy edge to help pass the test.

Either way it looks bad for a guy who has a history of cutting corners.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between a study guide and a cheat sheet and the difference is glaring!!

Rodney is used to getting his way, and he has most certainly used the race card to his advantage.

From what I have heard, he is just not all that bright.....and he could not run the department without his partner in crime, ray/ray. They seem to have maybe one brain between the two of them.

Let's be brutally honest here, if this had been done by a chief that was not African American, it would have been on THE FRONT PAGE of the Observer and the lead story on every tv channel in Charlotte. This is how he has gotten away with the things he has using the race card every time he has been caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

This "incident", as they are calling it now, SHOULD NOT BE SWEPT UNDER THE RUG.

This SHOULD AND REALLY MUST BE INVESTIGATED BY INTERNAL AFFAIRS AND/OR THE SBI. If it isn't, then we the public need to know why.

Rodney has already established himself to be a liar, so why in the world should anyone believe him about this? What, do we all have STUPID plastered across our foreheads?

If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, then by god it MUST be a duck.

What else do we need to prove the lack of integrity, honesty and ethics of this man??????

Anonymous said...

You better believe that is not prose written by rodney....not when he said in an interview with Keith Larson..."I didn't "AXE" someone something"....the word is ASK, there is no way it can be construed as "AXE"....the word is clearly ASK...and someone in his position and his supposed "education", he should know better.

If this doesn't get him, we should all move to another country.

Anonymous said...



C'mon, you didnt know the proper spelling? I hear a lot of that amongst several of the command staff members. Quality I tell ya...

Anonymous said...

The e-mail wanted Instructors to answer the objectives at the beginning of the chapter. The answers are in the material. Capt. "C" would never do this without being told. I think if "C" is demoted or reprimanded, we will all find out who told him to get the answers. I'm betting it is the new major. I think we will see the chief in a suit and tie real soon.

Common theme when a superior tells you to do something, "Because that is what the chief wants."

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it... didn't Major "P" work under Captain "C" in patrol as a Sergeant before she fast tracked past him thanks to RoMo?

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right, it was "major" "p" who flew right by everyone!

If this "incident" isn't investigated, if the chief, the major, and ray aren't polygraphed, then there is no hope for CMPD.

They are always threatening to polygraph everyone else, let's have them lead by example...after all, if they are being forthright and ethical, they should have nothing to fear from a little 'ole polygraph, right???? (Ray never did get his required, prerequisite polygraph, did he?)

Then again, they have had so much practice at being disingenuous they could probably "fool" the machine. Axe me no questions, I will tell you no lies.

Anonymous said...

So what do you think will happen to the Captain in question.

The "newest" news about this that the PR people are spinning is that Captain C did this as joke, and that no one else knew about it.

Well, that is why they were hired, if you can believe it, for INTERNAL PR. To "calm" the troops, and that is what they are trying to do by spinning these new excuses out there.

Let's hope NO ONE falls for these blatant attempts to try to get ahead of this story. I would hope that people aren't gullible enough to actually believe that he did this on his own out of the goodness of his heart to try to "help" the chief, or because he is a butt kisser, another spin they are trying to put on it.

Please, no one is really falling for this crap, are they?????

The chief has had a year to prepare for this learn the material he needs to know to pass. If he has so little respect for the CMPD that he hasn't prepared and learned everything about the CMPD that he can learn, then he is a poor leader, indeed.

But as someone said, when you have been spoonfed and given things you didn't earn, why would he think this would be any different??

Anonymous said...

Anyone that knows Captain "C" knows he would never do anything like this "as a joke"!! That is the dumbest thing I've heard so far. Campagna is a "by the book" officer....and he did what he was told. Period.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just heard this, I'm sure people at CMPD have known for a bit....

The latest bit of "good news" for Major Pearsall....

It seems having rodney as her chief has resulted in yet ANOTHER unprecedented move for her, wow, can it be any better to be Major Pearsall?

On top of Leadership Charlotte, BEING PROMOTED TO MAJOR AFTER BEING A CAPTAIN FOR LESS THAN A seems that after being given the very cushy job at the Academy, she has now been chosen to go to the FBI Academy, yeppers, the FBI Academy. Seems she is more qualified, has more experience than many others who would like this experience!!! Wow, just wow!! So she will be gone from her NEW

job for three months.

Must be nice to have a "mentor" like rod/ray, huh?????

Let's just sit back and think about what kind of a Police Chief she is going to be, for that is surely where her ambitious nature is taking her. Just think....will she be like Rodney??? I'm thinking a resounding YES.

I do pity the department that gets that ego....

But, hey, maybe she can really learn something about LEADERSHIP there, one can only hope!

Anonymous said...

Six people killed in six days? And the weekend isn't over yet? And where is rod/ray who was going to be AT EVERY HOMICIDE SCENE??Well, I am sure it is a MUCH deserved vacation he is taking, he has worked so hard....maybe he is taking this time to study for his LE Exam? LOL, that's a good one. But crime is down, violent crime is down, sure it is......looks like all that money that was spent on painting and outfitting those patrol cars has really paid off!!

And a big article on domestic violence in the Disturber today...if everyone is so concerned about domestic violence, why was the Domestic Violence Unit cut way back????

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it Capt. C was seen cleaning out his office on Saturday.

He didn't even hear the bus coming.

But life in RoMo's CMPD is a dangerous place, a lot a slimmey spot to slip on to say the least.

Anonymous said...

You are right, you can't turn around without stepping in a pile of poop.
It's everywhere, so I hear.

The true stories that are going to emerge once rod/ray have moved on to their next group of suckers will be amazing. People are still afraid, and rightly so, as these two take revenge to a new level.

I personally believe that Capt. C did not want to be caught in the middle...that he was told to do what it said in the email, he didn't want to do it, and just decided to put it in writing. Imagine if he had done what they asked "in secret" and it had come out later, he would be in a lot worse shape than he is now. But the fact that it is a climate that would make people think this is okay is kind of the point.

I know people at CMPD are just
waiting for someone to finally stand up to these bullies and blow the "whistles" on them.

Like someone said, there's not going to be enough room in the Watch Commander's office pretty soon.

They have alienated so many people, for no good reason. Just by being totally inappropriate and
making really bad decisions.

Anonymous said...

It definitely wasnt a recruit who blew the whistle. It would have been one of the instructors who received the email request from Mike. My feelings? I think Mike knew exactly what he was doing when he hit that send button..Why would he do that. Because it was time he took a stand against what is going on. I grant you, his directions of putting together a cheat sheet for Rodney came from Pearsall, Foster, Maybe even Putney. Mike is not going to put his head on the block just for anyone. I think he decided its time to put a stop to this..He thinks, If they send me to duty cpt office, thats fine, at least It wont be me that gave the chief all the answers to the test. Chief Stevens went thru the coals over the last academy cheating frenzy and hung several officers and sgts out to dry, so whats the difference here,,Mike knew what he was doing and knew what the consequences would be..Bravo to him for standing up to them in his own way..

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:16
I agree.

Anonymous said...

The only question I have, since the question about the Chief's honor and integrity seems to be settled, is why is he refusing to take the test the same time as the probationary officers. Why should the state provide another proctor just for one person? Seems like whatever venue someone takes a test in would be irrelevent to someone as scholarly as the Chief, right?

Anonymous said...

here's another one..Maybe the chief told Mike "get me the answers, take the heat for me and i will get you the next majors slot"..Naw, that cant be right. Lester is next in line for major. She is the quiet partner in all of this. You know she was part of the management team for foster's security company. Have you guys not put it all together yet..foster, lester, pearsall all worked and somewhat ran the company. They all worked for the company and even took officers out of town to work plain clothes detail. And where do you think they worked sometimes?? HMMM maybe washington...And while im thinking about another silent member who knows all , check and see who is trying to get employed with CMPD in the next class who worked for foster as a private security officer while he was employed as a civilian with CMPD and also was a reserve officer for the MCSD..Oh and maybe you didnt know, that this person was let go from the MCSD for not telling the truth..But we can hire that person anyway..The CMPD has different hiring standards now..Its now a one on one basis evaluation. No more set standards.. He is in the know and we dont want him to tell it so lets reward him so he will keep his mouth shut..Another fine example of payback..

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it the Chief has received private tutoring lessons from the CMPD police attorneys office?? He should know the stuff by now..Take the test..If you fail , you fail..No big deal..Stand up and take it like a man.

Anonymous said...

in response to one of the emails implicating Putney. i can assure you that Putney did not know anything about the email until it hit the system. he was completely unaware of it and was dumbfounded when he read it. it is my understanding that Putney and his highness do NOT like each other as much as it may appear. Putney would make a much better chief, he simply has too much time remaining in his career. having worked with him and for him i would give him my full support. maybe if an "impeachment" occurs he could step in at least as interim.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with Anon 8:16

Anonymous said...

You would be hard pressed to find ANYONE in the CMPD who would not support DC Putney for the Chief's position. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, in the CMPD organization has any problem with an African-American Chief. However EVERYONE demands their Chief actually be qualified for the job. DC Putney is highly qualified for the job, but does have too many years before retirement to make him attractive to civilian leaders. He has EARNED the respect of subordinates and peers, something the current leadership WILL NEVER ACCOMPLISH because they lack ALL of the qualifications. Honor, integrity, legitimate advanced education, and "street cred."

Anonymous said...

As I have heard, it's not a rumor that he has received private tutoring from the Police Attorney's office...I wonder if that same courtesy was offered to all probationary officers? Seems that would only be fair, don't you think?
Is the little chief not capable of opening a book and studying like any other person of average intelligence?
Oh wait, there's the rub,did I say average intelligence?

And, from what I have heard, the "tutoring" has not exactly been a picnic for the "tutors".

And I agree, I do not believe, from everything I have heard, that Putney knew anything about this.
I don't think there is a lot of love lost between LC and Putney.

Let's face it, no on respects LC (Little Chief). He must be an embarassment to other African Americans as a role model.

Why would an exception be made for LC to take the test? Why would he even ASK for an exception to take the test separately? Why in the world does he keep thinking he is above following the rules? His feeling that he is above everyone else is just amazing.....this thing he has about entitlement because he is "chief", or because he is an African American???? I don't get it.

His whole "regime" is operating in a totally classless manner, and add to that unethical and a total lack of integrity. It's all about me, me, me and what I can do to take advantage of this position for me and my "friends".

It's disgusting and just makes you want to retch.

As people have said, I can't imagine going to work for these idiots every wonder morale couldn't get any lower.

Anonymous said...

So we would actually hire someone who was let go from another department for lying?

I guess if you have the right "connections", it's a moot point.

What am I thinking? The chief was hired, and he was lying from the very beginning and still appears to be lying as he has done nothing about receiving a legitimate degree. So lying doesn't seem to be a disqualification NOW at CMPD.
Lowering standards, indeed.

Such a shame what is happening at the CMPD, just a real shame.

And I have heard most would support Putney wholeheartedly for Chief.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't support Putney or Medlock since it appears they have become nothing more than "yes men"/mouth pieces for the establishment. I once had respecrt for them but that changed once Monroe came into power.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:12
I don't want to agree with you, but on some level I must.

I know these two are "Deputy" Chiefs, not THE Chief, and as such are required to follow orders.

But how much crap can you see happening in front of your very eyes and remain silent about it?? Where do you draw the ethical line?? Do you wait until he pulls down the whole department hoping it won't take long? Where is your personal integrity limit for this stuff? And isn't it your "duty" not just to follow orders, but to questions orders that are just outright wrong? I don't it when you start making excuses so you can look at yourself in the mirror every day?

Do you sacrifice the department for your own survival?

And if you have the moral high ground, why can't you take it?

It wouldn't be easy, but doing the right thing rarely is in such circumstances.

I just want to hear of someone with some backbone standing up to this buffoon just one time...standing up and being counted....not doing it on the qt, but where it counts....where your troops can see it and know who you are for once. That's all......
and I believe as with most bullies, if you stand up to them, they back down. (Of course, sociopaths are a whole 'nother story!)

Anonymous said...

I just have one question, does he get to choose who the Proctor is when taking the test?

Or is it someone randomly chosen?

And WHY would the state allow this to happen??????

There seems to be no real reason for this, except, once again, making an exception for Rodney because he demands it.

Anonymous said...

Is he being "tutored" "to the test"?

Which is just another way of saying, are they only tutoring him on what they know to be on the test?


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the investigation into the "security firm"? What happened in the Virginina lawsuit against Chief Monroe brought on by one of thier officers? Wasn't he served with papers a few months ago on that lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:41

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:41
Good questions.......and I don't think the questions regarding grant money was ever resolved in Macon, either.

And let's not forget, he did say he was going to do something about that pesky "degree" thing.

He has done so many questionable, unethical things, I have heard, just since he has been in Charlotte, I can't imagine all the skeletons that would come tumbling out of his closet for years past!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone got any news on Captain C?

Has he landed yet?

Anonymous said...

Heard the chief was doing a little self promoting at the Homeland Security shindig.

Nothing like taking credit for a "safe" city when you've only been here less than a year.

Yea, right, it's all because of rod/ray that this city is so very safe......can someone say manipulated crime stats? And giving people visiting here a false sense of security? (Never mind the citizens!)

Who the heck does he think was "police-ing" before he got here?

This guys ego and capacity for self absorption know NO bounds.

I Love how he is always saying "Now I'm not saying the drop in crime stats is due to Rodney Monroe"....well, that's exactly what he is saying when he says that. Once again, taking credit where credit is not due.....

It's gonna be a rough ride this year, Rod/Ray.

Is everyone at CMPD really content to let these two get away with all they are getting away with??

I've been reading all the fuss about Easley in the Disturber,
someone said the same thing is going on at CMPD.....and I believe that to be true.

Using your position to bestow favors, but mostly to benefit personally from your position.
Hello???? And CREATING A POSITION FOR SOMEONE??? What do you think he did for Ray?? Once again, doing a job propping up rodney when a Deputy Chief could be doing exactly what he is doing, that is, all but the propping up rodney stuff. Rod wouldn't last long without ray/ray, mr. french, kato, etc.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what it's like to be unlike by the majority of the people who work for you?

Does anyone know what Rodney Monroe has accomplished in his years of work as a police officer?

Does he have any skills of certifications that would make him more special or qualified than than lots of high ranking officials in the department already?

And the promotion of Major P. was one of the biggest slaps in the faces of lots of Captains who have been waiting for a long time to be promoted.

Such a sad sad time for our police department. Why bother working when it will get you nowhere and your paycheck is the same on Friday? I learned that a long time ago. All I can say is that I believe in Karma. The worst part is when you have other agencies, State and Federal, asking what the hell is wrong with your police department. All I can say is the Curt Walton is going to get what he wished for.

for some reason I see Mary Easley and Rodney Monroe writing a book together in the near future.
"How to get a high paying job with ease"......

Anonymous said...

The rookie class took the state BLET yesterday and the results should be in tomorrow. Did Rodney take the test with the class like he should have or will he be given a "special private test"?

Anonymous said...

The latest BS at the department has me honestly HATING Ray/Rod. Officers who were planning on transferring to other districts once the rookies graduate were told TODAY that NO ONE is able to transfer. It seems like Ray became infuriated when neither of the patrol DC's or the 4 Majors asked for the Pope's blessing on trades between districts. Why did Ray deny any of these transfers? Purely out of spite and because he can. He is wielding his power, not only to show that he, not Romo, truly runs the department. It is also a way to let EVERYONE from the patrol level officer to the patrol majors and the patrol DC's that HE is in charge. It's funny, though, how Cpt. Lester is allowed her transfers but it seems like no one else is getting theirs. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:47
And these are the kinds of things that have continuously happened since rod/ray came into power at the CMPD.

Making decisions simply based on emotions and ego, and the usual emotions are anger, revenge, retaliation. And the EGO knows no bounds with rod/ray.

And the ego leads people to make many wrongheaded decisions.

But this is exactly the reason no one trusts or respects him, from what I am told.

His blatant favoritism and cronyism, and his "management" style, which is fear and intimidation.

The thing is, people are becoming less and less afraid of him and seeing him for exactly what he is.
A person of low morals who will go to any means to get back at people he feels have "slighted" him in any way, a big slight, or a small slight, doesn't matter. He does not delegate,(except for letting Ray make a lot of decisions) as he wants to rule completely.

But the rule is....rule by Ray...tell Ray what you want and let him filter it out there.

He is rude, intolerant and lacks any kind of humility.

He gives no one, Major or DC, the authority to make any decisions on their own, he hobbles them in any way he can.....

He takes MACRO managing to a new level, but he does it without accepting any of the responsibility for decisions, there is always that cushion of Ray between him and ANY decision so HE can deny, deny, deny. You know how he does, "I didn't know anything about that" thing that he does so well.

I, too, believe in Karma. And in that old saying, once again, "what goes around, comes around".

I think one day in the not too distant future, he is going to run headlong into his Karma.

Anonymous said...

As predicted, Mike Campagna is getting the boot. He'll be in the duty captain's office effective Monday. That didn't take long, did it? Vindictiveness in action.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:38
Vengeance in action, folks, vengeance in action.

If anyone ever doubted how he was "managing" at CMPD, how he was "disciplining"....this should settle it once and for all.

It's called the "I'll get you if you dare to make a mistake or disagree with me" special rod/ray style of running a PD.

Let me know how that finally works out for you rod/ray.

Anonymous said...

Could he be any more blatant, if, indeed, Cpt. Lester is the ONLY one that is allowed these transfers???

Anonymous said...

You'll find that Captain Lester is able to get away with A LOT. She often approves people to do things that aren't allowed by that position, and when told about it, she ignores it and continues to do what she wants.

Anonymous said...

Reiterating what has been said here for the millionth time, what is going on at the CMPD should be right out there on the front page of the Charlotte Observer.

And to anyone that says that what people are saying on this Blog and other places is the result of some kind of "jealousy" or "racism", or even just that normal transition between "regimes" just ain't so, people.

What is happening goes far beyond any of those things.

It is an outright hijacking of the CMPD and twisting it and contorting it so it is unrecognizable in the worst way possible.

It has been morbidly fascinating to watch this from outside the department and see what two people of such questionable standards and ethics can actually"de-accomplish" in such a short, short time.

This department, from the wealth of information out there, has been transformed into a department of butt kissing, compromising, fearful, backstabbing bunch of weak willed individuals.

When will it become too much? It seems good people of integrity are jumping ship left and right...what will be left? A weak, amoral department that has been totally compromised by rod/ray.

It is just a crying shame.

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems that Rod/Ray's future son in law will be taking or has taken the BLET .....BEFORE Rod/Ray...maybe that is why Rod/Ray didn't want to take it with that class? Just sayin'......(Get a little help from your "friends"?)

And speaking of that, has anyone heard where the "future son in law, baby daddy" is going to be working?
This should be good!!

Seems Rod/Ray just got back from vacation, and has another one planned already. Must be nice to be the "King"!

I doubt many of his Officers (you know, those Officers that he didn't ASK Curt Walton for a raise for, those Officers)will be able to afford ONE little vacation this year.

Anonymous said...

It appears Morale, as if it could get any lower, is again at an all time low since the transfers people were promised were axed when the Chief got back from Vacation. Just pure power at its best. "I didn't approve it" so only Lester is allowed her transfers. Unbelievable...I think its time for a reverse descrimination suit against the city. Maybe that would get thier attention. God knows there is more then enough to back that claim.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:04
You are right about that, MORE than enough.

It's been done successfully before in the face of such blatant favoritism.

Anonymous said...

How about another topic of stupidity..I hear there are rumors going around that LC and RAY RAY are trying to change secondary employment guidlines..There are two thoughts on command staff working off duty. One is no one at the rank of captain or above can work off duty!..the second one is no command staff person can work in an officer slot. Now what idiot thought of this.No matter which one is true Neither one makes any sense. Please give me a viable reason for telling people they cant work off duty unless it makes the chief happy. It appears he doesnt want command staff people working for A lowly Sgt in the daprtment because it is demeaning to their image and his ego..Now, tell me, who cares who is working for who. All that matters is the officers , no matter who they are , are working off duty to provide for their families. Most command staff officers have families, mortgages, car payments, Mouths to feed, etc, So where in the heck do you get the egotistical ideas to tell them they cant work off duty because it just doesnt suit LC's fancy. Everyone knows if any major situation occurs the ranking officer then takes over. That is just too much common sense for these egotistical idiots. And besides there are not enough jobs to go around to where command staff personel could actually make any money off duty.. From what i hear also this may have all started because some patrol officers complained to the chief that the command staff personel are getting all the good jobs and taking money away from patrol officers who make so much less..Thats true , They do make a lot less but the amount of off duty patrol officers are working clearly makes up the difference. Look at the money being made by the officers working off duty at the arena doing the traffic outside..Come on, being payed time and a half on your city check.Some of them are making way more that the Cpt's make. As a matter of fact i suspect they are above majors pay...(Look at their retirement monthly check when that starts)..Thats why an uproar started when a certain Sgt wanted to work some at the arena..All heck started and procedures were changed..Quit whining and get off your butts and get to work on your own. Stop trying to get something someone else has. Im done..

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:50
This, like most all of the decisions made by LC and ray/ray are based on their EMOTIONS, not reason and intellect, but their egos and their emotions.

They do not understand that it is entirely possible to have personality differences with people and not take it out on them professionally. Good managers understand this....that you don't have to personally like someone's personality, but can still respect them for what they do. They just like to screw with people and take advantage of any situation to do that. Probably one of the "inner circle" complained about off duty jobs, and that's all it took.

And they have made some really, huge, stupid, bad decisions because of this.

They let their emotions get ahead of reason and are not being rational about situations.

It really is becoming way to much to comprehend how they are getting away with running the CMPD right straight into the ground.

They are horrible, horrible leaders and couldn't manage their way out of a wet paper bag.

(Word is that two D.Chiefs in particular are so far up LC's and ray/rays butt they have lost all perspective on how low morale is at CMPD, K.M. AND R.S.)

Anonymous said...

I understand that the genius chief attempted and failed a 'practice' test already. Is it actually a shocker to anyone that this con artist cheats his way through everything? What about that "baby-daddy" of his that the CMPD was 'leaned on' to hire. I'm so tired of this crook. There is no END to the garbage he and his cronies are involved in. I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't forced to witness it first hand daily!!