Friday, June 26, 2009

RoMo Returns with Susan Burgess in Tow

RoMo Cop has returned from down under and plans a community feel good meeting tonight.

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Chief Rodney Monroe and City Council member Susan Burgess will lead a community meeting tonight at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center in the uptown area.

The meeting will be from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in Room 267. The Government Center is at 600 East Fourth Street, with parking available in the deck along Davidson Street.

Tonight's meeting will focus on public safety, including updates on the three safety-related issues that ranked the highest among the public in a 2008 citizen survey -- burglary, drugs, gangs. In addition, there will be a discussion on the impact of federal stimulus money on the police department.

There also will be a question-and-answer session with Monroe and other police administrators.

Cedar's Take:

This should be good as Susan Burgess has not been a supporter of RoMo in the past.

Burgess has never been one to hold back, so either RoMo is being set up or Burgess is doing a little one-up on her fellow council members.

CP thinks this is just showmanship, Burgess will stand side by side with RoMo while fellow council members are sprinting to Charleston or Hendersonville for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

YIPPEE, LC is back!! I am sure everyone is thrilled.

I am out of town right now and won't be back in time to attend this "much publicized" (sure) meeting.

But I am emailing friends to please ask them to go and ASK questions of LC.

Like, is crime being reported ANY differently this year from last?

WHEN are you going to get the required credits to make your "degree" legit?

Who paid for your trip to Australia? Were you PERSONALLY invited, or was it an invite sent to all PD's and you chose to go to this particular "seminar"?

Is it true that your daughter's baby daddy was driving a seized car and using a city gas card?

WHEN are you going to take your state test?

Is it true you have done away with all "outside" training or "seminars" at the academy?

Why didn't you ASK CC for raises for your PD??????

Is it really necessary to have ray/ray when an admin asst and a deputy chief could be doing the same job, but be much less expensive?

Did you really buy a laminating machine and have parking placards made up for your friends, and then have a fit when a civilian wouldn't "honor" them??

Who paid that $4,500 fee at Quail Hollow, and did you indeed accept any "gifts" (golf clubs, etc.) while you were there?

Did you have ANY conversations with ANYONE about your daughters current position, i.e. did you use your position to "help" her get the job?

Did you know anything about the "study guide"? Is Captain C being punished by working in the WC's office? Is this just another example of your retaliation?

Why are you so far over budget, where has the money gone? How much did those silly "officer of the month" cars cost? Do you really think that is an effective use of funds?

Did you really change the requirements so a friend of yours could be promoted to Major after less than a year as Captain?

Is it true that you are basing promotions on race and not on merit?

And on and on and on and on......

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:01….
Excellent questions. Isn’t it interesting that former Governor Easley is being investigated by the Fed’s for very similar activities.

Anonymous said...

Will this be televised? Why wasn't this "Publisized"? Maybe it is only a "chosen" few that are wanted to attend!! Almost a million dollars over budget!! and he gets to start spending again July budget year!

Anonymous said...

So how did the meeting turn out?

Did anyone ask any pertinent questions?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the news about the Supreme Court Decision??

VERY interesting as it pertains to CMPD....VERY INTERESTING.

Google it....but basically says firefighters in Conn. were unfairly denied promotions because they were white.....and the dept. was wrong to scrap a promotion exam because african americans and hispanic firefighters were unlikely to be promoted based on results.

Seems like what is happening at CMPD right now....looks like the Supreme Court would back up all lawsuits brought by white CMPD officers according to how things have been handled at CMPD....from everything I have heard.