Friday, July 3, 2009

CMPD Chief Monroe Dogged By Questions

Carolina summers can get down right hot, some might even call them oppressive.

If you caught WBTV's second part of a two part interview with Chief Monroe and Steve Crump you got a good show.

RoMo did his best to bob and weave, pushing "his" crime numbers. When the question came about his VCU degree he got a little hot under the collar finally telling the reporter that there were more important things to worry about that his college degree and the state law enforcement test.

As beads of sweat begin to form, the chief started to look a little uncomfortable. You know what they say about the kitchen....

Richmond seems to be following the RoMo saga with unusual interest as the Times Dispatch has run two stories in as many weeks about the chief's officer certification woes.

And the clock keeps counting down.


Anonymous said...

Priceless, Cedar, just priceless!

I have to admit, it brought a smile to my face reading about it and I haven't even seen it yet.

And rightly so, he needs to be in the "hot seat" on all these issues, ALL of them.....fake crime stats, college degree, trips, golf outings and the list goes on and on and on and on.

He should answer for all of his unethical behaviors.

Thanks, Cedar!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I watched the whole interview, Cedar, and I have to say it was totally soft and I give Steve Crump a FAIL.

He DID NOT ask any hard questions, and the ones he did ask he almost apologized for asking, they were giveaway questions about his degree and the BLET test.

Why the hell are these reporters SO AFRAID of asking the real questions about his lack of ethics.

And, my god, can a man with supposedly an "education" have such horrible english??? It is embarrassing, what is WIF, is that a word, it's WITH, jackass, WITH. His use of inappropriate words and syntax is HORRIBLE.

That was perhaps the softest interview I have seen, wow.

If you watch carefully, though, you can see the sweat and his breathing rapidly increase when Steve pitched the softball about BLET and the college degree. Crump should have moved in for the story then. Rodney was getting nervous and pissed.


He says that arrests being up is a direct correlation to the drop in crime, ARRESTS SHOULD BE UP SIGNIFICANTLY, BUT THEY ARE NOT!!!! NO, THEY ARE NOT!!!!

He says "people are dying out there" and I don't have time to answer these questions about my degree and BLET. Bullcrap, honesty and integrity are the foundation of a good police department and you should ALWAYS HAVE TIME TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT your own honesty and integrity as it goes to how the department is being run.

And NOT ONE QUESTION about the manipulation of the crime stats.

CRAP interview, IMHO.

Were there conditions to this interview set out by our "chief" and the CMPD? I wonder!

Anonymous said...

"Wif dat"...Steve Crump gulps the Kool Aid!! LOL So staged....Crump you should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone still take the time to e-mail city council and Walton about what ROMO is doing. I know they are aware and dont care, I am just curious to what they say in their responses.

Anonymous said...

I do, and just get the standard "thank you for your interest, etc.

That's it.

Of course, when the crap does hit the fan, they will be the first ones to say "I didn't have a clue as to what was happening at CMPD".

Their lack of interest is shocking, but, typical, I am finding out.

They are happy with the FALSE crime stats, as are the apathetic public.

Anonymous said...

It seems LC is keeping his head down until after his BLET test.

It's a mystery, he and ray/ray are here both guns blazing for a few days, and then they "disappear" ...
what's up with that?

Weekend golf trips, perhaps?

But LC is definitely keeping a "lower profile" these days, could be all his untruths and crap are catching up with him!

He's a sneaky one,I hear, so something is up!!

Anonymous said...

They are both pretty arrogant from what I can tell. and the TV interviews gotta stop.

Ray/Ray shows up late to Comp-Stat meetings and then proceeds to ask, in a rude way about crime rising in a certain area, "What yall doing about that"? Hello, it's summer and they have been telling you morons that you can't continue to tell everyone crime is going down. The crime is going up quickly, and there is no more blowing smoke up the citizens rear-ends.

I bet there's nothing like working here for years and years and having this guy, a civilian at that, telling you what to do.

The faces of some of the people are priceless.

Anonymous said...

And, the fact that he (ray/ray) likes to be called "chief", what is he "chief" of?

He is a CIVILIAN admin assistant to LC, in other words, he is LC's Beyotch, right? He is chief of NOTHING! His "authority" doesn't hold water.

And I watched the news tonight.....maybe if LC hadn't dismembered the Domestic Violence unit, things would have been handled differently?

Anonymous said...

When is LC taking the BLET and when do the results come out?

Boy, he and ray/ray are sure keeping it on the down low lately....wonder what's up with that?