Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lincoln County Chief Deputy Charged

According to the Charlotte Observer, Sheriff's Chief Deputy Barry Eugene Taylor, 38, has been charged with felony obstruction of justice.

The alleged incident was investigated by the State Bureau of Investigation, said Gwynn Radeker, senior assistant district attorney for Lincoln and Cleveland counties.

The months-old SBI investigation has become well-known in the community with details covered by newspapers and a controversial blog, called the Lake Norman Bath. The blog has pilloried the sheriff and his office with accusations of impropriety.

Radeker said information from the blog served as tips and was instrumental in the state's investigation and the grand jury indictment.

What do you bet that Chief Monroe's Radar is tingling?

Nuff Said.


Anonymous said...

Take notice, ROMO!

ROMO takes the state test in two days. I wonder how much studying he squeezed in while "Down Under"?

Anonymous said...

Hurray for BLOGS!!

Keep it up, Cedar, someone is listening, one can only hope!!

There is plenty of "stuff" on here and out there to get the attention of the SBI!!

Lots of stuff on LC and his 'CREW'!

LakeNormanBath said...


It is a trying process, but it can be done. Never give up, never give up and never give up. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for what you and Cedar do.

And you are quite right, and there are MANY, MANY that are not willing go give up on the CMPD and want to restore it to what it once was, a respected PD of integrity and honesty!

Anonymous said...

You're next, Rodney!

Anonymous said...

Right, next is LC and ray/ray, for sure!!!!

The things these two have done.....

Anonymous said...

Okay, SOMEONE must know when LC is taking, has taken, the BLET test?

I have heard rumors it is/was this week? Anyone out there that can confirm this?

I'm sure that is why he and ray/ray have been relatively "quiet" the past few weeks.......

Studying is hard, especially when you don't have the "study guide" you were counting on! :) I mean, when you actually have to STUDY and learn the laws of NC, wow, that must hurt! BUT, not everyone had the advantage of being "tutored" by the police attorneys, either!

Should be interesting....of course, the best thing for CMPD would be a fail, but I'm just as sure that the powers that be won't let that happen!

Anonymous said...

From everything I am told about LC and ray/ray, they will eventually burn out. They both share one real talent, a talent for bullying people who stand up to them and who doubt them.

They have changed the whole culture at CMPD in a short time. It definitely is a culture of fear and revenge now.

People tell him what he WANTS to hear to stay on his "good" side.
He "rewards" "loyalty" and "obedience" above all else and they command this by fear and retaliation.

And what does this do to people that may have differing opinions or new ideas, better ideas? It kills their soul, that's what. They end up hating their jobs and dreading coming to work. It has created SUCH A HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT.

LC is so insecure, and that insecurity is shown by his need for total obedience....in other words he surrounds himself with "yes/men/women.

He DISCOURAGES rather than ENCOURAGES innovative ideas/methods.

As people on here have said many times, he knows only one way, the OLD way of policing, and has not learned anything new, he has not evolved AT ALL in law enforcement

And, from what I have learned, he and ray/ray are really NOT AT ALL respected in the wider law enforcement community.

His lack of ethics and any kind of real character is just astounding.
I guess because he has never been held accountable for any of his very questionable actions. Starting with his non degree....
I will say what has been said before, people lost their jobs at VCU for their part in awarding him a degree they knew he was not qualified to have, and he not only got to keep his unearned degree,that he knew he hadn't earned, but got a new job, that he is NOT QUALIFIED FOR, geez, wake the hell up, people.

One has to really wonder how he came in so far under the radar in Charlotte......

Anonymous said...

He came in under the radar because on one person: Curt Walton. He made his decision before that sham of a process even began. He wanted his buddy, and he got him. Charlotte will suffer for his decision for many years to come, but Charlotte created that monster. Do something about these fools, or stop whining.

Anonymous said...

What was LC's connection to Curt Walton before he came to Charlotte?

And, SOMEONE must have some info on the BLET test and LC??!! I guess people are afraid to ask.......oh well, if he comes to work in a suit and tie, I suppose we will know!!:)

And Anon 7:03, what would you suggest be done about the Two Amigos?
I am sure any and all suggestions would be welcome.
They can't stay under the radar forever, can they? Their misdeeds will surely catch up with them at some point.....like when crime stats go up....because these numbers are like a "false bottom"....and they WILL go up.

Anonymous said...

I'm just asking, because I am not sure about this, but can you advertise for people to be "nominated" on "committees" and ask for their Race and Gender????? Is this even "legal"????? I mean, come on people! Can you really be THIS blatant about your reverse discrimination? Is that what "qualifications" are all about now at CMPD?? Not if you are ACTUALLY QUALIFIED, but your qualifications nowadays seem to be either your race or your gender, PERIOD.

When I was told this, I was shocked!