Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cortland Smith Shooting Update!

The State Bureau of Investigation continues its review of Smith’s death. On Wednesday, it issued a court order for the fraternity president’s e-mails, which UNC-CH’s Department of Public Safety provided, Thorp wrote.

Smith, 21, was shot by an Archdale police officer after being stopped on Interstate 85 just before 5 a.m. Aug. 23. Smith had dialed 911 as he drove west at a high speed. He told a dispatcher that he was trying to kill himself, that he had been drinking and that he had a 9mm handgun. Authorities still haven't said publicly whether he had a gun.

At least one of the two police cars on the scene was equipped with a dashboard video camera. A Randolph County assistant district attorney had a judge seal the recording Aug. 25.

Five media organizations including The News & Observer are going to court to get a police video recording of the traffic stop in which Smith was shot. The organizations also are asking for an unedited version of the student's 911 call.

Meanwhile UNC officials are investigating the DKE house to determine if any of the school's on campus policies have be violated.

You can read more here: Lawsuit Filed To Unseal Shooting Video.

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