Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just My View of Things

Good to see that freedom of speech is alive and well, which is why I don't edit or censor the comments on this blog.

As many of you have noticed I take issue with the use of deadly force in the Cortland Smith case. But I'm not pro police or a cop hater.

There's no red or blue slant to Cedar Posts.

I'm pro life for me and pro choice for everyone else when if comes to abortion, and at the same time oppose federal funding to provide abortion to those who can’t afford an abortion.

I support the NRA but don't think every ding dong in the country should be able to own a gun.

News has become opinion news. If you like a liberal bias to your news you watch CNN, those of the Rush ditto head faction seem to like FOX News.

Personally I just want the facts, I don’t want a news anchor’s opinion.

I'm all for gay rights but marriage is for men and women. Call it a civil union if you like but it’s not a marriage.

Our country was founded by a group Christians who attended church on Sunday and they trusted in God so much that God is in just about every decree written by our nation’s early congress.

While the founding fathers of our country supported the concept of separating church and state, they never intended to separate God and Country.

I love women, dogs, fast cars, faster motorcycles and anything else that flies, floats, or goes fast.

I find women over forty attractive, something when I was 20 I thought impossible. Having said that I’ll also point out that given the choice of sleeping with a 40 year old or two twenty year olds, I’ll play it like black jack and double down every time.

We have a black president, and a liberal congress and senate can it get any worse?

I’ve had a gun pointed at me three times in my life. Shot at once, her father was not a happy guy. And the people aiming the gun in each case were arrested and served some time in jail.

But I honestly got to say that while I felt threatened I didn’t freak out, have some sort of adrenaline rush or panic attack.

If Courtland Smith had been stopped by this writer he’d still be alive today.


Anonymous said...

Well my friend then you must not value your life. The job of a law enforcement officer is to protect and serve true. But not where does it say you have to die or give up your life needlessly. This is a tragic incident, and you can are playing monday morning quarterback. Easy to say what you would have done. But unless you were the one with the gun pointed at you we will never know how any of us would react. We can only say how we think we would have reacted. Nice reading your blog, but you have lost a reader. As you say about just reporting the facts and leaving out bias, you just added your own bias.

Anonymous said...

"We have a black president, and a liberal congress and senate can it get any worse?"

Well, Cedar, I would say that the last freaking 8 years of Dubya's rule will go down as the absolute worse in our history. He trashed the constitution, lied to his "god and country" about WMD'S that got us into an immoral war and has cost the lives of so many young men who were truly leaders and lied about only god knows what else, ruined our reputation in the world and trashed our economy, something that our current black president is trying to fix.

You would take two twenty year olds over a forty year old? Well, I doubt those two twenty year olds would take you, as I am guessing you are a bit long in the ole tooth and seem just a tiny bit chauvanistic to boot. And I am guessing you like topless bars. Plus an opininated jerk.

I, for one, am so glad you DID NOT choose law enforcement as your career.

And, to make a simplistic, okay, simplistic and arrogant statement like the one you made about "if you had stopped him he would be alive" is either stupid or naive.
And calls your judgment into serious question. And my guess is
you are a "ditto head".

Like "a man and a woman" have not totally f##$ed up the "institution" of marriage. And why people like you are so threatened by gay marriage is beyond me.

Needless to say, we are on opposite ends of the "political" and "life" spectrum.

But that IS what makes the world go round......plus a tolerance for opposing views.

But you are seriously stretching that tolerance today.

Anonymous said...

While Rodney Monroe is on yet ANOTHER vacation, you still have not finished the "time line of Rodney". This man takes more vacations than George Bush did.

This is something we CAN do something about, and won't end up monday morning quarterbacking.

But from your latest "editorial", I get the distinct feeling that you are more than a little bit prejudiced.

So I have to ask, are you willing to do the expose (if there really is one) on Rodney because he is such an unethical chief,and there is no doubt HE IS, or is it because he is black? This is a question I would really appreciate an answer for. It would seem your own integrity is in question.

Cedar said...

My vote for George Bush is one I'd really like to get back.

As far as being long in the tooth... whatever that means... well I like women I think about 30 is good but hey I don't mind lowering my standards every once and a while.

I'll eat crow if I'm wrong about Cortland Smith. But I'm hearing that the officer will be fired, and faces possiable charges. But that at time point is just rumor.

On chief Monroe, I'm keep on the DL (down low) for know because as the saying goes no need to attack the emeny when they are in the process of destroying themselves.

I'm waiting on fiscal 2009 numbers and some adjusted crime numbers I hear are on the way.

A question of color, doesn't matter to me, Black or otherwise. I've lived in the south all my life and I don't see color in Rodney Monroe.

What I do see is someone milking the system and running roughshod over the rules at the expense of others.

Anonymous said...

"We have a black president, and a liberal congress and senate can it get any worse?"

Then what exactly DOES that quote mean to you? And why did you say "black president" like that is a liability? Answer, please.

If you had googled "long in the tooth" it means an old fart, which is what I am guessing you are....at least as far as 20 year olds are concerned!! But hey, I don't judge, and I am sure for the right price, you COULD have two twenty year olds! :O)

And the objections to your handling of the Cortland Smith ordeal I don't think are of his "innocence" or "guilt", but of your obvious RUSH TO JUDGMENT without knowing all the facts. And being so arrogant as to presume to know how you would have handled that situation having BEEN IN IT. Total arrogance.

And WHY keep on the DL about rodney if you have infomation that could hasten his departure from CMPD and save CMPD from his further mismanagement and his trashing of a once well respected police department that OTHER departments USED TO hold in high esteem and come to for advice and that set an example for PD's all over the country???????????

If you had anything, I am pretty sure you would have blogged about it.

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

I'm not sure if the old fart applies, maybe so as my experience is I can't keep up with two 20 year olds at the same time anymore. lol.

I really don't care if Obama is black, white or a Leprechaun. In fact meeting Obama 2 years prior to the election I commented that he would be our next president on this blog.

Bush was a mistake, but Obama has missed his chance to make change happen. I think we are only seeing the status guo and the Obama presidency will be noting more than a footnote 20 years from now.

As far as Rodmo goes, we are just going to let the rope run.

Changes at police athletic league and the gang of one office all with black personel one female who could be Vicki Fosters sister.... but we'll just have to see.

You know the drill, you put the presure on hard and heavy, then back way off dim the lights and wait to see what pops up.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, Cedar, you still did not answer the question about the quote,
"We have a black president, and a liberal congress and senate can it get any worse?" Why include "black president" in what is making it worse?

Maybe YOU should go into politics, you are getting pretty good at answering the question you want to answer and not the question ASKED!

And IMHO, Obama has had the balls to ACTUALLY TAKE A STAND ON ISSUES AND ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING, whether it be popular or not. When all is said and done, I believe he will go down as one of our greatest and most fearless Presidents....change.
And change is ALWAYS hard for people.

Getting back to rodney, EVERYONE knows that in his regime color DOES matter, and I mean, EVERYONE knows.....as he and ray/ray are not at all subtle about it. As a matter of fact, it seems they go out of their way to rub peoples noses in it.

Qualifications no longer matter, it is definitely a HUGE advantage to be african american, and cronyism is the word of this regime. It's all about his Richmond contacts and how he can throw business their way...there is even a rumor going around that he and ray/ray somehow profit from all the business they throw their "Richmond" friends way, so I am told.

And those ass kissing deputy chiefs, and they know exactly who they are,(I think the only exception would be KP) accommodate them at EVERY turn and NEVER speak out, even when they KNOW what he is doing is just plain WRONG, and makes no sense in any world, (well, except rodney's and ray/rays!)This is what I am being told every single solitary day by people at CMPD. Every single day.

It seems he is as crooked as the day is long, yet you would sit back and give him even MORE rope??

I'm not buying it.

I am asking right out, are you afraid of the legal (if any) repercussions of doing the expose/timeline on rodney and ray/ray? Please answer!

el grande said...

Holy cow folks, calm down.

Cedar said...

When all is said and done, I believe he will go down as one of our greatest and most fearless Presidents..

I don't know about that, seems like you're jumping the gun here, much like I've been accused of regarding Cortland Smith.

As far a "Black President" it is not his race that matters only the perception of his color that is an issue.

If you ask most americans to name a martyr what is the first person who comes to mind? Dr. King of course, not Gandi or St. John or Stephen the first martyr or Jesus.

Nope Dr. King is who everyone thinks of not because of his principles which were very noble but because of his color.

If the current presidental agenda was laid down by Joe Biden, or John McCain would you feel the same way? Nope I didn't think so.

So whose not color blind? You? Me? the Media?

I am asking right out, are you afraid of the legal (if any) repercussions of doing the expose/timeline on rodney and ray/ray? Please answer!

Truth is I was told Romo's thugs were on the way unless I eased up.

Had a whole bunch of his henchmen snoping around, Romo claimed I was threating his family and such.

He had a couple of my friends in fear for thier jobs. But I'm not one to back down.

I smell a rat and his a little fat black one and I don't like it one bit. But until I get something better than he's replacing all the white people with his black friends, something the media will really bite into I'm staying on the down low.

Plus I've got a real job.

Anonymous said...

Oh, El Grande,

This is called open, honest, debate....it's what grownups do, 'ya know.

I think we are all, right now, pretty darn "calm"......

If you can't stand the heat, well, you know......:O)

Anonymous said...

Well, Cedar, speak for yourself about the martyr thing, I think of Ghandi, Robert Kennedy, JFK, AND Martin Luther King plus a host of others. I believe you are very wrong about thinking about MLK and only because of his color, way wrong, but that is just MHO.

And yes, if Biden, McCain or whomever were trying, as I believe Obama is, to lead us out of our complacence and the abyss we find ourselves in, I would be supporting them, even though they are white! :)

But, it doesn't surprise me that rodney and ray/ray have threatened you. That is the way thugs operate, green, yellow, black or white. Thugs are thugs, and when you start exposing their creepy underbelly to the world, they will attack to cloud the real issues.

And, good lord, comparing the high esteem I hold Obama in to the Cortland Smith debacle? That is a real stretch, brother.

As they say, it is what it is, and it will play out.......

And yes, Cedar, we all have real jobs and real lives.

The pity and shame is that rodney and ray/ray continue to affect the real lives and real jobs of so many, many decent and hard working people at CMPD in such a negative, nasty way.

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

Can't argue that final point at all.

Anonymous said...

Just our of curiosity, honestly, how old are you then?

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

43 much to my shock and surprise. J

Anonymous said...

Almost officially an "old fart"! :O)

(Well, to a 20 year old!)

Anonymous said...

Yep, if you could be the father of a 20 year old, then I'm thinking it's time to move along.

Cedar, I hope you get the info you need to expose rodney and ray/ray.

I think we all can agree on that.

Anonymous said...

Dang Im glad you arent a cop Cedar....stick to writing.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Hmm, so a man who finds it necessary to tell us about your sexual preferences for two 20-year-olds at once, is also going to self-righteously preach about the sanctity of man-woman marriage?

You realize how that sounds, don't you?

PS: I'll be linking you about the Courtland case later this evening, and just letting you know. But since you are the most conservative person on my blogroll, figured I'd leave this comment to let everyone know I don't agree with other positions you hold.

Hehehe, I said "positions"! (/Beavis & Butthead)

el grande said...

no worries, Anon - I can take the heat as well. I'm just wistfully longing for the days of civil discourse that didn't border (or cross the border) on getting personal. :-)

Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

OMG, did everyone see the Observer article on COMPSTAT?

OMD, ALL I am saying is, Captain J.E must want to make MAJOR in a MAJOR way.

What a load of crap he is peddling, wow, just really, wow.

How does one respect oneself after shoveling that load of crap to the public, can he even LOOK at himself in the mirror and not gag????

What a good little boy he is, spouting the company line/crap.

el grande said...

saw it, read it, laughed at it, then realized most folks would believe it.

stopped laughing.

Anonymous said...

And there is the shame, you are so right.

They will continue to pillage and plunder the CMPD and will not stop until they have reshaped it into "their image".

I think it is the fear of everyone that they will not stop until they are ready to "move on"....or they won't be stopped/found out/fired until CMPD has been taken down to the lowest common denominator.

Their arrogance cannot be contained, so I am told.

It's enough to make you wonder if anyone has any integrity or ethics anymore at CMPD. Or are they all so afraid of what these two can and would try to do to their careers if they tried to do the right thing.

Sad commentary, indeed.

el grande said...

I can't help but wonder why local media hasn't picked up on this manipulative behavior and chicanery with the statistics. Then again, I realize I can answer my own questions since i see so many stories via local news outlets that aren't thoroughly investigated and reported. I am often left wondering, "But what about..." and "What was the initial cause of..." after reading or hearing a local news story in traditional outlets.

Re: COMPSTAT, one of my first bosses told me, "Figures don't lie but liars do figure."

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is just a rumor, or has truth to it, but I just heard that someone is getting ready to do a "sit down" with a local TV station, in disguise, detailing what is going on at CMPD....talking about all the crap that we have talked about on Cedar Posts.....manipulating crime stats, promotions of unqualified people, lowering standards at the academy, why they are so much over budget, bullying and threatening people and using their "positions" to make people miserable, how the D.C.'s are not doing a darn thing, all this crap this person is supposedly ready and willing to talk about.

Anyone else heard anything about this????

I don't know if it's true, but I sure as hell hope so!!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems LC is STILL on vacation, good lord, how much vacation was he promised when he was hired???

Many Officers have trouble getting a few days vacation off, and 'ole LC is on one continuous vacation it seems.

When he isn't on vacation, he is just causing problems at CMPD.

And "chief" ray/ray is left in charge......yep, the 'ole coot is busy as usual with his "ole style" policing tactics......COMPSTAT AND SCREAMING!!! Oh, and threatening people with reprisals if they dare speak their mind or talk up in any meetings he is in. I mean, can he really get away with all this crap? Seems he and romo have, so far. He is a real SOB for sure!!

Aren't they ready to move on to greener pastures yet? Oh yea, there's more damage to be done at CMPD, and more grants and stimulus money to be gotten, and don't forget "borrowing" money from other projects for CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Seems the new "dress" uniforms are in and are they ever trashy, folks.

Par for the course.........I would LOVE to see the bill for these uniforms THAT WERE NOT NEEDED....ANOTHER FRIVOLOUS EXPENSE THAT RODNEY JUST 'WANTED'. THEY WERE NOT 'NEEDED'.

Great way to spend that CMPD money, huh?

Check out the bands on the sleeve...seems 'ole rodney feels like he deserves more bands than anyone, even though they are supposed to be for years served on the CHARLOTTE MECKLENBURG POLICE DEPARTMENT. What a dork.

Anything to make himself look like a 'BIG MAN'. (Some shoe lifts might do the trick!)

Anonymous said...

LC is STILL on vacation.....wow, must be nice to have such a "sweet deal"....

Is there NO ONE at CMPD that is willing and/or able to challenge LC and ray/ray on all of the detrimental and wrong headed decisions they are making, have made, at CMPD? Really, NO ONE?

Or are they so completely surrounded by Yes Men Butt Smoochers?

From what I am told, these two are going to make Easley look like a Nun. Where is the SBI on this??

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems as though Cedar and others have let Rodney and Ray/Ray get the best of them.

They continue to rule the roost at CMPD with impunity.

Doesn't matter that last year they were a little 'ole couple of million dollars OVER budget....now how did they get away with THAT in this economy??? That's a GOOD question.

Ask Curt Walton, he seems to be their Sugar Daddy....always coming through with the money, even if he has to borrow from Peter to pay Paul, so to speak.

So, while Officers did not get any kind of a raise, it seems Rodney and Ray/Ray continue to spend money wantonly like drunken sailors, with no one watching over them.

I could go on and on and enumerate every stupid penny they have spent, but I think we all know them by now.

The "newest" visible stupid spending would be the WHITE SHIRTS Captains and above will be required to wear. Then there are the NEW DRESS UNIFORMS Rodney felt compelled to buy, for some unknown reason. So he could look like somethin' somethin'? Like Sargent Pepper maybe? I would like to know how much JUST THESE TWO STUPID STPENDING THINGS HAVE COST CMPD.

Then we won't even mention the ongoing reconfiguration of the offices at CMPD......THIS stupid spending would be, also, without any real merit, just because Rodney said, "I want what I want when I want it", or, like the infamous Ray/Ray, I will have a big 'ole tantrum.

Rodney is always saying to his minions, "How does THAT reduce crime?"


Oh, wait, I forgot, there are ALWAYS Grants, Stimulus money and such to feed Rodney's ego and budget, right?? And NO OVERSIGHT on that, either.

And these are but just two little examples of the waste, the "pork" at CMPD.

And NO RAISES for the men and women on the front lines actually doing the "policing".

And the latest is, I am told he is monkeying with the off duty, trying now to prevent Captains and above from bringing in a little extra cash for their families. Does he not realize that people with OLDER children, college age children, ALSO may need to supplement their salaries????

Now I just heard that the promotion process has changed once again, THE WRITTEN PART OF THE TEST, THE PART THAT TESTS YOUR KNOWLEDGE, is only going to count as a meager 30% of the promotion process....and the results of that portion of the test will not be made known to the takers until AFTER the process is complete.

Call me crazy, but that just doesn't seem right, does it? I think that leaves the door open for
all kinds of numbers "games" and
well, okay, MANIPULATIONS.

So what does that tell you, folks?

It says, it screams, LOWERING THE STANDARDS ONCE AGAIN. Instead of expecting people to perform to the highest standards, oh no, we will just lower those standards to make it "easier" for some to pass the test. What else could it say????
Just like lowering the requirements for new recruits at the academy, it says they are willing to sacrifice quality for quantity, for a more "diverse" PD.
That will serve the community well....stupid is as stupid does.
Why don't they just do away with the whole sham the process is becoming and, like they have done in the past, just pick whomever they heck they want....as it seems that is what it is boiling down to....so I am told.

The apathy at CMPD is just astounding, from what I hear.

No one is capable of standing up to these two and just saying, "That is not right"...."That is wrong"....."That is unethical"....."That is stupid"......

From what I am told, it has truly become a department of scared yes men, afraid of their own shadows, and not trusting ANYONE.

WOW, what leaders Rodney and Ray/Ray are, they really inspire and hold themselves out as examples of such high integrity and moral values.

Sure they do.

Oh well, I'm sure Rodney doesn't overly concern himself with raises and such, as long as he can get in a few months vacation each year, he's good to go!!!