Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cedar Posts Update

I don't want anyone to think I've been threatened, paid off or abducted by aliens, so I figured I'd offer up a quick update.

I've recently started running a small yacht for a friend in addition to my own businesses which include among them rental property and two Hatteras motoryachts in Charleston.

Frankly I've got my hands full.

But don't feel sorry for me as my office looks out over the Charleston harbor and while Charlotte is my life long home the ocean breeze and sounds of life on the water are very seductive.

The morning as the sun rises over Charleston Habor, and all seems right with the world. But there is much work to be done, so more to come soon about Rodmo.

Peace Out! CP


Anonymous said...

Glad it wasn't a case of alien abduction! :)

I, for one, hope you have not given up on uncovering and exposing all the crap that continues to go on as a result of rodney and ray/ray and their dubious "leadership" at CMPD.

You wouldn't believe the latest.....

Anonymous said...

The reason they have gotten away with this junk, and shall continue unbridled, is because NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, of upper rank will make a formal complaint to the EEOC, NCDOJ, or even just City Council. The blatant discrimination, flagrant violations of ANYONE'S moral and ethical code, etc. CMPD once held a superior position amongst the law enforcement world. That is gone for years to come, and I am ashamed to admit that I have given up the fight. Time to move on....

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a change of heart and do not "give up the fight".

From what I am told, the "dumbing down" of the CMPD is getting noticed by many outside the don't give up hope that people haven't noticed or aren't doing things behind the scene to bring down the house of cards.

It can be discouraging when it seems as though no one is willing to do anything, and to see so many moral and ethical codes being trashed, I think is the most soul crushing.

But don't give up.....when you least expect it, something will happen!

These two are a laughing stock, and it would be comical, if they weren't taking a highly respected law enforcement agency and totally
trashing it and bringing it down to their inept level of policing.

Anonymous said...

I am aware that they have cooked the books, and done unethical things in the department, But the city of Charlotte likes Chief Monroe. That is a fact. People in the department do not like him, and people on this blog do like him. But the City of Charlotte loves the guy. Everywhere he goes he is praised. He is here to stay. This fight is over, Romo wins. And maybe crime has not dropped as much as Romo says it has, but regardless its not on the rise. If a high ranking officer were to say something it would be the end of his/her career. And that is the honest to god i wouldn't expect that to happen ANY time soon. What kind of idiot would give up their job to get a Chief out of office that the City likes?! Go door to door and ask people what they think of the'll here nothing but wonderful things. Fact. Too bad hes not white so we could actually get his ass out of here. But the skin color is really really working for him.....pathetic

Anonymous said...

I so disagree with you....I talk to people every day, and everyone does not respect or "like" rodney...not by a long shot!


It is all a matter of manipulation, manipulation and more manipulation.

They seem to always be in "spin" control mode....always, from what I am told, to be looking for ways to manipulate the numbers, always the numbers.


I, for one, refuse to believe that the people at CMPD and the people of Charlotte are so easily fooled by this buffoon and his equally ridiculous sidekick, ray/ray.

Karma has a way of rearing its' ugly head when you least expect it.

I continue to be optimistic about the basic honesty, ethics and morals of people at CMPD, and continue to believe that good will prevail there.

It is interesting that rodney has been able to turn the CMPD into a department of questionable ethics in so short a time.....what does that say? I'm not really sure.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone is interested...

I have heard from several sources that someone is going to start a Blog soon dedicated to uncovering what is going on at CMPD.

These people have sought legal advice, from what I am told, and will be perfectly within any legal limits (no slander or libel, as what they will be saying will be FACTUAL).

And they are going to use their true names. They are willing to do this, and if any kind of "retaliation" is put into play, that, too, will be blogged about.

They will simply report things that are a matter of PUBLIC RECORD, and things that can be corroborated by witnesses.

I can only hope this is true, what a public service it will be. And what heroic public servants the people doing it will be.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that LC DID NOT have someone holding an umbrella FOR him at the news conference regarding the Officer in the accident???? Really, is he not capable of holding his own freaking umbrella? Is that why Tufano was hired? He really does think he is the "Queen", doesn't he?

Also, didn't he personally change the response to car break-ins, if I am not mistaken???

Anonymous said...

Of course he had someone holding his umbrella...he has to have both hands free in case his crown slips. All hail King Rodney!

Anonymous said...

Queen Rodney....hahaha....that right theres funny. Ive heard some HILARIOUS things about the Queen recently. I hope this blog is revitalized, or that 5:42 is not just tuggin on my wiener...someone needs to uncover this madness...since cedar is living the obvious good life...who can blame him for not being able to post on here...hes on a freakin yatch.

Anonymous said...

I have heard about someone starting a rodney blog, too...just hope it is true.

I suppose everyone knows all about the trip to Denver by now? Haven't heard about it? Let me tell you...

I am told that LC took 12 or more people to the IACP conference in Denver a week or so seems this is a conference for CHIEFS OF POLICE primarily.

But LC thought he would "recompense" some of his "favorites", (i.e., butt smoochers) for their "loyalty" (i.e., for being yes men/women) by taking them along on this boondoggle.

Can you imagine what this trip cost?? The "entry" fees, the golf fees, the meals, the airfare, the per diem??????

Think about it....when Officers haven't gotten a raise, when the department is WAY OVER BUDGET...yet there is money for this type of total boondoggle???

No matter where the money came from, don't you think there were MUCH more responsible ways, in this economy, for this money to be spent??

For any concerned citizen or "media" person, the trip in question should be a matter of PUBLIC INFORMATION.

Of course, if it is anything like other matters of ethics with this regime, I wouldn't put it past them to have hidden this somehow, or at least to have manipulated the money.

But the fact is, the trip did happen at the expense of the CMPD.

Why hasn't the media blown the lid off this one?

I guess for the same reasons they don't pursue all the other unethical behavior of rodney and ray.

It's a racial can of worms they don't want to open.

AND, if rodney and ray keep on promoting people based on race and diversity over qualifications, I just cannot imagine that there won't be lawsuits forthcoming. And rightfully so, from what I have heard.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how the new mantra for CMPD, any time there is a homicide, the new mantra is "But IT WAS NOT A RANDOM ACT OF VIOLENCE".

Like bullets flying around isn't a threat to anyone because it was among "friends".

They seem to think that the public is so stupid that saying over and over again, IT WASN'T A RANDOM ACT OF VIOLENCE, will lead to the public believing that Charlotte is not experiencing any kind of "threatening" crime. So we can all go to sleep feeling safe and secure.

Get a grip, murder is murder....and I'm thinking if you are any where in a city and there is a homicide, just saying, "Well, it wasn't a RANDOM act of violence", will make you think that city is any LESS violent.

Please stop saying that CMPD, it is just embarrassing.