Friday, October 23, 2009

Courtland Smith Shooting Update

Last week the autopsy on Courtland Smith was released and this afternoon that autopsy was revised and re-released by the State Medical Examiners Office, deleting the following statement.

“Young student had commented to friends on [date of death] + before about possible suicidal ideation,” the report stated.

In his medical history, alcoholism and depression were orginally check-marked this was also crossed out.

There has been no explanation as to why the change except that according to friends and family Courtland made no such comments to anyone at anytime.

The North Carolina Medical Examiner's Office also stated that toxicology results on Courtland Smith found alcohol in his system, but no sedative drugs.

The autopsy found the fraternity president suffered gunshot wounds to the lower abdomen, the left thigh, the upper back and a fourth bullet that passed through his left forearm into his upper abdomen.

The brief narrative of a report titled “Report of Investigation by Medical Examiner,” which was signed by Gordon B. Arnold of Guilford County, stated: “He got out of the car + made a suggestive move toward his pocket which the police interpreted as a move to get a gun,” the report said. “They then fired on him + he was hit in abd/chest + dropped down.”

As it turns out Smith did not have a gun, and there was no confrontation as the Archdale Police Department first stated, just a drunk kid on a dark interstate highway.

Officer J.P. Flinchum shot Smith four times at close range with his .357 service revolver when Smith moved to reach in his pocket. No doubt Flinchum was pumping pretty hard after the pursuit and hearing radio traffic thought Smith was pulling a gun.

Y'all say what you like but this was wrong. The cop freaked and the whole thing smells like a cover up attempt.

As I've said from the beginning Smith's comment to the 911 operator that he was "...trying to kill himself" ... was not a statement of fact, just an adjective he used to describe how intoxicated he was feeling.

I find disturbing the actions of the Archdale Police Department's distortion of facts, as well as the Guilford County Medical Examiners use of the autopsy report to editorialize the facts with a pro law enforcement slant.

Finally beyond the homicide of Courtland Smith we need to examine the Greek society on college campuses, which endorse drinking to excess rather than academics.


Anonymous said...

Get over it Cedar---You just can't handle being wrong! Need I say more than, "I told you so!!!"

I can't imagine a doctor falsifying a public, state record. His risk would only be termination from his position as the chief medical examiner and a ban from practicing medicine for the rest of his life. PLEASE, spare us your conspiracy theory drama! This is not the X-files!

Anonymous said...

bravo cedar for pointing out the facts! being drunk should not be an excuse to kill someone the cop lost it he needs to man up

Anonymous said...

Cedar looks like you're right the officer blew away an unarmed kid who was asking for help.

To the fucktards that were bashing you I hope they choke on their own words and vomit!

Anonymous said...

Actually it looks like you dont know what you are talking about cedar. If you overlook the fact that no officer in NC carries a "service revolver" rather a semi-auto handgun, what other little descrepancies were you willing to overlook?

Cedar Posts said...

Well I thought 9mm "Semi Auto" pistols were standard now days.

But according to the the Greensboro newspaper folks and Archdale Police Department the officer used a .357 Revolver. The ME's report backs this up as well.

I doubt that there will be any charges brought in this case but clearly the officer is done, his career over.