Tuesday, November 24, 2009

DSS Data Dump

The Meck Deck’s Jeff Taylor posted a short item titled "What is DSS spending our money on?" about Charlotte attorney Tom Ashcraft asking: Which local non-profits and churches are getting funds from DSS?

According to Jeff, the answer Tom received was a 1311-page, non-responsive data dump of all vendors receiving funds.

Now a data dump can be fun and in some case, with bunch of numbers and names and a computer you can dig just a little deeper. I swear I’m not a computer geek, or hacker but when I smell a rat, I can start digging.

I scanned the massive, and I mean massive list containting endless entries of meaningless numbers and names.


I saw something odd.

$67,102.62 was paid to “TTips For You, LLC” over the course of a year.

Odd name, required a little checking.

So at the North Carolina Secretary of State Office I find that TTips is Pauline Cross.

Google Pauline Cross and I get:

Pauline Cross 301 Billingsley Rd. Charlotte, NC 28211. 704-353-1670; 704-353-1898 pauline.cross@mecklenburgcountync.gov

So the question that begs answering, who is Pauline Cross, what does she do at DSS, what is her connection to "Work First" and why is a company she owns being paid 67 thousand dollars?

I'm sure I missed something. I'm thinking she's a volunteer at DSS and they just let her use an email addy and phone number and maybe an office.

Sure that's it!


Anonymous said...

Amidst all of the crap going on over at DSS, and it is just that, there's something else going on at CMPD that I thought you would get a kick out of.

Can you say Frisbee Football?????

It seems in some sort of self promoting effort to shore up the abysmal morale at CMPD, that romo and ray have started FRISBEE FOOTBALL.....let the fun begin!

(Will everyone be wearing their "white" shirts??? I mean, they all got SIX shirts each, now just how much DID that cost? Or is it hidden somewhere in the "bank of rodney" accounting system?)

Anyhow, everyone has a right to a little fun you say?

Sure, but most, if not all, recreational activities like this take place AFTER WORKING HOURS, OR ON WEEKENDS.

But this is taking place DURING WORKING HOURS, WHILE "ON DUTY"!!!

YEP, crime is so "under control" that CMPD can take officers and command staff away from their "jobs" and have them playing Frisbee during working hours, getting paid for it!!!!

You just cannot make this stuff up, can you??? It just keeps getting better and better.

And for the first time ever, if at all, there will be a little GALA for employees at CMPD, I think I was told it was $25/person. From what I am told NO ONE wants to go to this, it just has bad idea written all over it. (No one other than the members of the "inner circle", and others who are being told to go.) Wish I could go, I would love to have a little one on one talk time with romo/ray! :)

Pretty soon, CMPD will be known as
RCMPD.........Richmond/Charlotte Police Department!!

The person that told me about this could not stop laughing.....then he was just pissed off, as most are at CMPD these days.

But hey, the butt smoochers are as happy as pigs in shit....which is pretty much what they are!

Anonymous said...

Pauline Cross is a contracted Jobs Developer for DSS. She hosts job finding days, job fairs, and informational sessions with employers for Work First customers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 3:45 on November 24th says that Pauline Cross is a contracted Jobs Developer for DSS.

She hosts job finding days, job fairs, and informational sessions with employers for Work First customers.

So we pay her Non Profit TTips $67,000.00 a year to "host" job finding days, she's not a county employee but has a DSS street and email address. Hummm?

How is that a charity? Wonder if the IRS would mind taking a look at her tax returns?