Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WFAE Takes a Shot at Rodney Monroe

You might have missed the anniversay but WFAE's Julie Rose and Lisa Miller didn't, and they are on point regarding RoMo's pledge to resolve his phoney degree issue.

Once the phoney degree was exposed heads started to roll, and in the wake of the scandal, two VCU deans resigned.

A legislative investigation said it didn't find evidence of any wrongdoing by Monroe, but that he clearly shouldn't have been awarded the degree.

From WFAE....

"But Monroe still lists the degree in his biography on the city's web site and Monroe has repeatedly refused to answer any questions about whether he's decided what to do about the degree. He has abruptly ended several interviews with WFAE as soon as the issue was raised. WFAE's Julie Rose tried to ask him about it two weeks ago.

"Chief, Chief, do you have any status on the….." began Rose.

We finally got this vaguely-worded statement from Monroe.

"What I stated to the community over a year ago was my desire to further my education. This goal will be met on a timetable that is best for my family and career. To date I have and continue to take additional classes," Monroe said.

WFAE requested more information on the classes Monroe refers to in his statement. Captain Brian Cunningham, the head of CMPD's communications office, did not respond to our request."

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Anonymous said...

Really, really, romo has absolutely no intention of EVER getting a legitimate degree.

And I'd be willing to be the "classes" he is taking are dancing and basket weaving, or no, wait, GOLF classes!! :)

He will roll with his bogus degree, and in his own little kingdom, to him and to his "subjects" it will be a legitimate degree.

We are not stooopid, it is very clear what happened at VCU, we know it, he knows it, and he doesn't give a damn.

He's just hoping by the time he moves on to his next "job", it will all be forgotten, buried.

But I don't think so, do you?

Anonymous said...

He's a scammer always has been always will be. One can only hope that once the DSS scam is out in the open that the news media will focus on RoMo.

Anonymous said...

I love it, manipulate the crime stats to give the appearance in graphs of a huge drop in crime since romo took charge....

Then all the really stupid people out there will swallow it, hook, line and sinker.

And it's not all their fault, romo can be very charming to the right people......and he uses the race card, as many have said, to his advantage EVERY time.

But, if he doesn't think you can "help" him in any way, he does not have the time of day for you.

It's all about romo, Baby, all about romo.

What was that quote from Martin Luther King? It's not the color of your skin, but the content of your character.....truer words were never spoken.

He truly is a scammer, as someone said. And he is running a con on the CMPD AND the city of Charlotte!

Anonymous said...

Let's be really, really honest here (something romo doesn't seem remotely capable of)....

The issue of his non degree is HUGE.

It goes to the CHARACTER of the man.
It goes to the INTEGRITY of the man.
It goes to the HONESTY of the man.
It goes to his ability to take responsibility for the ambiguity of the circumstances surrounding the legitimacy of his "degree".

This was a HUGE red flag that Curt Walton chose to overlook and sweep under the carpet, he is not a totally stupid man, he KNEW this was a real potential problem.

As it has played out, it was a tremendous "tell" about the true nature of romo....and he is so totally self absorbed and egotistical that he really believes that it's all a big "game" he can win by covering more untruths with more untruths with yet even more untruths....oh what a tangled web we weave.

He probably even believes his own press, which is a dangerous place to be.
As someone said, a real HOUSE OF CARDS.

I would be unhitching my wagon from this falling star.

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought a NPR station would be going after a liberal commie like RoMo!

Anonymous said...

absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Aren't we entitled to an answer of WHAT CLASSES HE HAS TAKEN AND IS TAKING???

Can't we get this information, or is Trufano stonewalling on this, desperately looking for ANYTHING that would fit this criteria??

Maybe that little "trip" he took to Denver with his little "troupe" would qualify somehow as a "class"?


Anonymous said...

Romo doesnt believe in "Higher education" look at his history quick and easy ...it all stems from MPDC he's still pissed off 20 yrs later...