Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Harry Jones Fires Back - He Must Smell Smoke

This week the number of logs on the fire grew, as Charlotte's print, television, and radio media as well as local blogers zeroed in on Harry Jones.

On Monday WSOC TV posted an on line pole asking "Do you think Mecklenburg County is handling the DSS investigation properly?" By Tuesday a resounding 90% of online readers said "NO" !

WFAE's Lisa Miller stoked the fire under Harry Jones with her "DSS finance mess continues to stump" story, that aired on Tuesday.

While Observer cartooist Kevin Siers let everyone know he too has an axe to grind with Harry Jones.

On Wednesday Harry Jones and his comrade in arms Jennifer Roberts posted statements on the Mecklenburg County web site,
The Facts Behind The DSS Audit by Harry Jones

Jones rambling expose' offers a different view of the facts, and claims, "all the money has been accounted for" and the offers a self serving "We could have done this all out of the public eye by not publicly announcing that we were conducting the audits and not reporting the findings to the Board and news media. In hindsight, this seems as though it would have been the easier route to take because we probably would not have had to endure the misinformation that has been reported and the public ire that has developed as a consequence.", in short, you would have never known.

Most interesting is Jone's claim "(in fact, every document related to this matter is available online)." Complete with the hyper link. But comically, clicking on the link takes you right back to his and Robert's statements.

Robert's statement also appears as an open letter to the Charlotte Observer that proclaims "County's response to DSS issues has been appropriate".

Then in a Drew Peterson style YouTube video Harry Jones explains why he's not a "Crook". You can watch the Video Here.

Jennifer Roberts, clearly doesn't have even the most basic grasp of how swift the river of distrust is flowing.

Her letter and solution to calm the masses is nothing more than saying "let them eat cake". Her obliviousness to the firestorm of discontent would be comical if it was not so tragic.

In Jones defense he is a man facing his sudden exposure as an incompetent tyrant, and at this point will say or do anything to remain in power.

But besides a general lack of ethics, Jones is not accepting of the fact that taxpayers paid 93 thousand dollars to Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, L.L.P to aduit only a select areas of DSS operations, an audit which resulted in a long list of inadequacies all that have occur ed on Jones' watch.

The audit covered a faction of the 180 million dollar DSS budget, so one can only suspect that where there is smoke there is fire. In this case its a fire that is making Harry Jones sweat.


Anonymous said...

As a black mother of two daughters who have in the past asked for help from DSS and were turned down I am not surprized.

These people have been stealing from the DSS for years!

Whoever Cedar Posts is you are missing the point. The people who are being stole from are the children. Harry Jones stole from my babies years ago and things are not going to change.

I have moved on and things are much better now thank you but still its wrong how these people are stealling from the babies.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You know what? It's a hell of a thing to say, but Harry Jones is nothing but a damn nigger. Sorry, but there's no other word to call this filthy thief. He hasn't done a damn thing for the Black community, he hasn't done a thing but for himself and fellow cronies. Again, nigger with a lowe case n. Ask anybody in the black community that needs hep, "What has Harry Jones done for you?".

I asked that question of a black friend of mine and SHE said, and I quote, "That nigger just wants all the coin he can get".

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

I should remove the "N" word in the above comment.

But I think in the contex there is no other way of saying how those who needed the help of the DDS the most must feel.

So, I'll let it stand.