Sunday, November 22, 2009

Harry Jones

It's ironic that "Harry Jones" is sang for heroin, as I'm addicted to the never ending saga involving our Mecklenburg County Manager.

First I'm amazed at what has been going on inside Mecklenburg County Government as the list of wrongs is long and stunning.

“Cronyism”, “Embezzlement”, “Accounting Regularities” and General "Mismanagement" is just the start. The DSS is only a symptom of a culture wrought with corruption and a shocking lack of management, oversight and generally accepted business principles.

I have received emails from county employees who tell of co-workers who don't show up for work but are paid just the same. One email suggests that I look into an employee who is on the payroll twice, under both her maiden name and her married name all with Harry Jone's blessing.

The Charlotte Observer has published 23 letters to the editor during the past 60 days all calling for the firing of Harry Jones and his gang of merry thieves. I suspect that an equal number of letters never made the paper.

The Mecklenburg BOCC needs to step up and address their addiction to Harry Jones. If not its time for an intervention.


Anonymous said...

Cedar I'm with you 100% Harry Jones needs to come clean or move on, and the BOCC needs to force the issue.

I'd like just one person to step up and defend Harry, just one. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

I don't know who you are but you have the facts wrong! Harry Jones has done nothing wrong! So you just crawl back under that rock!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:50
You would have much more credibility if you told us who you were.

As far as anyone knows, Cedar's facts are correct.......

What is REALLY needed, is a FULL AND TRANSPARENT criminal investigation.

Harry Jones is at worse corrupt, and at best, an idiot...either way, he needs to GO!

Anonymous said...

Cedar keep on digging and oh yea keep on rocking! lol

Anonymous said...

I started following this blog for the RoMo story. Now I'm following the Harry Jones story.

WTF is wrong with Mecklenburg County and Charlotte? Is this just the norm?

Well I guess so, since both former North and current South Carolina governors are crooks and our favorite son presidential candidate John Edwards is just as bad.

If the worst thing that happens to Harry Jones is a couple of postings on this blog, then we all should be ashamed of our elected officials.

JAT said...

Anon 8:50, go ahead and get ashamed. Nothing is going to happen.

Count the votes on the county commish.

Anonymous said...


I know you are right, NOTHING will happen!

I wish you were wrong cause if the BOCC lets this slide then you know the smaller stuff such as paying your taxes, padding your expense account, fixing traffic and parking tickets, having park and rec reseed you lawn will be over looked.

But at what cost?