Monday, November 2, 2009

JFG Coffee "The Best Part Of The Meal"

The death of Charlotte's landmarks will continue to go unnoticed. The Coffee Cup restaurant became dust this past week and on Monday November 2, 2009, Charlotte's JFG Coffee sign will also fade into the past.

But beyond the loss of this landmark is a trend and belief that has always been hard to reverse, a belief that new is always better.

My grandparents embraced the new is better trend when they moved into an Ethan Allen designer home in 1962. Since the home had everything they could want, they gave away my great grandparents collection of Louis XVI furniture. What wasn't given away went to the curb. Items included, chairs, tables, desks, end tables, beds and more. Furniture that today would be considered prices less antiques.

I'm sure places like South 21 and BBQ King are not long for our shinny Charlotte. Dan Queen's Service Station on Providence and the Dairy Queen are a couple of my favorites that will give way to progress at some point in the future.

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