Saturday, December 19, 2009

WSOC TV Takes a Shots at CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe

On Wednesday and Saturday Charlotte's WSOC TV took a couple of shots at CMPD Chief Rodney "RoMo" Monroe, who appeared on camera in his new "Captain Stubing" shirt to defend the many thumbs down comments on the CMPD's recent survey.

Charlotte Police Chief Responds To Discontent Uncovered In Internal Survey

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police chief Rodney Monroe defended his hiring and promotion practices Wednesday evening after Channel 9 Eyewitness News obtained an internal survey revealing major discontent among officers.

Many police department employees apparently feel hiring and promotions are not based solely on experience and qualifications.

Only 32 percent of officers agreed with the statement that "employees are hired based on their skills and abilities, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity or other differences."

Forty percent of officers disagreed with that statement.

The survey also included comments from officers, many of whom criticized the hiring and promotion process.

One employee wrote, "promotions and job selections should solely be based upon prior job performance and qualifications...and not..;gender, age and race. It seems this department is going away from this in order to appear more diverse at all costs."

Another wrote, "very well qualified applicants have been passed over for less qualified more diverse officers."

Police chief Rodney Monroe defended his record on hiring and promotion.

"That's not true. We don't promote based on race or gender," said Monroe. "But do we try to make an effort to be inclusive of everyone whether it's promotional or assignment? Yeah."

Part Two Aired on Saturday:

Push For Change After Report On CMPD’s Hiring Practices

The President of Charlotte's Fraternal Order of Police hopes the results of a new survey bring about change.

"The police department has opened a pretty big door," Hagler said. As president of the FOP, Hagler serves as the voice of Charlotte officers.

He said the results of a recent internal survey of more than 1000 CMPD employees confirmed rumors he's heard for months.

"You shouldn't ask a question if you don’t like the response you get," Hagler said, "and I'm sensing that may be a little bit of what's going on."

The survey, released Wednesday, shows a majority of the respondent’s value a diverse work force.

But, pages and pages of comments show a belief that promotions and transfers within the department are now based on diversity, not merit.

One employee wrote: "Reverse discrimination is blatant and consistently being applied every time there is an opening in a desired position."

"That's not true," Chief Rodney Monroe said on Wednesday, when asked if promotions were "diversity-based". "We don't promote based on race or gender but do we try to make an effort to be inclusive of everyone whether it's promotional or assignment." Monroe did say some standards have been changed to make more officers eligible for new positions, like sergeant.

Hagler said it's hard to "change" standards without lowering them. He hoped the results of the survey make a difference.

"The department has asked some decent questions in the survey, Hagler said.”They need to now look at the responses from the officers and make changes in the appropriate manner."


Anonymous said...

Finally, someone is shining a light on what has been going on for months at CMPD.

Can you be the Chief of Police and lie on television when asked a direct question?

I guess you can.

Let's hope the ball is not dropped on this story, let's hope that the truth is uncovered.

Anonymous said...

That old saying don't bite the hand that feeds you. Romo may have bitten off more than he can chew. He may have been unstopable in Ga. and maybe even in Va. But I think he's actually over matched in North Carolina.
His diversity practices are illegal,the EEOC is aware of what is going on, as well as a prominent law office one who has taken a great interest in the practices of Romo and the City of Charlotte.
The question I have is really why? What did the Charlotte Police do to you? What has caused this man to be so bitter and racist? Did it start with his career in DC? Is he making up for the fact he was passed over for a non diverse person? Makes you wonder..while we are speculating what does his right hand man have to do with any of it? Is he (Romo) going to pin these actions on Ray Ray?? What about the upper brass?? What happened to their common sense Deputy Chief Medlock have you lost your mind- obviously your back bones gone.
Is there no one who will back the officers other than the public? You do realize without Officers your jobs are obsolute.

There is strength in numbers..1600 plus...

Anonymous said...

." Monroe did say some standards have been changed to make more officers eligible for new positions." You mean like Majors and soon to be Deputy Chief? The same one who sold Romo his house?

The Civilan jobs he is creating for his followers (you know who you are). Or maybe the positions that used to require experience in a paticular field, now don't even require you to be an officer on patrol- just pass go - go straight to a specialized unit - you don't know how to be an effective police officer but you can be a Detective..

Anonymous said...

Diversity in RoMo's terms = Reverse Discrimnination

Anonymous said...

It's a shame, a real shame that Curt Walton and the rest of the 'politicos" were desperate enough to saddle the City of Charlotte with romo for god knows how long.
They are obviously not going to do anything because of the race card and the fear of the backlash from the black community...the "Nick Mackey Effect". But I think we need to give the black community a little more credit.
The "brass" at CMPD, MOST of the brass, there are a FEW exceptions, have not stepped up to do the right thing. They are so busy with self preservation, it's just amazing. They are NOT totally brain dead, they DO know what is going on.
The true measure of a man is put to a real "integrity" test in circumstances such as these. Do you "go along to get along" with obviously WRONG or maybe even unlawful practices? Or do you make your feelings known and take a stand for your Officers and stop sacrificing your integrity?
It really is tests such as these that are turning points in life.
I have been hearing about this for a year now from people at CMPD.
READ the comments on the surveys, this stuff is REAL, folks. Where there's LOTS of smoke, this time there is LOTS of fire!

Anonymous said...

From all I have heard he is about the most open racist person I have heard about in a long, long time.

He is absolutely blatant about his bias and his racism. The "race card" has protected him in the past and I guess he expected it to continue to protect him like some get out of jail free card here, also.

He is a really bitter and vindictive individual who does
NOT need to be in charge of a major metropolitan police department.....if ANY.

It seems his ONLY agenda, besides his personal "comfort" and major PERKS, is to put African Americans into every "desirable" opening at CMPD, regardless of whether they are REMOTELY qualified or not...and to surround himself with these people that owe him BIG TIME and the sycophants that fear him.

Anonymous said...

I wish more people had voiced their true feelings instead of taking the "neutral" way out. Most that did this said it was because they feared an impact to their chances at promotion and/or movement within the department

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:52
I did hear a lot of people feard that.... but if you look at the comment sections, it seems many, many people were not afraid of voicing their concerns at all.

It's a shame there was not a question on there about how people are being told to "report"crimes and manipulate the numbers.expre

Anonymous said...

One can only hope that whomever the "powers that be" that have some little bit of responsibility over romo and ray/ray are paying close attention to what is going on at CMPD. It doesn't seem so at this point, but one never knows what is going on behind closed doors.
The point is, what romo is doing, he is doing blatantly and with impunity it seems.
How one person has taken such a well respected department of integrity with the highest of standards and with excellent standards of training and taken it down to such an abysmal level is amazing.
There are huge rifts, standards have been lowered for recruits and for interdepartmental promotions and transfers.
All of CMPD is aware of the kinds of things romo does with regards to "using" his position for his own personal "comfort"....taking full advantage of any and all "freebies" that may come his way, and seeking out others.
His OVER spending, and spending on frivolous things that are important only to him and make no impact on crime or community...while not getting important raises for the troops he professes to care so much about.
He is not professional, he has mislead the public and the department about his "degree".
His vindictiveness and "payback" are legendary. His bias and favoritism or cronyism and over the top.
Morale is at a point that may be irreversible....good, qualified people of integrity are leaving.
No one trusts anyone, the climate is a hostile work environment to say the very least.
Will anyone do anything?

Anonymous said...

Did any of our illustrious media check into the very real flagrant abuse of funds on the trip romo took to Denver with 12 or so of his cohorts ostensibly to a "conference".

Air Fare, Golf Outings, Per Diem, the entrance fee for each individual, dinners, etc., etc.

Does anyone think that this was a prudent way to spend taxpayers money, especially in this economy???? Did ANYONE look into this???

Does ANYONE care how CMPD monies are being spent???

This is just one of the many, many frivolous ways I have heard romo has elected to spend CMPD funds on.

But didn't go to bat for his Officers for a step raise or cost of living raise???

This trip was just plain wrong and unethical on so many levels. And the people who partook of romo's generosity with taxpayers money should be held accountable, also.

Anonymous said...

Looks like there are some "promotions" coming down....(of course that would not include the position that rodney CREATED for Ricky Robbins....which is so redundant it's not funny, there are MANY Agencies that have been created to deal with what his "job" is supposed to do, HOW STUPID ARE WE?)
Anyhooo, it seems they are going through the CHARADE of "Interviewing" for these "positions".

Which is BullCrap....EVERYONE knows that rodney has already said who he wants in these jobs, these "interviews" are just to TRY to appease the growing anger over his
reverse discrimination tactics.

And, as usual, the AssKisser Posers that really are not qualified are going to get promoted.

The ONLY chance you have if you are white is to be a ButtSmoocher Supreme from what I am told.

And everyone knows who you are and do not respect you, you know who you are. You have sold your soul to the "company", i.e., rodney and ray/ray.

These are the kinds of promotions that are going to take YEARS, literally, for CMPD to RECOVER FROM, if ever. From all I am told, I personally don't think it will ever be the same respected PD ever again. Just too many people of no character or integrity that are not qualified are now in positions to set the tone for the whole PD.

All those of ethics, honor, and integrity will not be around to see the eventual mess that the CMPD is becoming, they will have left to work elsewhere or take retirement.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!It didn't take long for the "Lowering of standards" for the sake of "Diversity" to prove what officers have been screaming all along!! One of his "recruits" turns out to be a rapist wearing a uniform. This is just the tip of the iceburg from what I'm told and the beginning of the corruption they warned you about. it goes. This officer had only been on less then a year and he is stopping women and raping them....thanks CMPD for the "Diversity".
And what about this "GALA" party? I bet those 300 or so that attended were not "officers" but Captains and aboves and thier wives, friends etc. 2100 out of 2200 did not attend!! Get on board city council 3/4 of the department cannot be wrong!

Anonymous said...

Now I must admit Chief Monroe has done some unscrupulous things in the last few years as head of CMPD. I think that he uses the term "diversify" as a way of hiring minorities to fill managerial positions. What I will say is that previous Chiefs as well as CMPD brass have been using this form of promotion for decades. White Chiefs/CMPD brass have been promoting their "boys" for years, admittedly, they have been more subtle than Chief Monroe, but this kind of "good ole boy" network have been around for years. Now a black man is doing what the white man has been doing all along and now there is "outcry"....please...(talk about double standard).It was wrong when Stephens did it, wrong when Norwicki did it...oh..but they were white, so no one said anything about it. It is widely known that positions in the department are filled "long before" people interview for them. The posting of the position is nothing more than a formality and the interview process is nothing more than a dog and pony show. Deals are made with officers like they are athletes being traded to other teams.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:56
Sure, there has been "cronyism" in the past, that's why there are laws, rules, etc. in place to protect minorities. It is USING this protection that is wrong.
And that is what rodney is doing, he is using the race card to stack the deck at CMPD. And the white officers, sorry to say this, are being screwed. From what I have heard, you really don't stand a chance if you are a white male at CMPD, and I think this feeling is honestly conveyed in the survey that was sent around. It's actually not just a "feeling", but a fact!
So here we go, TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. It is wrong for any race to discriminate against another simply because of color of skin. And that is exactly what is happening right now at CMPD.
So don't lay that black guilt thing on the white officers that are being virtually ignored right now at matter their tenure, qualifications, education, etc. They are being passed over and around for black officers of less tenure, and qualifications for a job.
Bottom line, it's reverse discrimination and it's not right, no matter how you serve it up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:56,

I won't say that the good ole boy system was not fully in effect under Stephens and Norwicki, but it's not near as bad as it is with Romo. I'm certain that there were many instances in the past where previous chiefs and command staff had their eye on one particular person who was in the end tapped for the job, and a process was held just as a formality.

But I have to disagree with you and say that reverse descrimination is running rampant. In the past, you still had a good chance at promotion and specialized assignment if you were black. I have a lot of good friends and know of many others that are black and were promoted under Stephens because they had the skills, qualifications, and background to do the job. They weren't on their knees kissing someone's butt to get ahead, they did what they had to do from day one and accumulated an excellent resume and career, and in the end it turned out to their advantage. As a result, they are the best supervisors that I have ever seen.

Now, in the days of Romo, that is no longer true. You don't have a fighting chance if you are white. Sure, you might be some of the select few that slip through because Romo ain't totally stupid and blind, and does promote a few here and there to try an avoid TOTAL descrimination. But for the most part, forget beefing up your resume, working hard, and going out of your way in order to further your career cause Romo cares for none of it. And about the only thing a college degree gets you is an extra 5%...Romo don't care cause his mindset is that he can train anyone. That's why a 4100 code number is in robbery.

Anonymous said...

Well, first of all Romo will push next year for the CMPD officers to get a significant pay raise. He will use the lower crime numbers as justification and then we will see how many of you guys complain. The surveys that you took, wether you know it or not, are not anonymous and I'm sure the names as well as who there said what are already circulating. No one is keeping any of you on the department....leave if you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:40
Yes, I am sure you are right, your attitude seems to be just like that of rodney and ray/ray.

He will most likely use the BOGUS lower crime stats to obtain raises and look like the "hero" that he is not. That is, if he isn't called out on those same crime stats and how they came to be, people are interested. from what I am told.

"Significant" pay raise though, I THINK NOT!!

Why that sounds like a "threat" to what if they do know who the people are? They told the TRUTH, which was the point of the survey, no? So are you saying that the INFAMOUS scare tactics of rodney and ray/ray will come into play? The revenge, the retaliation? The getting "even" with anyone that doesn't agree with them?? If THAT is what you are referring to, you are mostly likely right about that. But I don't think he and ray/ray are going to get away with their shenanigans much longer.
So, you are saying that officers of the CMPD would trade their integrity, honor and ethics for a "significant" pay raise?? I think you totally underestimate them, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:40
So you are saying that after putting in years of hard, honest work, that good people should just "leave" because of a chief of dubious character? Give up the retirement that many have worked very, very hard for? Leave a department that is failing because of two people?

You sound like one of the rats that would be jumping ship.

The best way to effect change is from the Inside.

And many that are retiring soon will get the truth out there, don't worry.

Anonymous said...

So there he was on the news tonight, trying to do a little damage control to his tattered reputation.

Talking about the neighborhoods, and how it has really been the "people" that have turned crime around in Charlotte, trying so hard to connect with the "people" and just be a "good guy". It just doesn't work.

Then they did THE story, and he issued the statement that "he was hired before I got here"....did he REALLY say that?? Did he REALLY do something so TOTALLY classless??
Yep, he did. Looks like he will throw ANYONE under the bus when it suits him.

Anonymous said...

I will be out of this "shell of a former model of professional police departments" none too soon. I will take my honor and integrity with me, despite the infestation of Rodney, et al. I am ashamed to say I was personally not strong enough to fight by myself, but NO ONE would join the fight. The public will ultimately lose, but for now, it is those employee's who gave selflessly who leave in despair.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:05
It is so sad that many people feel the way you do. Sadder even that you couldn't get together with all the others that feel the same way, and there are MANY!

But it's the underhanded techniques and tactics of rodney and ray/ray that prevents people from speaking up and speaking out... so don't feel bad that you didn't do more. They have turned people against people and have created such a hostile work environment with threats and retaliation.

I have been told that the overwhelming feeling is of such sadness to see the demise of a once respected, professional police department that held people to the highest standards....and didn't lower standards to promote a personal agenda.

Seems the people that could correct the course have chosen to turn a blind eye to what is going on. One can only hope that at some point soon that they will see that it is more prudent to cut their losses now, rather than later.