Monday, January 25, 2010

CMPD Attorney Mark Newbold Responds to Questions About His Attempt to Block Release of Jackson 911 Tapes

"Why did CMPD seek the (block) pre-trial release of the tapes? Simply put, we do not believe it proper for key evidence to be released to the media before the trial begins. The only exception to this rule is when the release of the evidence is necessary to protect the public from imminent harm or to develop further investigative leads.

A certain amount of pre-trial publicity will always occur in cases that are sensational. Certainly, the public has a right to know who has been arrested and the nature of the allegations against the defendant.

However, actual evidence such as statements made by the suspect or a witness that are relevant to the suspect's guilt or innocence, should only be released to the public during the course of the trial. The potential harms (chilling others from coming forward, undermining the State's ability to prosecute and denying the defendant a fair trial) caused by pre-trial release simply outweigh the media desire to release evidence to the public at this time.

Fortunately the law in North Carolina allows us to petition a court to seek an order preventing pre-trial disclosure. Although the Court did not agree with our argument, we were pleased that the Court issued its ruling only after listening to the tape."

-- Deputy City Attorney Mark Newbold

Cedar says:

This should give you some idea of the crazy logic Mr. Newbold, Curt Walton and Chief Monroe will try to use on Charlotte's City Council later this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

"Pattern and Practice", Cedar, the City DOES NOT WANT THAT TO COME OUT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a freaking JOKE....City Council does not even hold the session, takes the cowards way out, and does not even look at the files.

If they looked at them, they would then have to make a decision regarding them.

If whomever has a copy of those files at CMPD does not release them to the media, I freaking give up.

I hope voters remember this lame ass decision by City Council when City Council is up for election.

I will do my part to make sure they remember this when these files are finally released and Curt Walton and Rodney Monroe are found to have conspired to have vital information that would affect the public kept quiet.

WHAT A COVER UP......what a cover up.

RODNEY MONROE IS GUILTY of not being truthful with the public.
Of not owning up to his part in allowing Marcus Jackson to continue to work at CMPD when he could have fired him while he was on probation.

If Marcus Jackson had been a white, male probationary officer and had TWO SUSPENSIONS, HE WOULD HAVE BEEN LET GO, INSTEAD OF HAVING ONE OF HIS SUSPENSIONS REDUCED. This is a fact, folks...


Whoa, really...........?????

Anonymous said...

This corrupt Police Chief once again skates on his misconduct.

I guess it is what someone said:
City Council hired Curt Walton.
Curt Walton hired Rodney Monroe.
Rodney Monroe is CORRUPT and Curt Walton does not want that to come out, as it will be his overpaid butt on the line.

This should not go away, folks,

Rodney Monroe should go away....

Anonymous said...


Even though Marcus is a PIG---He does deserve a fair trial. In the eyes of most Charlottean's (mine included), he is already guilty. Hearing PIG's voice on Channel 9 isn't going to do anything but make his right to a fair trial more difficult to achieve!

Unfortunately for Marcus, if he isn't guilty, he won't get a fair trial in Charlotte and his trial will be move somewhere else---costing the tax payers of Mecklenburg County MORE MONEY that we don't have!

I agree with Newbold on this one...Keep it for trial!

Anonymous said...

Outrage, that is what people should be feeling right now, TOTAL OUTRAGE.

There is no way those files should not have been read by City Council....what a bunch of lily livered cowards, what an awful dereliction of duty, what a shameful way of handling this, by not handling it. This will come back to haunt them, trust me.

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think that they did not go through his files. They are just telling the public they did not. I bet you they all or some of them have knowledge of what really happened with Marcus Jackson's suspensions.