Friday, January 29, 2010

The Jackson Spin Spins Out Of Control

The heat is on.....

According to a source with access to Chief Monroe's inner circle, things aren't much fun on Trade Street. Apparently Chief Monroe is in foul mood and when RoMo ain't happy ain't no one happy.

The Chief has never been happy with a couple of obscure blogs (The Meck Deck ) that detail his every move, mistake and vice. At one point reportedly threatening to fire and or arrest the person responsible for the Charlotte's Police Chief Exposed story posted on this blog one year ago.

So you can imagine the tension over the Marcus Jackson case with the media in "Black Helicopters" circling over CMPD headquarters 24/7. Add Rob Tufano's pathetic attempt to spin the Jackson files on WBT Talk Radio on Tuesday with a repeat performance digging a deeper hole on Wednesday. Followed by another Observer Editorial City secrecy corrodes public trust in police (I think they meant erodes, since corrosion adds weight) which nods to blogs and the Rob-T on air spin attempts via WBT.

The over the top focus on pre-hire screening and ever changing facts and smoke screen about discipline issues and suspensions inside the Jackson file give tremendous weight to the reported free pass that sources tell Cedar Posts Jackson was given. A free pass that allowed him or even prompted him to commit his attacks on Charlotte women.

At this point Chief Monroe has only two choices; come clean and open the file to someone without an ax to grind (former county commissioner Dan Ramirez comes to mind) who can report to the public via city council or..... lawyer up.

According to sources last night Chief Monroe is doing the latter.

One can only hope it is not true.


el grande said...

Observer editors are lacking certain skills with respect to usage and grammar. The lack of focus to simple basics is much like the city's attention and focus on a million items leading to this mess. RoMo's "degree", his commitment to get one, etc., come to mind.

Couldn't help myself, taking a dig at the poor oversight at the local rag; no wonder they're going out of business.

Instead of "corrode" or "erode" how about "weakens"? You know, something like: "Chief Moore's lack of scruples, management skills & leadership weakens morale within CMPD"

ThaQueenCity said...

By the way, it was not very well reported but about 5pm yesterday on North Tryon another officer was involved in a wreck??? Didn't hear any other info o this, wonder why?

Anonymous said...

I'd expect Rob-T to be thrown under the bus soon. RoMo should have hired an PR guy and not former tv newsreporter.

JAT said...

We are down to needing full disclosure of the nature of CMPD's reaction to Jackson allegedly breaking into his wife's apartment. Then an answer to the simple question, did anyone at CMPD want to fire Jackson prior to his Dec. arrest? Prior to his alleged attacks on women?

Either this happens soon or the city and CMPD might never recover.

It is not too late to avoid that. But the longer the truth stays buried....

Anonymous said...

The biggest issue here is ROMO policy and grandstanding. Googgle him. Ever where he goes there is legal trouble and guess what? This arrogant incompetent has brought this to you Charlotte!!! Thank you Curt Walton for your hard headed self promoting underground policy. Walton and ROMO have or will destroy this once proud police department. Look at the PD in Georgia, and Richmond and the legal battles ROMO left. The folks who got the ax over his degree. Geez cant this man ever have one once of honor and take it like a man, accept responsibility and learn. NO HE CANT!!!! If City Council doesnt wake up, we need to start a tea party and I know plenty of people who will want on that ship!!!!!

ThaQueenCity said...
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ThaQueenCity said...

January 29, 2010 8:56 AM:

I agree 8:56 AM: there has GOT to be SOMETHING the citizens can do since our City Council won't? Maybe, all who are part of these blog's, Cedar, MeckDeck, and tired of the corruption being ALLOWED to continue should pick a date and show up in force at one of their meetings DEMANDING Rodney Monroe be investigated and FIRED! Enough is enough! If you can't trust your own police department who can you trust?

Anyone willing? I know I am! I am not afraid of his bulling tactics! can't do anything to me except harrass me??? And that I am willing to handle!

Anonymous said...

If the public doesn't wake up to the fact that City Council, Curt Walton and Rodney Monroe are in collusion soon, then they deserve what they have enabled to happen.

There are so very many holes in the story that Rob Tufano is trying to spin it's like a sieve. He and rodney have spun so may different tales it's just become comical.
What WILL they come up with next to try to confuse the public so they don't see the truth about what is going on? Doublespeak...misinformation....I mean, really, how much longer will this go on?
Rodney is obviously having trouble "recalling the timeline and facts"...they are constantly changing and morphing into what he wishes had happened, not WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. It just makes you dizzy...all this disingenuous spinning.

Anonymous said...

Corrode would be proper used in this context.

Corrode: To eat or wear away gradually as if by impair or deteriorate.

Cedar Posts said...

Point Taken though gradually would be an understatement.

Anonymous said...

I agree, a HUGE understatement!! :)

The havoc he has caused in the short time he has been here has got to be some kind of a record!

Anonymous said...

Cedar, I just heard that Tim Leadford the Chief of the Mint Police Department called CMPD personally and emailed Chief Monroe about Jackson. Monroe had one of the CMPD Majors reply asking that Leadford remove the event from his files.

Anonymous said...

Quote:Cedar, I just heard that Tim Leadford the Chief of the Mint Police Department called CMPD personally and emailed Chief Monroe about Jackson. Monroe had one of the CMPD Majors reply asking that Leadford remove the event from his files.Unquote.

Cedar, If this is true, and I believe it probably is, it fits rodneys' profile, rodney should resign immediately, don't pass go, just pack your bags and GO!

And if true, he has managed to once again take OTHER PEOPLE DOWN WITH HIM. The Major, The Police Chief, and who knows how many others he has coerced into "helping" him.

He just needs to know when to call it quits.........because it is completely apparent that City Council and Curt Walton are to scared to pull the plug on him.

They'll just let him completely ruin the reputation of CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Mint Hill Police taking over at 2 CMS schools
Posted: Jan 11, 2010 12:23 PM EST Updated: Jan 11, 2010 6:11 PM EST
Video Gallery
School resource officers

By Dedrick Russell - bio l email

MINT HILL, NC (WBTV) - Mint Hill police department may soon take over safety issues at several Charlotte Mecklenburg schools.

The town of Mint Hill has requested to have Mint Hill officers become the school resource officers for Independence High School and Northeast Middle.

Mint Hill officers are already patrolling at Mint Hill middle and will be stationed at the Rocky River High school opening in Mint Hill next school year.

CMPD currently serves Independence High and Northeast Middle.

Mint Hill police chief Tim Ledford says he doesn't know if these extra duties will be a stretch, but he is prepared if they are.

"We will address the concerns as they come up," the chief said. "We don't want the citizens of Mint Hill to feel like they are shortened in any way."

Ledford says if this changing of the guard is approved, the force will need to hire four more officers.

Charlotte - Mecklenburg school district will pay for the officers' salaries and the town of Mint Hill will take care of training and equipment.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know about the " Big meeting" all the Majors and up were required to be at Friday morning with Romo ??

el grande said...
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el grande said...

3:40 PM - isn't that obstruction or at the least against various Information Act underpinnings?

I work for a really large company and despite what folks mkight think of us, our internal culture is based on "do the right thing" and we've always been told that destroying files that touch ongoing investigations is a termination-worthy offense!