Sunday, January 24, 2010

Monroe Details Changes to Screening Practices at CMPD

In today's paper, Chief Monroe responds to the Observer's editorial calling for changes in the CMPD screening process. Read the chief's letter here.

Cedar's response:

Marcus Jackson is not just symptomatic of the failures in pre employment background checks that Chief Monroe has detailed in his letter. Jackson is an example of how CMPD fails to supervise and monitor rookie police officers in the field. The failures outlined at Cedar Posts are just the tip of the iceberg.

Because Chief Monroe and his command staff ignored or dismissed the questionable and violent actions of Officer Jackson as defined by two civil actions and by Mint Hill police after he was placed in the field, he was permitted to continue his illegal behavior while wearing the uniform of the CMPD.

While the changes Chief Monroe has noted may serve to help restore the public's trust they do little to vet out rouge officers currently within the department.

The letter is a well crafted attempt to white wash the Marcus Jackson show. But all in all Cedar Posts thinks the letter is a good move by the chief's handlers.

But what do you think?

Around the corner from RoMo's letter is Taylor Batten's editorial "How (Not) To Handle That Pesky Public" where Taylor takes the CMPD and Deputy City Attorney Mark Newbold to task.


Anonymous said...

RoMo has good spin on this Cedar but he is in over his head and on the out. Unless city council gets a clean file on Marcus Jackson that is.

ThaQueenCity said...

Somehow I think the RoMo will be able to clean up Jackson's "IA" and "personnel" files! I know if the PRE Rodney IA team were still in place this would NOT be possible! THEY were a GREAT team and worked hard to keep their officers honest and clean!

I pray NOT, but I would not put it past him! He is already threatening action any officers who come forward and talk to the media as you know!

This man is a CONTROL FREAK and he HAS to be stopped!

Anonymous said...

He may clean up the files, but remember he isn't the only one that knows what is in them. People will talk and it will get out.

Anonymous said...

I swear it looks like someone took a highlighter and outlined his shoulder patches. Very tackey.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this on the Observer sight:

Just a little more insight into the academy.

A few months back, there was an Open House at the academy, advertised, get this, FOR WOMEN AND MINORITIES ONLY. I mean, can you DO that?? What if they had an Open House and advertised it "FOR WHITE MEN ONLY". How would that go over?
There is now an African American Major, an African American Captain, and an African American Sergeant over the Academy, and I am told the majority of recruiters are now African American.
Is there a pattern here?
Rodney Monroe disbanded the International Relations Unit soon after arriving at CMPD....before he even knew what they did and all that they had accomplished, especially within the Hispanic community. HE DISBANDED IT.....Hello?????
I thought he was trying to make CMPD REPRESENTATIVE OF THE COMMUNITY?
And NOW he says he is doing much go strengthen relations with the Hispanic Community.......yea, sure, is that not a little obvious???

Anonymous said...

I am telling you he is still pissed about DCMP department - he is and has been taking it out on any and all non African Americans for the last 20 yrs..since he was overlooked for a promotion in DC- all becuase well frankly he was a cry baby.When he didn't get what he wanted he quit- then resinded his letter. He has never learned the words Grace, appreciate, deserve, or well qualified ..just demand, tantrum, and be-little he disgust's me and makes me ashamed to even know is he one of NC'S finest because he doesnt do the same job I do or that my spouse does or any of us in Law enforcement do- He is a disgruntle individual that feels we owe him and he deserves something- well he's right a law suit and walking papers woul dbe a fine start -