Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Neal Rodgers Says "I Want to See CMPD's Jackson File"

Attorney Neal Rodgers, who is representing two of Jackson's accusers, hopes to get his hands on the Jackson file during the discovery process of the victims' civil suit against Jackson and the city.

"It is the best opportunity to get at and understand the manner in which Officer Jackson was hired," Rodgers told WBT's Keith Larson Show Tuesday.

That file, Rodgers said, would also point to why Jackson was allowed to stay on the force despite his reported discipline problems.

Rodgers predicts a judge will have to decide whether he gets the file, as he expects the city to challenge him.

WBT has also posted the following tidbit.

Appearing on WBT's Tara Servatius Show Tuesday, police spokesman Rob Tufano told fill-in host Wayne Powers Monday's City Council decision was a "prudent decision."

"If we give the public any access to Jackson's file, where do we draw the line?" Tufano said. "We get into a dicey area."

Tufano said he was only aware of one suspension on Jackson's record, not two as some media have reported.

"The suspension that I specifically saw did not rise to the level of termination," Tufano said.

You can read the rest of the WBT story here. So using words like "The suspension that I specifically saw" and "Aware" Rob begins to let the truth out. So if you saw one then there could be others?

Update: A couple of names have surfaced as potential witnesses regarding the hiring of Marcus Jackson. Sources tell Cedar Posts the Neal Rodgers is preparing to contact CMPD recruiter Ernie Ostrove, and recently retired CMPD Sgt Mark Davis. Also up for possible deposition Captain Gerald Smith and of course Chief Rodney Monroe.

And check out Jeff Taylor's The Meck Deck Blog for more details about CMPD's Rob T and RoMo Show.


Anonymous said...

This was predicted.

City Council, Curt Walton and Rodney Monroe cannot bury this vital piece of the puzzle.

The uncover of the Cover Up has begun....let's hope the Judge sees the wisdom in giving him the file.

The good Officers of CMPD have a right to know how their chief is culpable in this matter. It goes to "pattern and practice", also.

Again, a deal was struck with City Council, IMHO, they are just as responsible as rodney.

So it's not over until the fat lady sings!

Anonymous said...

Like a train in a tunnel that light ain't a good thing.

Anonymous said...

If Monroe will lie about his degree you know he'll lie about Jackson.

Anonymous said...

How did Jackson work his way around 2 two suspensions while still a rookie cop?

Somehow, Jackson was able to go upstairs twice and come out not only keeping his job, but having his suspension reduced.

If it is not Monroe, then just how high does the corruption behind Jackson goes.

ThaQueenCity said...

Now this request should and probably will be granted because it does directly relate to his suit!

I just hope that when they go to court (and I have a feelig this attorney will not accept a deal) RuttMutts decisions WILL be made public!

JAT said...

That Tufano transcript should be the Rosetta stone of this matter going forward. He let slip more than he knows, and I'll leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Tufano is a bigger idiot than rodney monroe and curt walton....geezzz....

"That he was aware of"..."The one he saw".....how about the ONE HE DID NOT SEE, THAT'S THE ONE THAT ROSE TO THE LEVEL OF TERMINATION AND WAS REDUCED BY NONE OTHER THAN HIS BOSS,RODNEY MONROE. He just confirmed the existence of the second suspension. Man, this is a goldmine of information he just spoke....or a landmine, if you are rodney.

And Puleezzee, he has seen the whole IA file, come on, give me a break.

The only thing that is rising to any level at CMPD is the bullshit.

Tufano will be lucky to get a job anywhere when the truth comes out about this cluster.

Anonymous said...

And on it goes and rodney monroe continues to lie to the media and to the public.

When is the public going to demand his resignation?

When are the honest, good Officers of CMPD going to demand his resignation??

When is someone, ANYONE, at CMPD going to tell the freaking truth about any of this. Strangely enough, Tufano has come the closest. I never thought I would say that!

Rodney has never admitted there were ANY suspensions.

Can you say CORRUPT and COVERUP??

Come on DC Putney, CMPD needs you now more than ever, don't let the department down.

Anonymous said...

Marcus Jackson was a PROBATIONARY OFFICER, he was still on probation status, he had NO Civil Service protection.

As such, his "personnel" file should be public information and should be available under the FOA Act.

I mean, can it GET ANY more slimy with rodney at CMPD?

At this point, it should be obvious to all that he is not capable, fit or able to effectively
be in charge at CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the file Rob saw was after the clean up or after the command staff changed the Domestic Violence Charge in Mint Hill to Damage to Property.

Anonymous said...

well this is interesting- a paper trail per say-

"- Wonder if the file Rob saw was after the clean up or after the command staff changed the Domestic Violence Charge in Mint Hill to Damage to Property."

If CMPD went out to this call for service and it was changed wouldn't there be a name or something associated to the call in the cad or kbcops?? IT WOULD BE ABLE TO SEE WHAT CHANGES WERE MADE Or was the whole thing erased??

Anonymous said...

It makes you wonder....maybe Jackson did something to the chief when he went up to the 3rd floor to get his suspensions reduced. I mean that was unheard of with the old administration.....to be on probabtion, get two suspensions and keep your job....Monroe must have found something good in him to keep him.

Anonymous said...

Someon needs to send in a request for Romos E-mails and a few of the others. It should all be public record

Anonymous said...

Rob Tufano said showing the files to the PUBLIC is a slippery slope, I thought we were talking about City Council reviewing the file?

Also, why would Tufano, who is a Police Department SPOKESPERSON, not a SWORN OFFICER, and certain NOT IN JACKSON MARCUS' CHAIN OF COMMAND, I REPEAT, NOT IN HIS CHAIN OF COMMAND, why would he have ANY access to the personnel file?
And if he has seen ANY part of the file, does that not set a precedent for THE PUBLIC to see this file? Tufano is simply a civilian employee of CMPD, much like Ray Tarasovic is. He has no rank or privilege.
Yea, right, Curt Walton and Rodney Monroe are keeping each other honest, now THAT IS A GOOD ONE.
Idiots, but dangerous idiots.

Anonymous said...


Yet there is money to reconfigure Command Staff Offices, going on right now, Christmas party, new uniforms, trips, etc. you get the picture. But Officers did not get a raise last year and probably won't this year.

And who only knows what kind of stupid "cost reducing" crap they will ask Officers to suck up to try to make up deficits.

Can you say, once again, total lack of any kind of fiscal responsibility?

Let's see:
Leadership Grade F
Fiscal Responsibility Grade F
Honesty and Integrity Grade F
Transparency Grade F
Respected? Grade F
Looks like his whole tenure so far has been a big fat FAIL.

Anonymous said...

I found it laughable when Rob said that RoMo was the most transparent chief that CMPD has had. Guess he doesnt remember RoMo not wanting to answer his questions about why he (RoMo) was getting rid of HITS, Street Crimes, etc when he arrived and was asked about it.

JAT said...

So did the Chief meet with and/or talk to any members of city council on Monday?

Rob said it did not happen.

Anonymous said...

When did 'ole Rob say that?

Man, oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive!

Looks like the right hand NEVER knows what the left hand is doing.

But that is what happens when you are so deceitful....it's hard to keep up with it all.

Does he really believe that we are stooopid enough to believe that there were not back room "chats" going on? And I would probably believe him, that rodney didn't talk directly to anyone, 'cause that's how he operates, but you can bet your sweet ass that Ray/Ray was all up in there!

What a laughable mess this would be if some of the consequences were not criminal.

Anonymous said...

In the interview on WBT, Rob said the Chief didn't meet with Council members or lobby them...yeah, right. That's not what Council members said. He also blamed the private firm for missing the local info on Jackson and THAT was NOT true, either -- EVEN Monroe admitted that. It was CMPD who ran the local checks on this guy and THEY missed it. Yet, Rob says "bringing background checks in-house" would be an improvement. He's either lying about the facts or just doesn't know them. Either way, not a very good representative of the dept... of course, he IS Monroe's guy, so maybe that's why... he's taking lessons at the feet of the master.

Anonymous said...

Riddle me this, if Jackson was still on probation, and he was, then he was not protected by Civil Service, so HOW CAN HIS PERSONNEL FILES BE PROTECTED BY CIVIL SERVICE?

Being a probationary officer does not afford him the same level of protection, is that right or wrong?

Just a question....and Tufano is either brain dead or clueless, or both. What an absolutely awful interview, obfuscate much??

I will surely bet he is ruing the day he accepted that job.

But the lies that are coming out of CMPD by rodney and trufano are enormous. It is amazing they don't screw up their conversations even more, it must be extremely difficult to keep up with all the lies, half truths and lying by omissions.

And I thought it was already established that one of the "suspensions" was for lying on a police report....didn't he do that with the taxi cab driver?

Let me repeat, LYING ON A POLICE REPORT, BY A POLICE OFFICER. If that is not a serious enough offense to be fired over,I give up.
Especially when you are on PROBATION. Come on.

Anonymous said...

It woundn't surprise me if a couple CMPD's finest find a way to "borrow" Jackson for an hour and do a "Code Red" on him.

Then we could see RoMo on trial yelling YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

Rob-T says about Marcus Jackson "He might fall out of bed and break his neck"


Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear Tufano on BT again today? Apparently he did even worse than yesterday... if that's possible. Poor Rob. He doesn't seem quite cut out for this job. Maybe he should go back to just reporting the news because he stinks at being the source of it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:48

Do you have a link for that?

Anonymous said...

What did I miss?
Where did he say he might fall out of bed and break his neck?

Anonymous said...

Please don't forget to add Major Pearsall tp the list of witnesses. After all, she is "very close" to jackson's family. Do ya think she had any input into his hiring or treatment?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:22
Now that is very interesting, if that's true and not a rumor!

I had heard that he had someone pushing his application through at the Academy....what better person than rodneys' pal and the Major he put over the Academy.

It doesn't surprise me.

Nothing that rodney and ray/ray do now surprises me.

What people told me about their behavior used to shock me, now it just disappoints me and angers me for the Officers of CMPD, that they have to live with the consequences of his behavior.

Anonymous said...

Non 4:22

I remember back when truthfulness issues were the fastest way to get fired at cmpd. How times have achanged