Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year and a Big Start for RoMo

Cedar Posts spent the last two weeks running a 70 foot yacht to Florida and back, somewhat of a working Christmas Vacation. But let me tell you being a yacht captain is not as glamorous as it sounds. Though the Christmas Tree on the aft deck made being away from home fun.

But Cedar Post managed to stay on top of recent Charlotte developments while on the move.

Charlotte's Police Chief Rodney Monroe started the new year in rare form. Right out of the gate RoMo is up to his old tricks with a fresh murder, an CMPD officer under arrest for rape, his new uniform, a 21 thousand dollar Christmas Party Bash and a lot of press.

More about RoMo in the days to come.

Peace Out!


JAT said...

This Marcus Jackson stuff is pretty wild. WSOC says he was suspended for two days in September, but leaves out any real details as to why, who etc.

And you know that prosecutors are gonna dump any cases he was involved in. Just a mess.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I heard he was suspended, there are some VERY INTERESTING details I have heard about this suspension that just confirm rodney's lack of judgment and his reverse discrimination. I have heard that had he LISTENED to people that knew, Marcus would have been gone long before this happened. This needs to be investigated further, and it should land right at Rodney's feet. Freedom of Information, people!! Rumors are rampant at CMPD about this.

Also, HAS ANYONE DONE ANY DIGGING into the construction/reconfiguration of command staff headquarters at CMPD, and HOW MUCH THAT IS COSTING?
And that it is TOTALLY frivolous and is just another one of Rodney's personal whims with no real merit, it will not make anyone's job easier or better, except maybe Rodney's, but what's new? I AM TOLD THAT THE CHRISTMAS PARTY EXPENDITURE WILL PALE IN COMPARISON TO THE COST OF THIS, YET ANOTHER IRRESPONSIBLE WAY Rodney has spent CMPD funds!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, rumor has it that Marcus Jackson was given a 15 day suspension and Rodney Monroe "intervened" and reduced that suspension to 5, FIVE days from FIFTEEN. Rumor also has it that people recommended that he be fired then, but Rodney REFUSED TO LISTEN AND DID NOT TAKE THAT ADVICE...

If he does go before City Council, he won't be under oath when he answers questions, so do you really expect to get the truth about this???????

Anonymous said...

And this is the tip of the iceberg...