Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tell Council What You Think

Y'all can post here all you like but unless you are heard by City Council nothing at CMPD is going to change; so here's your chance.

Tell Charlotte's City Council that you are not proud of the CMPD's lack of transparency and that council's lack of backbone is appalling.

Tell the entire council what you think here.

Or email council members what you think:

Patsy Kinsey pkinsey@charlottenc.gov
Ed Peacock edwin@edwinpeacock.com
Patrick Cannon councilmancannon@gmail.com
Andy Dulin andy@voteandydulin.com
James Mitchell JamesDistrict2@aol.com
Warren Cooksey warren@warrencooksey.com


ThaQueenCity said...

I sent an email to City Council Sunday about how I think RoMo should be fired and guess where 311sent it? To CMPD! I sent another one and said if RoMo tried to pull a Harry Jones I would sue this city! LOL, not that I care if RoMo knows how I feel, but that "Complaint" was directed to City Council NOT CMPD! SO be SURE you put TO CITY COUNCIL if you use the form onine.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't put it past RoMo to fire everyone who emails City Council.

Most people even those who are not working a CMPD are fearful of this THUG! Looks like council is fearful as well.

Anonymous said...

He needs to investigate some of his own Sgt's. Associating with convicted felons who are allegidely reformed. Yeah right. Thats why they keep getting arrested on more felony charges.

ThaQueenCity said...

TO:January 26, 2010 8:15 AM
RuttMutt I a sure will make EVERY effort to put any name out to his cronies and have them harrass you everytime you get behind the wheel, OR he could pull a Harry Jones on me and try to contact my employer, and I don't care if he does that either...Never be afraid of a bully! Eventually god will take care of ALL them!

TO: January 26, 2010 1:35 PM
I am a convicted felon, does that make me a bad person? Not everyone who has a record is a bad person! Just people who made bad choicdes and decisions. Presently I do volunteer with the homeless, recovering addicts, clothing closets, churches, animal rescue & recovery. I work for treatment center and am in college for Social Work degree. I help ANY where I can...so I guess you would not associate with me either? I am able to do all this because of my association with several CMPD officers! If I hadn't I would not be where I am today! CMPD saved my life! Does your God not believe in forgiveness?

TO: Cedar...guess what? I got a "note" from a "Captain" on my Classmates account? Never heard of the guy but within 1 day of CMPD getting my note to "City Council" about firing RuttMutt I get a request from him wanting to be "friends"? Thinking I should be leary here... LOL

Anonymous said...

No not all convicted felons are bad if they made a mistake and are truly reformed. In this case I am talking about a convicted felons that have not learned their lesson and are still carrying firearms. And then ask for help from their associates (police) and some of the brass.

Anonymous said...

And the brass goes along with it...unbelievable.