Friday, February 12, 2010

Andy Dulin Makes His Breakfast Tweet

This morning WBT Radio's Keith Larson suggested that his show call City Council member Andy Dulin, who two weeks ago had adamantly supported Chief Rodney Monroe. In light of recent developments showing without a doubt Chief Monroe had lied to City Council and to the honorable citizens of Charlotte Larson thought Dulin would be eager to talk about the embattled Police Chief.

But 15 minutes into the show a producer for Larson reported that Dulin was busy today and couldn't take time from his busy schedule to discuss Chief Monroe or the Marcus Jackson case.

About the same time the a tweet from Mr. Dulin showed up on tweeter. Cedar Posts thought the timing ironic and forwarded it to Larson who was kind enough to read it on the air:

"It's not important, but I added a green peppers in the omlettes in this morning. It's the little things that can lead to a productive day."

Larson went on to say: "That's why we can't talk to Andy Dulin today, he's too busy, he's tweetering about his green peppers in the omelet."

You can listen to the entire Friday February 12, 2010 9AM - 10AM podcast of the Keith Larson show here. Forward to 21:00.

But Keith Larson really gets rolling on Rodney Monroe in the 10AM-11AM hour.

You can follow Councilman Dulin's tweets here.


Anonymous said...

I listened to the whole show, and Keith Larson could not have been more clear about what is going on at CMPD, it is a great show.

He said it like Cedar is saying it, Rodney Monroe is a liar, he has lied on so many occasions it is hard to separate his fantasy world from the facts at times.

But I believe that the MEMOS have finally given the irrefutable proof that has been needed to prove to the naysayers once and for all that there IS A COVERUP, AND RODNEY MONROE HAS LIED TO EVERYONE ABOUT HIS PART IN THE MARCUS JACKSON FIASCO.

We have a Police Chief that is a documented liar....

What does that say about Charlotte? What does that say about
the direction rodney monroe has taken CMPD since he has been here?
How many other things is he/has he lied about?

And City Council and Curt Walton seem to be intent on covering up rodney's lies to save the city money in lawsuits. To heck with honesty and integrity and ANY kind of ethics.....let's see if we can make all kinds of wrongs SEEM right.

It's not gonna happen, this is NOT going to go away.

What will be interesting, oh so interesting, is seeing how City Council is going to extricate themselves from the quagmire rodney has deposited them in....that they ALLOWED him to manipulate them into.

As Keith said, Evil or Stupid?

I think a lot of both!!!

Anonymous said...

That is funny as hell! Dulin is such a loser!