Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another CMPD Officer Arrested?

WCNC is reporting that yet another Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer has been arrested and charged with assault on a female.

That officer is Timothy B. Gerald, who is assigned to the Independence Division was working as a school resource officer at East Mecklenburg High School.

According to CMPD officers with the University City Division responded to a 911 call last night involving a domestic violence situation and requested the assistance of detectives with the Special Victims Division. As a result of the investigation, detectives determined that probable cause existed to seek a warrant for Gerald’s arrest.

In addition to the criminal investigation, police say there is a separate, ongoing internal affairs investigation regarding violation of CMPD directives.

Gerald has been with CMPD since 1993.

Gerald is the latest of a long list of CMPD officers arrested, fired or who have resigned since Rodney Monroe took command of the CMPD.


CMPD Blue said...

I worked with Gerald a few years back. He's not a bad guy. I wouldn't judge him based on the other three guys CMPD has let go since December.

Never knew him to flip out or anything always cool nut hard to read I guess.

But let's hold off judgement till all the facts come out.

But keep up the good work Cedar.

Anonymous said...

Gerald is a good guy----if I hadn't met him, I wouldn't be a CMPD officer today...

I feel sorry for his wife and two kids.

Anonymous said...

You can bet Webster is going to hang one of his own, he'll be lucky if he gets less than 10 years.

And Cedar did you hear Webster is talking one on one with WCNC? Yep the little bigot gave an exclusive to Sonja Gantt no surprise there.

I don't care what he says it is all lies.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I have heard that rodney is out to "get" any media person that has said or written ANYTHING he perceives to be a slight. He has cut off all access to all but a favored few....and Sonja lobbed him all softballs from what I saw today.
I am SURE he had a list of what he would talk about and what he wouldn't talk about.

It's also being said that Tufano has someone at his old station that is funneling information to surprise there.

And sorry to say all he is doing is trying to spin things his way, and yes, 99% of what he says is a lie.

And now he is trying to put the spin on it that he has "cleaned house" since he arrived, that he has "cracked down" on any infractions by officers, which is TOTAL BULLSHIT...sorry.

He has promoted unqualified people by their race, lowered standards throughout the department, created a racial divide, lied to his officers and the public, lied about his degree, created a hostile work environment, had a "failure to command" in MANY situations, changed directives and rules to suit himself, BLOWN THE BUDGET all to hell, FAILED TO PROCURE RAISES FOR HIS OFFICERS, wasted SO MUCH money, browbeat and intimidated people in his command to compromise their integrity, has been disingenuous about crime stats and his manipulation of them, and the list goes on and on and on and on.....I mean, what can you say?
He so just needs to go, to leave and let CMPD try to rebuild their department.

ThaQueenCity said...
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ThaQueenCity said...

Folks not only did he start off here by lying on his applicatoin about his degree, but this idiot committed fraud and counterfeiting! I am so CONFUSED, if I were to make copies of CIAA Parking Passes I would be CHARGED with counterfeiting! THAT IS A FELONY! Maybe I have this wrong, but as a citizen I just KNOW I would have had as many charges as there were tickets! HE BROKE THE LAW! PERIOD....If I am wrong correct me....

(Had to correct my spelling erros...tee hee hee)

ThaQueenCity said...

THIS guy does not seem to be like the others though. From all I hear he is really a good guy that sounds like he made a dumb decision. But it does bother me when a cop can't hold his own temper with his wife? Let's not forget he could possibly do the same with a citizen. Also, I do NOT beleive anyone badge or not has the right to hit anyone, especially a DV situation! That is STILL wrong.

Anonymous said...

Should this officer be found guilty (the wife is already backpeddaling because the $$$ tree will be cut down) he should resign or be fired immediately. The rest of us deserve some relief from this type of behavior and publicity, so try and summon a speck of manhood and leave please!