Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CMPD Frisbee Football Follow-Up

Last month Cedar Posts wrote about Chief Monroe's bozo idea of having on the clock CMPD officers participate in a Frisbee Football tournament.

A week later we reported that the tournament had been scraped. Last week WFAE's Greg Collard posted the following very interesting footnote and discourse with CMPD's Rob Tufano:

Still waiting for a Frisbee football answer

Earlier this month, WFAE reported on the number of injuries CMPD officers have suffered in the department’s Ultimate Frisbee football tournament. The department proceeded with the tournament even through the city’s risk manager advised against it because the city would be liable for injuries.

A few days after our story aired, a blog called Cedar Posts and Barbwire Fences reported that CMPD canceled Frisbee football, but didn’t name its source(s). (See CP'
s Note Below.)

We’ve tried to find out for ourselves. The championship game was scheduled for Jan. 18th (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day). CMPD public affairs officer Rob Tufano told WFAE the game was canceled. That seemed odd because it was a nice, reasonably warm day.

The rest of Greg's entry and the really good stuff is here.

Note: Cedar Posts is often unable to name names as most CMPD employees understandably fear for their jobs. Also in many cases tips come to via an anonymous email. We protect our sources however, we will in the future adhere to the long standing tradition of using phrases like "unnamed sources" or "a source close to" or "spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the subject" to identify sources we are unable to name.


Anonymous said...

One more day of games has been scheduled for later this month. The 20th? This idea should have never been given the greenlight. This tournament and the $25,000+ banquet were both ideas that came out of the staff advisory committee overseen by Ray Tarasovic.

Cedar Posts said...

It was a good idea just really bad execution. ie not on the clock would have been better but I guess RoMo feared no one would show up.

Even so I'd hate for the guys who signed up to play to have the season canceled because the public found out about RoMo's Bozo idea.

So guys have at it, but for God's sake and my wallet be safe out there!

Someone email CP some pics and the score we'll post it all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cedar maybe someone will send you the email from a Command Staff member about the rescheduled tournament to be held on the 20th...Should be some good reading. Of course the CMPD didnt lie about the cancellation he merely provided yet another spin at the direction of this misguided Department Head......