Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Council Approves Supersized Recycling Bins

The city of Charlotte will spend nearly $12 million this year to buy 310,000 95-gallon rollout recycling containers, part of its switch this summer to "single-stream recycling."

Starting July 1, city residents will place their recyclables in the large containers instead of the smaller red bins used today. Recyclables will be picked up every two weeks instead of the current weekly schedule.

Not picking up recyclables as often will save taxpayers $12 million over five years, the city says.

Residents will begin receiving their 95-gallon containers next month. People can opt out and keep using their small red bins. The rest of the Observer's story is here.

Please tell me I'm wrong, spending 12 Million they don't have to fix something that is not broken, seems like stupid to me. But thanks to Dandy Andy Dulin and Crazy Warren Cooksey that is just what City Council has done.......

I think Andy's tweet after last night's Council Meeting just about sums it all up.

"At @ameliesbakery w/ @wcooksey. Just a couple of "wild and crazy Guy's".

More about Crazy Cooksey and Dandy Andy later today.


Anonymous said...

Krazy KOOKsey and Dullard Dulin have got to go......

A concerted effort next election time should clean house at City Council.

They both need remedial classes in sanity.

JAT said...

OK, I need help with the math here.

The city is gonna spend $12m. upfront -- could pay down debt instead, or anything. This will save the city $2.4m. a year -- supposedly.

Right now I routinely fill 3 17 gallon bins each week. That is 102 gallons every two weeks, or 7 gallons more than the 95 gallon "big" bin the city is buying me.

So I am getting less service in addition to this supposed savings.

I got a feeling this will not end well.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, does anyone on City Council know what the heck they are doing?

Really, what ARE they doing?

Garbage cans, really? Garbage cans.....

We have a Chief of Police who has a very clear history of LYING to the public, and they are worried about freaking GARBAGE CANS?

Is this some sort of bad dream I am having?

No raises, BUT GARBAGE CANS???

I know name calling is not nice, but they are really a bunch of barely functioning idiots.

ThaQueenCity said...

Along with a new "Spokesperson" person for 70K a year for Foxx???

Wonder how many applications he accepted and how long (if it was)posted...watcha bet it wasn't?

CO only posted it for a few hours...guess they didn't like our responses....


ThaQueenCity said...


The last one got cut off...

Anonymous said...

I am sick of pretending that I cant understand the obvious and giving the benefit of the doubt to someone that does not deserve it, just to be polite. So I am going to go ahead and say what surely crossed everyone elses mind here.

They had to be motivated to do this deal. These guys are not stupid. They know this is not a good proposition for the city. as long as it works for them, who cares. our local govt has preyed on our politeness and unwiTlingness to consider the obvious because its ugly, for too long. now that they all have their hands in each others pocket, who is going to do anything about it. nobody.

Cedar, if you find out how much the kickback was, you could then ask these jerks to please have the taxpayers write them a personal check in the future so that we dont end up paying for trash we dont need and cant afford and would give them some integrity in corruption. can you imagine how much money this city would save if our govt was honest when they wanted to rip us off we could pay them directly without the added cost of services that make no sense.

these guys count on our constant willingness to be baffled by bs to pull this stuff off.