Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daytona Saturday Belongs to Tony Stewart

I had hoped to see JR win a race, and Danica make a top ten finish, I got neither.

Tony Stewart won the 300 mile race in the Oreo/Ritz car. The car was just awesome. This his 15th win at Daytona giving him the 3rd spot with most wins at Daytona right up there with Dale Earnhardt and Bobby Allison. But don't expect him to break the "Big E's" record of 34 Daytona wins anytime soon.

Photo Thanks to Marty Smith ESPN via tweeter

Dale Junior was running strong all day then on lap 35 he got hooked and the 88 car just bent over and flopped on to its roof.

Fox News Screen Grab Thanks to ShortBus.

JR would later say: "It's good to go on your roof every now and then. Reminds you how safe the cars are, and you are apt to drive them harder next time".

Then he added: "You don't want to go upside down without it being spectacular. Don't want to waste your opportunity.

On a serious note he point out that two days and two wrecks will cost him nearly 650,000 which may mean he'll run more of the Nationwide Series race to help JR Motorsports out financially. JR Motorsports has been short on sponsorship dollars this year but they have committed to run a full season.

Well it was spectacular, you see this crash again and again this weekend. Let's home he can stay out of trouble tomorrow.

JR's spectacular crash can just minutes after a 12 car melee that took out Danica Patrick.

Patrick discusses how the dynamics of the wrecks differed. "This is some very difficult racing. It really is."

It should be noted Patrick didn't cause the mess in fact her crew had just adjusted the car and it was "really running great".

The Daytona 500 starts at 1PM tomorrow.

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