Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Embattled Chief Rodney Monroe Surfaces

It has been more than 3 weeks since Charlotte has heard from Chief Monroe. With the CMPD on "lockdown" and big brother looking over the command staff's every email, the recent media event invite was a surprise, even if it did said "NO" questions. So on Monday the now reclusive Rodney Monroe made an appearance.

Speaking to the gathered small crowd CMPD Chief Monroe managed to come out of hiding long enough to do a little grand standing with the officers from Steele Creek Patrol Division.

In fairness to the Steele Creek team they have done a really good job last year. Even if the numbers are bogus.

You can watch Chief Monroe had out the awards here.


Anonymous said...

The only think I want to see Monroe do is wave goodbye as he drives AWAY from Charlotte.

We do not need a LYING POLICE CHIEF, I mean, really, WHO DOES?

Let's just let someone, anyone, investigate rodney monroe, charlotte city council AND MHPD.


We, the public, clearly see what is going on, and the SBI, FBI or City Council can't see that there are HUGE DISCREPENCIES AND GAPS IN the "stories" people are telling?

Puleezzee, people, we ARE NOT THAT STUPID,.......or are we?

Anonymous said...

we need to start deciding who the new cheif should be.

Anonymous said...

From what I am told, Kerr Putney would be the man of choice.

People respect him, he is known to be fair, a man of ethics and honesty, AND integrity.

So, from people I talk to, they think he could take over, no problem.