Monday, February 8, 2010

Flash Back To Monday Janaury 11, 2010

Back on Monday January 11, 2010 Chief Rodney Monroe spoke to Charlotte City Council regarding Marcus Jackson:

“I have been as candid as possible about all the details regarding this case and I will be up front again in saying we did miss some valuable information”

Clearly Monroe was directing attention away from CMPD's failure to supervise rookie police officers like Jackson. On the surface it would seem that the Charlotte Observer was falling for the sham. On Wednesday January 20th the Observer printed an editorial Lax police screening practices must be fixed demanding changes to the screening process and then three days later they printed Monroe's letter giving into those demands.

Convenient timing or complicit journalism?

Jeff Taylor floated a theory last March in a post titled "Things I've Learned From Curt Walton". Jeff points out that in a recent Charlotte Observer interview with Walton the Observer states "Walton prefers a “collaborative” relationship with journalists."

After WFAE reported on the two suspensions given Marcus Jackson, many expected the Observer and local television stations to do a follow-up story. But all we got as one follower of Cedar Posts puts it was "crickets".

In fact the only other coverage was on WBT Radio.

Either way you can imagine Rodney Monroe is on the war path and God help the person who leaked the facts to WFAE.

In the background Ray Tarasovic has apparently decided he's had enough. Word on the street is that Ray wanted to make all the facts known, and RoMo wanted a cover up. When Rob-T sided with the Chief, Ray offered up his letter of resignation. Cedar Posts can't confirm the rumor but apparently Ray will be gone before the end of June.

So why should you be concerned? The lack of supervision and leadership regarding new rookie cops is a big concern, even more so is the lack of truthfulness. Considering Monroe has put 150 or more new officers on the street, the Observer should be calling for "changes" to the supervision and suspension processes instead all we hear are "crickets".

Stay Tuned, More Soon.....


Anonymous said...

Clearly, it seems the media doesn't care if we have a Chief Of Police that is clearly a LIAR and is apparently involved in a COVER UP along with his PR department/entourage.

I ask any sane person, do you REALLY want a Chief of Police that is going to try to cover up his missteps and really poor judgment, not to mention his track record of promotions based on ethnicity and not ability? And one that has, apparently, stood up before the community and the media and flat out lied about the Marcus Jackson case in order to cover up his own part in allowing him to stay on at CMPD? And one who obviously does not value telling the truth, that really doesn't seem to have a moral compass, not to mention integrity, ethics and honesty?

Why in the world would City Council continue to support this type of behavior?

City Council can no longer pretend that everything is being handled with "transparency" and "honesty" by rodney monroe. Facts are Facts, and hiding behind "we trust rodney and curt walton" just DOES NOT CUT IT ANYMORE.

There's even more to come.....

Anonymous said...

RayRay is gone in April. He will be missed by no one who actually cares about CMPD, which there are many. Goodbye! You were part and parcel to the destruction of the CMPD. You could do one huge favor if you have a speck of manhood in you. TAKE "WEBSTER" WITH YOU!!

Anonymous said...

I have to repeat what has been asked over and over again on here, WHERE is the media on this?

This should be the lead story on every news channel and on the front page of the CO!

We have WFAE, Ceadar Posts and MeckDeck covering and investigating this horrendous cover up that is going on at CMPD and City Council, and it appears, the Mint Hill PD.

I agree, I can't understand why this is being covered up.

What gives on this? What does Rodney have on people?

And Warren Kooksey really needs to go quietly back to whatever nondescript, mundane cubicle he came from.

Anonymous said...

Listen to this interview of keith Larson and city concilman warren turner news talk 1110 wbt;jsessionid=2a302eabb015a0b4de25485b6560173442b2